So Far On The '£40-fuel' Air Nigeria Flight From Gatwick By Lekan Fatodu

By Lekan Fatodu

I have finally gotten my bags from Jimoh Ibrahim's Air Nigeria which is still the most shocking and embarrassing experience in my many years of air travel.


Expectedly, the bags, just like those belonging to a few other passengers, made its forced-arrival with signs of damages and some personal items missing.


While some mothers were crying over their lost valuables in the disorganized heap of luggage at the baggage-claim area of Lagos airport, a number of children were sobbing for their misplaced toys and disappeared sweeties.    


For now, I can only draw slight satisfaction from the fact that if I wasn't on this flight, the horrendous journey from Gatwick-London to MMA-Lagos, would not have seen the light of day or generated so much attention on social media platforms; including several online news agents and mainstream media that ran riot with the story.


Even though other passengers were very apprehensive and ready to part with anything including an extra £40 to "fuel" the aircraft as they became increasingly desperate to get going on their journey and leave behind Gatwick which had been turned into a refugee camp with everyone looking like displaced persons, a few of us took a contrary stance to fight the underhand tactics of the airline and further expose their corrupt tendency.


I made sure I kept my colleagues at CheckOut magazine, friends in the media and active social media-users abreast of happenings as they were unfolding at every stage of the journey while I broke the full news to them upon my landing in Lagos.


I reckon that the latest Jimoh Ibrahim's "no-aviation fuel £40-donation from every passenger to fuel a plane" is the most scandalous international aviation happenstance involving Nigeria after the Umaru Dikko scandal in London in 1984 when the then Nigerian military government attempted to kidnap Umaru Dikko, sedate him in a box as a Diplomatic Bag and fly him into Nigeria.


The action, which was foiled by the British Government, seriously damaged relations between the two countries for years.


I do hope the Nigerian government will respond rapidly to this issue of Jimoh Ibrahim's Air Nigeria which has not only ruined the activities of many passengers on the flight, but has also further damaged the fragile image of Nigeria on the international scene.


Meanwhile, I must commend everyone who hit the cyberspace and our socio-political environment with the news to bring to the attention of Nigerians and the government the rot in our aviation sector.


Like I said in my last post, myself and some concerned individuals have chosen to pursue this case vigorously to a logical conclusion while working on a medium that will grant swift access for the ordinary air-traveler to report issues in the aviation industry, as they affect their safety and comfort during their air travels.


 Lekan Fatodu.

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Please get yourself informed.

Please get yourself informed. Jimoh Ibrahim is not a Northerner. He is from Ondo state, and has even contested for the office of Governor in that state more than once. Stop displaying your ignorance in public.

Guy,for your information,

Guy,for your information, JIMOH Ibrahim is YORUBA and not HAUSA,but the guy nah banza sha.on that we agree.

Jimoh Ibrahim na Yoruba man

Jimoh Ibrahim na Yoruba man no be Hausa, abi na because him dey bear Ibrahim u tink say na Hausa?

u nuh try.

He is not a northerner mumu. na yoruba man for ur info.

Do We Have Leaders?

Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria. Most of the leaders of Nigeria are our brothers and sisters, they see the roads that we see, they know of the price of goods, the financial and housing difficulty in the country etc. Majority of our leaders are our neighbours and they know how bad things are with there neighbours, but most of them live a life of luxury at home and abroad. They drive all the expensive cars in the world while there neighbours languish in squalors and bad roads, where is the Love? Are most of our leaders from space or our neighbours? If you want to live a life of luxury you will want your neighbour to live the same way and that is Love. The problems we have is the leadership qualities, 'It's what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you' God provided us with all the natural resources to live by and make us happy, but most of it were stolen by our brothers and sisters, where is the Love. 'Love thy neighbour as thyself'

I would not fly ARIK even if

I would not fly ARIK even if my life depended on it. Am surprised people still use that airline.

Air Nigeria £40 fuel donation

Stop invoking tribal sentiments in everything. Fraud is universal but encouraged by weak systems. For your information, Jimoh Ibrahim is neither a northerner nor an Hausa as you insinuated. The man is from Ondo State.

Mr. Ibrahim isn't Hausa. He's

Mr. Ibrahim isn't Hausa. He's from Ondo State. Please stop ignorantly blaming Hausa people for everything wrong in Nigeria.

Oh Jimoh Ibrahim !!!

Jimoh Ibrahim is not Hausa. If my memory does not fail me, he is Yoruba from Ondo state. The man can insult and assault us because he has friends in high places. Unfortunately this is the stuff of which we are made. Cry, the beloved country!


What a shame that a so called village idiot called Jimoh Ibrahim Hausa and starts to say all kinds of tribalistic stuff. When will you Nigerians grow up and stop tribalising every issue. Jimoh Ibrahim is not Hausa but Yoruba. There are thousands of Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba fraudsters and rogues in Nigeria. Stop attributing all ills of the society on certain ethnic groups. Most Nigerians are rogues and thieves. The fact that certain Ibrahims company commits a mistake does not implicate his ethnicity. You are all thieves and 419. Stop insulting Hausas for the sins of a few. We have millions of Ibrahims in Igboland, Yorubaland as well as in the South south not the north alone

It Serves You All Right!

