Going For Gold By Hannatu Musawa

Hannatu Musawa
Hannatu Musawa

London has welcomed athletes from all over the world into its beautiful city. Between the 27th of July and 12th August, the eyes of the whole sports loving world will be fixed on London.

A once in a lifetime event is taking place in this historical and unique land; the Summer Olympics, the glory of modern sporting events. To welcome the world, Britain will put on an extravaganza with music, fireworks, dancing, acrobatics and the runners that carry the Olympic torch will light the Olympic flame to signal the beginning of the games. As the representatives of the participating countries flamboyantly parade their nations in a rainbow of colors, there will be only three colors on the minds of every country as they go for bronze, silver and, ultimately, gold!

Between the basketball, wrestling, boxing, athletics, taekwondo, weightlifting, relay and football categories, the London games will see Team Nigeria compete in more sports and disciplines and present the largest single team to represent the nation than at any other games in the last 50 years. As our extraordinary sports men and women make their outing, the hearts of millions of Nigerian supporters will be pounding and racing, fretting and praying for some recorded victory at the Olympics.

Since the 1952 Olympic Games, which Nigeria first participated in, till date, Nigerian athletes have won a total of 23 medals, mostly in athletics and boxing. And in the greatest and most rewarding victory that we have ever recorded, our national football team beat the Brazilian national team to take home the Olympic gold medal in 1996. One would imagine that witnessing Team Nigeria participate in this veritable instrument of national integration, amidst the enthusiasm, it would be easy to for one to convince themself that Team Nigeria will excel in some of the disciplines we are known to be good in and bring home a couple of medals. Memories of great moments such as the success of Chioma Ajunwa in Atlanta, 1996 when she won Nigeria's first gold medal propel thoughts of triumph in our minds.

From Los Angeles 1984, to Barcelona 1992, to Atlanta 1996, to Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008, there have been memorable moments of pride for Team Nigeria. To this day one can remember watching several of the events including Chioma Ajunwa, Mary Onyali and Falilat Ogunkoya outrunning their opponents in the athletics. I can also remember Ruth Ogbeifo and Duncan Dokiwari flexing their muscles to take home the silver and bronze medals in the weightlifting and boxing categories respectively. Then there were the times when our national football teams brought home gold and silver medals for Nigeria in at least two Olympic Games. Watching and remembering those and many other events, it is difficult not to feel hopeful, patriotic and optimistic about Team Nigeria’s prospect in London.

As suppositions on why our rivals in our strongest categories will ultimately fail flood our minds, the final outcome can never really be accurately analyzed and may turn out to be something totally unexpected. That doesn’t stop us though, because forecasts and predictions are part and parcel of the Olympics, whether they are accurate or not. By the time the competition starts this weekend, when all the 204 participating nations emerge on the center stage with a fortuitous shot at glory, it becomes clear that no one can accurately predict the winners of the categories because the Olympics is a platform where its anyone’s game.

While our optimism of victory is largely based on the sentiment we feel for our country, one must balance that with reality. Although I feel a sense of nationalistic pride that Nigeria will make an appearance at this global gathering, at the same time, stark reality fills my heart with anxiety. My sense of patriotism bully’s me into believing that Team Nigeria must, at least, match the success we had in the 1996 games in Atlanta.

Although some might argue that the Team Nigeria of today is a far cry from those glory days of the mid 1990’s, with focus, organisation and hard work, I believe several members of our team can recreate the magic that our wonder athletes in the 1990’s displayed. No matter what the result of the tournament eventually turns out to be for Team Nigeria, it is imperative for Nigeria to scout out and develop young and vibrant talent. Nigerian athletes are blessed with raw talent but lack in direction, encouragement and basic technical aspects. Sport is a way to promote positive social values and a great teacher of discipline, dedication, perseverance, sportsmanship, and teamwork, to name only a few, for young people. For many of our idle, yet talented youth, finding something as active and healthy as sports becomes for them and for Nigeria, a great gift. We must empower our young sports men and women and encourage them to appreciate the virtues and values of striving for the lofty goals of these Games and sports in general.

The anticipation that goes with the start of the Olympics is quite exhilarating and the hopes quite high. While I support Team Nigeria all the way and have hope that they will record some measure of success, I know for a fact that any hope we may have must be tendered with a huge amount of finger crossing and prayer.

The Olympics is a great event that manifests all the positives in sports at its highest peak. It is about one being the best they can be; the pursuit of excellence. Those that have had the talent and privilege to represent their country at that level have been given an opportunity to impact the lives of others simply because of what the Olympics represents. As our athletic representatives emerge on the arena in their green and white attire; as they stand tall and sing our national anthem, I shall be joining my fellow Nigerians in supporting Team Nigeria, wishing them the very best and praying for their success in London and their safe and jubilant return to Nigeria within the next three weeks.

