Ailing Patience Jonathan Can't Make It To UN General Assembly, Doctors Say

First Lady , Mrs. Patience Jonathan
By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters has learnt that a team of doctors attending Nigeria’s ailing First Lady, Patience Jonathan, have ruled out the possibility of her joining President Goodluck Jonathan when he travels next week to New York City. Mr. Jonathan is on his way to New York to attend this year’s session of the United Nations General Assembly.

A presidency source told our correspondent that the president and his wife had hoped to be in New York together in order to quell speculations that Mrs. Jonathan’s health condition had turned dire. However, the source revealed that the president’s wife went through two relapse episodes during the week and had to be put under intensive care. “The doctors in Germany have informed us that she cannot – and should not – go on a long trip at this time,” said the source.

Another source also indicated that Mrs. Jonathan was unlikely to return to Nigeria this weekend as the Presidency had hoped.

Our  sources disclosed that it was now unclear how long Mrs. Jonathan would remain in a hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany. “The plan was to take her on the trip to the United Nations in order to silence critics and reporters that revealed that Madam was not on vacation but in a precarious medical state,” said one of the sources.

SaharaReporters had broken the news three weeks ago that Mrs. Jonathan was airlifted to Germany after she reportedly had “food poisoning” in Dubai. In response to our exclusive, aides of both Mrs. Jonathan and the president denied that the First Lady was sick and claimed that she merely traveled abroad “for a moment’s rest” at an undisclosed location. The aides added that Mrs. Jonathan was fatigued from a strenuous calendar that included hosting a meeting of African First Ladies in Abuja.

In the face of official concerted efforts to cover up Mrs. Jonathan’s condition, SaharaReporters learnt from sources within the Presidency that the ailing First Lady had undergone surgery in Germany after she was initially treated for infections arising from a procedure she undertook in Dubai.

So far, the Nigerian Presidency has not made any official pronouncement on Mrs. Jonathan’s condition. President Jonathan, who last week cut short a state visit to Botswana, has maintained stoic silence since the story broke.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jonathan will be accompanied on his New York by 11 ministers as well as the governors of Bauchi, Delta and Akwa Ibom. Mr. Jonathan and his delegation are expected to arrive in New York on Monday.

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It is really unfortunate that

It is really unfortunate that she is suffering from such grave problems. When you are busy to growing gray naturally you might have to be prepared for health problems.

She is going through a

She is going through a critical condition hopefully, she gets better soon. Health could create big problems if we are not careful enough. Smokers should switch to electronic cigarettes but they should clarify myths with electronic cigarettes before taking the step.

May God help our first lady

May God help our first lady and have mercy on her.
I wish our dear president well oh. It is not easy for him at this time.

Yes , she has to go to

Yes , she has to go to foreign land for treatment. shame on you badluck aka (president). remember all whom has gone to foreign land ends.

President's wife sickness

I sincerely wish her speedy recovery in Jesus name as we cant afford to face another tragedy in this country.

Dame Patience sickness

To me,Mrs Jonathan Dame Patience may be a public figure but she was neither elected or appointed by Nigerian as a first lady, she was only there on the platter of her husband, so people should talk less about her health and to me Mr. President is not & never keeping me in darkness over the health of his wife.
Finally, our leaders should limit the participation of their unelected wives & families in the system so thst if any thing happen less will be said about them.

president wife sickness

It a pity that some people are making funny comments on the state of health of the president wife. I want them to remember that it is God our creator who give life. It is not the person that is sick today that is first to die. These godless people can die before patience. We should learn not to wish even our
Enemies bad. Let us joint hands to pray for patience quick recovery and good healt. What vou wish others will surely come to you. That is natural law of karma.

@OmonBendel, thank you my brother. Me I still dey o!

@OmonBendel, thank you my brother. When man talk so tey and on top of your voice and the people you dey talk to no hear; them pretend say they no hear or hear you, but act like say you no matter, the sensible thing to do is go back and make sure say those people get ear. If them get ear, make sure they have brain, if they have brain, make sure say they understand, if they understand, make sure that your interest and them interest be the same.

My conclusion? Line had been drawn a long time between them and us the people.

Me I still dey o! Only thing be say the rulers/looters just do not want to know, otherwise how many people will use 5000 Naira note except for the convenience of the same people that will not pay minimum wage of ONLY those 2 notes! The denomination helps them conveniently convey their loot! At this rate, I pray this is not a slippery slope to Zimbabwean 100-trillion-dollar bill that is worth $5

I dey and God still dey and him no go forget us.



I wish her sooness recover.

I wish her sooness recover.

They are CS born

Majority of the people commenting here and also asking for the worst for the first lady might have been born through ceasarian operation hence they do not have that human feelings anymore.