It is dumb for any adult to fly a Nigerian run Airline where there are loads of serious Airlines as credible alternatives.
If you think it is patriotism, I think not. It is in fact, the dumbest thing to do for only rogues and idiots believe that any significant good has happened in Nigerian since the time of General Sani Abacha!
Yes, I am proud to mention General Abacha because under him we saw concrete infrastructural development taking place (e.g. PTF projects, Railway transformation etc) and patriotic road map towards sustainable development ( e.g. vision 2010).
That said, anyone conversant with Nigeria's true situation would have known that no known Nigerian alive has the civilized mindset required to run an international airliner. Jimo Ibrahim certainly does not sound like the sort of name any sane adults should expect to run any business credibly let alone an Airline.


Yes, Arik Air is currently so much better than this unimaginable image Air Nigeria has been turned into by Jimoh Ibrahim.

I have flown Arik Air to the UK and South Africa with my most recent flight in Jan 2012 and the services are quite comparable with International Airlines. I only pray that it does not go the way of Air Nigeria some day

It is quite unfortunate that Air Nigeria has become like this as it was quite ok as Virgin Nigeria which I once flew to London in 2009.

The Nigerian Government just has to wake up some day and fly its own National carrier instead of leaving its Citizens at the mercy of crude Nigerian business men who lack integrity and also shrewed International Carriers who are cleaning Nigerians out with their outrageous Airfares.

May God help this Nation by cleaning out all the corrupt, non God fearing Leaders it currently has.

RE: these northerners

pls Jimoh isnt a northerner. He is frm Ondo State, thus a yoruba man. Pls take note

Thank God your name na

Thank God your name na village idiot.Is 'Jimoh'a northern name or you are just trying to be funny? This is the most ridiculous story I have read in recent times.

@ 'Village Idiot', you're indeed an idiot!!!

'Village idiot' (not verified) on September 16, 2012 - 20:42, as your name implied, you are indeed a VILLAGE IDIOT!

Everyone, except a fool like you, knows that Jimoh Ibrahim is from Ondo State! So, how could he have been a Hausa man?

And for your information, I am a Yoruba man too. But daft, myopic, rudderless, and senseless Nigerians like you see tribalism in everything! No wonder we are retrogressing, rather than developing!!!

U like other enthnic

U like other enthnic jingoists on dis site are a disgrace..for your info jimoh ibrahim is a yoruba from d sw..not dat it matters anyway..incompetence has no tribe or religion!!!

you fool, check very well

you fool, check very well before you comment. Jimoh Ibrahim is a Yoruba man from Ogun State and not from the North.

Jimoh Ibrahim is born in 1967

Jimoh Ibrahim is born in 1967 at Igbotako in Ogun state by Yoruba father and mother. Yet you abuse him as Hausa jus t because he has Ibrahim in his name. You know what, no matter how you and your likes hates the Hausas they will continue to live and lead Nigeria, untill their presence and hatred by your likes send you to hell earlier than scheduled. Yayan Karuwai kawai.

@ Village Idiot

Do we have to tribalise every issue, as your name suggest you come across as daft as well as uninformed: for your uninformed brain Jimoh Ibrahim is a thorough Yoruba man from Ondo state, and before you start yapping, I am a Yoruba myself.

these northerners

This northerners will never let us rest! Mr. IBRAHIM you are a fraud, shege banza! Hausa no go let us rest, £40 to fuel aircraft.

Abi na roger? You don turn police, egunje kill ya eye!

Jimoh Ibrahim is bad business

Air Nigeria (virgin nigeria) is (was) the best thing that ever happened to nigeria aviation. It is unfortunate that our people allowed Jimoh into aviation and into a good airline. Aviation has gone back pre 2005 in Nigeria.
Jimoh raped Air Nigeria of its revenue and now the debt profile is more than he met it. We have govt in Nigeria?



Jimoh a fruad

It is a matter of time before people get to know this man is a fraud.

My people, Oh ,my people

What a country ? Country like Ethiopia is feeding its economy with just Ethiopian Airline. While the self acclaimed giant handed over its own heritage to a dubious man in the name of privatisation. Whom are we complaining to self ? The president own private jets is more than the so called Nigerian Airways. So who give a dame what happen to the Nigerians at the Nigerian Airways. Once Dezine and Sanusi will arrange some loots any other thing can happen, who care?? Oh sorry who give a dammmm.

Arrest Jimoh Ibrahim , throw him into jail and throwaway the key

Jimoh Ibrahim is a fraudster who should be in jail and stopped from handling any business in Nigeria. But trust our Anti-corruption Agencies and securities, he will still be sleeping in NICON Hotel

Damaged Nigeria

If Nigerians could be treated so badly by their own airliner, what do you expect from the foreign airliners? Mr. Fatodu, you are so kind to think that the image of Nigeria in the world is fragile and not damaged. The fact is, the image has been completely damaged for a decade now.
I have refused to board Nigerian airliners for over a decade because you can never get into a litigated fight with them if you feel so offended by their service. Perhaps, these passengers should explore the chance filing a lawsuit in England against the airliner's assets because nothing will happen in Nigeria.