Just as the Games begin, lady luck seems to already be in-sync with Team Nigeria, as the International Olympic Committee announced the men’s 4x400m relay team of Nduka Awazie, Jude Monye, Clement Chukwu, Sunday Baba, Fidelis Gadzama, Enefiok Udo-Obong, the gold medal winners from the 2000 Olympics, following the disqualification of the previous gold medal winners, United States as a result of a confession of doping by one of the US team members.

Congratulations to Team Nigerian on this early gold medal. We hope and pray to see more medals draped around their proud and strong Nigerian necks at the end of the Games. Good Luck to Team Nigeria and every other African team at the London Olympics in this special moment as they go for the ultimate gold!
Article Written by Hannatu Musawa

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It's nice to come across a blog every onϲ in a while that isn't the same out of date rehashed
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i will post it over and over and over again. dumb brain-dead fool. the internet is where you get your info. since when has the internet become a credible source of information? go check your DNA. i will continue to hunt you. you are my prey and eventually i shall have you. for all your bloviating, the cat got your tongue yesterday. SR saved your ass yesterday. pity! i hope to hunt you down before you die from your hate toxicity.

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Gold is given to whom who knows the value of Gold. Nigerians dont know the value of Gold.Speaking of gold in the mixed of Nigerians is an abuse to gold. We of the Spirit world see gold as a great gift to a woman. The 1st Salvation of Jesus Christ was fulfilled with 30 Silvers which was the Price of Love given to Men, but Last Salvation made for freedom of all women is fulfilled with Gold. My dear 'am coming with gold because gold was reserved for Last Salvation.It's the reason Christians were called Christ like not Christ they are silvers. Christ Last Salvation made for women through Islam was made with gold to confirmed the foundation of Islam which was laid with Hagar the Mother of Ishmael in the wilderness of Shur after the Red Sea.

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edi abali...saved by the bell...i'll keep hunting you-asshole. obliviating ignoramus. on your last comment before we got pulled off, it is called 'war relief exercise' and it is common knowledge.

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you can spell yoroba. i feel sorry for you filled with such hatred. in your mind, you only see in black and white, ibo and everybody else. what has hannatu's article has to do with that ibo girls article? can you compare that girls beauty with hannatu's? what does ibo know about beauty? please carry your hatred to your iboland. your passport please. we dont want your kind here.

Mansa Munsa the Cowardly Pig

You can't even spell mansa musa, useless twat. A yoroba coward parading as hausa and calling himself musa. Why don't you call yourself Are ona kakanfo,chief dr afonja of Ilorin the artch-traitor and coward-in-chief useless mugu?

As for Hannatu Musawa, she should go and sit down. When an Ibo girl wrote a simple article on Thisday about beauty contest, all the hooded mullahs went on rampage against her. Team nigeria is a sick, ludicrous joke, destined to lose even the wood medal.

point of correction

i thinkn its high time you have a little bit of respect for yourself,why do you generalize everybody that comes from the northern part of this country as boko haram,oh,have you have forgotten about the militants in the nija delta,or the oduduwa peoples congress popularly known as the o.p.c .Geez,give me a break,pls why dont you go and pray for peace instead of critisizing.

your passport please!!!

edi abali aka jude iwunze, aka the ibo nazi. nothing good comes out of you. give your passport and leave the union. why are you still here. you are a stupid fool. again, your passport please. oloshi kokoro.

I am a muslim, hausa and love southerners

If blowing grammer and writing rubbish is what it takes to be a civilised southerner, then God, save me from beign one. I am a muslim, a hausa fulani from core north west, but my my role models are the great Prof. Eskotoyor, Late Dr. Beko, Great Gani of blessed memory, The great Rev Hassan Kukah and chief taye solarin. I still maintain the sacred June12 choice of God and signed my name as those opposed to the manouvers that was maint to block GEJ to assume from Yar'adua. Because i am not Chike, Bayo or Solomon, you are still castigating my religion, my region, my ehnic group? You are Nazis of our times. Thank God i am not Arne!

Abdulmaliki the Donkey

Nigerian passport is a curse on its carriers. Anyone holding that useless paper is singled out and humiliated in all airports around the world. That is thanks to boko haram, abdulmuttallab and other hausa-fulani terrorit idiots. Name one hausa-fulani person dead or alive who has contributed anything positive to nigerian image. Murtala mohammed was a mass murderer and war criminal. It is always murders, riots, polios, forced mass marriages, hisba, almajiri, begging bowls etc. A Biafran passport from a Biafran embassy mannned by caring people NOT leeches, parasites, quota system and federal character idiots will be a most welcome development.

Your passport pls!

Just return ur 9ja passport and go to the nearest Biafran embassy for a brand new Biafran e-passport. Oloshi we siddon on top cow dey abuse horn)

yes not brazil

bros yes it wasen't brazil that nigeria play in the final but argentina, but the most memorable and the hardest match was when we play brazil in the semi_final is a semi final like other final, am sure she knew what she wrote.

@ TJohnson, I ask you to give your head a shake

"I know it is a Nigerian disease to criticize like your main one corruption"


Shake, shake, shake, mr. TJohnson shake. Give your head a shake puleeze. Uh yesooh, we must criticize ALL bad things ALL the time. Like kidnapping, robbery, corruption, injustice, boko haram, sharia culture, cutting and/or slashing people's hands, limbs, legs, throat; just anything that is anti-human being progress and backwardness. You wanna know why? Bad things happen all the time when good people do nothing at-all. Thus, when you criticize, I think that you are doing something good.

Team nigeria is a sick joke

The so-called team nigeria is a sick joke. It is headed by hausa-fulani whose stock in trade is mass murders. These people do not play football but they head football agencies. They do not play sports but they are head of olympic team. A team headed by mass murderers and genocide practitioners cannot win anything. That team is cursed, doomed to failure. Biafra is an occupied territory like Palestine. The world should welcome Team Biafra just as it has allowed team Palestine.

team nigeria

May the best team win...

learn to speak truth to power-and buharis boko haram

How many medals has the Northern governors won for nigeria since 1960? Now the almajiris have Jonathan spend 240m to build schools in each of the northern zones for them. How many do we have in the South south? None! Yet they are not grateful to the zone that the money comes from. They keep on killing southerners in the name of wanting power by all means for Buhari and Sanusi. Dont we have the poor in the niger delta? Soon it will be what about the money ibori stole-from the almajiris in the SS? These are some of the reasons why we dont ever progress. We pretend all is well while we are dying. In Ghana we have their wrestlers in WWF. KOFI kingston raising the flag of his country around the globe-while in the North of buhari, we have boko haram chasing innocent citizens with their sword. They have already killed hundreds as we praise d daughter of buhari-and the parasites paid to glorify her hijab in a secular envronment.

Why r u guys blinded by

Why r u guys blinded by sentiments? It just goes a long way to show how ignorant u r. Wheneva a person tries to tell u d truth u always criticize them 4 not doin enof. Didnt u read her poem. Didnt she talk abt bokoharam n all that? I gues ur minds r blinded by prejudice or u simply cant read. Hanny, we r behind u a 100%. Put em haters 2 shame

Hannatu exposes the South

I am so glad Hannatu Musawa is writing these great articles and sending out a positive message. But the most important aspect of her writing is that she is exposing us for our hypocricy and bigotry.
People have always told me that the south are more biggoted than the north and I always used to argue. But from the way people attack this woman for no other reason than her religion and tribe, it tells me that we are more unreasonable than we accuse them of being. And from that I can see both sides of the story, not just my side.
This woman has never written any controversial or biased piece and still haters are attacking her.
Hannatu I just hope u keep up the goodwork and not allow these fools to discourage you from writing and speaking the truth. Please dont stop wriying because of assholes like these. They are ignorant and the lowest of the low.
I appreciate ur efforts and support you from the south.

Murderers cannot wing olympic gold

Murderers, their daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and aunts cannot dream of plympic gold. All they think about is murderer,pogrom, murder, burn, slash and more murder. How many of the over 3 million Ibos murdered by Hausa-Fulani and their allies in the 1966-70 genocide would have been Olympic gold medalists?

Going For Gold By Hannatu Musawa

Dear Hannatu, nice piece and, please keep it up. Do not mind the bigotries. Remember any thing you do or say, please will talk [... negative]so do not be distracted.

hannatu are u refering to the para-olympics?

Hannatu seriously! I'm surprised u wrote this.u don't need to be a brain surgeon to know that the north is screwing nigeria and nigerians all round.like every positive aspect of nigeria u can hardly find any outstanding northern athlete(well maybe mr garba lawal)
U ve millions of almajiris in the north and not a single football academy to engage them
Algeria that is an islamic state has one of the best female handball team in africa
NOW boko haram has a 10yrs plan to make nigerians participate only in para-olympics
Madam I think u shld ask ur sponsors to change strategy; ask dem to develop the girl child in the north.let ur gorvernors commit more to education.
Hannatu don't bother try to convert the imam into a muslim quit sahara and concentrate on grassroot orientation and awareness program.ur audience is not here ma'am
I'm sure ur parents immunised u against polio.yet they asked their subjects not to do same
Stop dis hypocrisy,stop!stop

hannatu u try. but.....

It wasn't brazil nigeria beat to claim gold in atlanta '96 olympics.it was argentina
In as much as u like to write on our beautiful nigeria will be if united,I think u shld put more effort educating northern leaders on d need to take advantage of the region's population so they can produce more sunday badas,kanu 'papillo'nwankwo,chioma ajunwa etc
Sport is a unifying factor all over the world.ur ppl ve perfectly destroyed our football in nigeria through administration;from sani tore to galadima,amos "bribe taker adamu

Hanney, pls Remove that Burqa-like Hijab & Damn the consequences

Hanney Love, Elites like you from Muslim north of Nigeria are supposed to set the pace: liberation from male chauvinistic law that stipulates that women must wear hijab, or worse, Burqar. Pls remove that hijab and tell us stories. Damn the consequences. Teach freedom to other Muslim women in similar bondage. You appear very promising. At the London Olympic, women from Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and other secular Muslim countries were not wearing hijab. Saudi Arabia is changing. It has sent the first female to the Olympics this year. While females of other nations are rebelling against the hijab and burqar, Nigerian women are being encouraged by the Sani Yerimas to wear it. Yours truly is not against Islam, but does not like men dehumanising women, making women mere objects. Hanney, set the pace for other oppressed women in the north to follow; remove that symbol on your face, it limits your visibility and horizon.

Leave her alone

Why all the hatred towards this lady? There is nothing wrong with a feel good article. All you vultures back off! I know it is a Nigerian disease to criticize like your main one corruption. By the way nobody hate Boko haram more than me. It is a demonic cult masquerading as a religious sect.Unfortuately there are some well placed Nigerians sponsoring and supporting them. Those are the ones that don't wish Nigeria well.Not this lady. In the spirit of the olympic let's pledge not to criticize base on ethnicity. If we can do that we would have taken a giant step in taking back our country. Let's get after those vultures in the government that don't see ethnicity while looting.

Hanney, pls Remove that Burqa-like Hijab & Damn the consequences

Hi sweet Hanney, You wrote about London Olympics. Did you watch the countries march pass? Did you see Pakistani, Jordanian, Egyptian, Indonesian, Malaysian and other secular Muslim countries pass? None of their women wore your type of Sani Yerima-propagated Hijab. Hijab, and even Burqa, are 'universal' among women now in Muslim areas of north of Nigeria.
A culture that is not dynamic, that is not responsive to time and environment is not the best. Your hijab is an imposition by your fellow man, not by Allah. The use of Islamic religious wears to make statements in Nigeria has taken a dangerous turn. Yerima popularised it. Once NTA International News is now a shadow of itself as hijab-wearing women seek to make religious statements on it. Just like every other thing government invests money in Nigeria. Elites like you in the north must set the pace.

May the Best Team Win.

Thank you, Hannatu. You bring back the innocence of my youth. Innocent Egbunike, Yusuf Ali, Dele Udoh, Sunday Bada. But the best team will win. I won't be watching the games though. Too busy. I think Team USA, Team CHINA, Team RUSSIA, Team Britain and Team Germany will clear the medals table.
Hopefully, when people like you get to positions of leadership in Nigeria we will see dedicated purpose to competitive spirit. Thanks again for the encouraging piece.

p.s I see you like Boxing. I read your piece on Muhammad Ali. Hanney, na wa o. You dey box?

Just listened to the

Just listened to the songhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN1JqE9XhzA. It is extraordinary. Why is a 'proposed'theme song and not the theme song. At least something good. Kudos BigSmile.

Hannatu Musawa Commentator

May be they should include competition for almanjiris, country who can lie the most(kano,sokoto'Zamfara,Katsina state are most populous state in the world ha ha ha), and country that can produce killers of innocent people then Hausa/Fulani Muslim will be able to represent Nigeria in the Olympic. I can assure you they will collect all the gold medal for these events and I know Hannatu Musawa will gladly go there to run the commentary.


In spite of all the bad attributes of Nigeria as a country, its people will strive to win in all spheres against all odds. Here is a link to the proposed theme song for Nigeria's participation in the London Olympics http://hu.lk/om0v8hgxwxs0. This song as inspiring as any can be was done by a music group called BigSmile. Yes, Naija can win!And this includes the Olympics too. Nice one Hannatu.(You can search "Naija Don Win By Big Smile" on youtube to get the full effect of the song).

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