People that were born normally through the process of labour would never wish another dead.

Those wishing her dead are wicked and have no compassion.

Lord grant her healing

May God grant her healing, amen. I can imagine the level of anxiety her two children are experiencing. Shame on those calling for the worse for her. They are not only insensitive, but test-tube born humans, whose level of social engagement are detached from the genetic natural experience babies and later adults have experienced.Shame unto them!!. If you have a mother and you cherish her, you will not wish someone else's mother dead.

Patience jonathan

Sahara una too dey gossip. Phd amiboristius

@Elmango Meat: Where have you been?

You just disappeared from the scene ko? abeg do not give up on us (masses) o

Spokes man , who send u ? Is

Spokes man , who send u ? Is she supposed to leave her country for treatment abroad where her husband is the no 1 citizen ? How many times have u heard obama's wife , cameron's wife , south Africa or even Ghana presidents wives left their country for treatment abroad ?


If she had a hand in the Dana crash that killed about 163 people as we were told, then the blood of those brutally killed is out for vengeance. Certaily their evil/wicked activities is causing them to hide the fact of her sickness. Prince Charles went for treatmentof pile recently and it was made public. A lady who is even more presidential than the timid husband and is living on public fund has been missing and some people feel Nigerians do not have the right to know what has happened to her so we can sympathise with them. The insults and bad wishes expressed so far serve the just right for being so wicked to hide the first lady.







For once

We actually all sympathize with her and I do share some of your views.

But the point the press is trying to make is that the government should be more open about it.

That there is a deliberate attempt to deceive the populace (including well wishers like you and me) with false information. In a civilized environment, you don't insult people's collective intelligence this way.

I expect majority of people to feel this way so that we'll at least discourage government officials from taking us for granted. For once!

@ Duniya

@Duniya, Augustus Aikhomu is DEAD. Obviously you are a male chauvernist. Bet your wife is not allowed to stand next to you as your partner. Shes just to cook, have babies and sleep with your dumb ass.

Aunty Peshie, we Nigerian women wish you soonest recovery

Re: Leaders from this country

The opportunity to reveal the information was expunged by bloggers and detractors that went viral with different stories pertaining the First Lady. Protocol demands that the channel for information is through those people you mentioned, but Nigerian society being what it is has made it impossible for these channels to work properly. The pull-him-down by all means syndrome that is in our system has made us to shy away from the fact that with the contribution of ideas we can actually achieve our dreams.

@Obosi Warrior

What has come of people in this nation?

Is it mere frustration that is making you people to speak unguilded words?

With the way and manner people are pouring out insults and hatred even to an assumed sick person, if that person were to be your relation would you like it?

Even if the first lady is ill of any ailment are you people God?

God the maker of everything on earth has a solution for every sickness and a spare part for any defective part in our bodies.

I pray God to give instant attention to the first lady, heal her and bring her back to her position with immediate effect.

You will all be put to shame when she returns in good health.

Why must we continue in this line.........

What is so gein gein about the 1st Lady's state of health that it is being shrouded in secrecy? Nigerians are naturally sympathethic people and full disclosure from the on-set would have sorted out this quagmire and all we'll be doing now is praying for her to get better. [we still do anyway]

I believe the preidency should have learnt from the UMYA era and should not be making the sme school boy mistakes that they are making now.

Shio...... Kelebe...... Thue......

No impact

Whether dame is sick or not d truth is she has had no positive impact on nigerians or any sector of d country so far. Although i wish her a quick recovery but hosting first african ladies is not a priority. Stella obasanjo shld be a model 2every first lady in nigeria with d way she impacted lives esp d less-privileged children. And i dnt knw why our leaders are confused;they re wasting our money!

No impact

Whether dame is sick or not d truth is she has had no positive impact on nigerians or any sector of d country so far. Although i wish her a quick recovery but hosting first african ladies is not a priority. Stella obasanjo shld be a model 2every first lady in nigeria with d way she impacted lives esp d less-privileged children. And i dnt knw why our leaders are confused;they re wasting our money!

Uduaghan To New York?

Jonathan is a real asshole. What is Emmanuel Uduaghan, a wanted man for money laundering in Europe and America going to do in UN General Assembly? Oh! I forget that he is in the Awardee list.He may not make back. Know what? No immnunity for him in US. They want to share their prison locations. Ibori in UK and Uduaghan in US prison. Waoo!

why would u say Mrs Jonathan is dead

Pls I write to correct this nortion that the 1st is dead and his rest in peace. The person who wrote that comment should be investigated and prosecuted for such ungodly comments.7yktW

Seems you don't really follow

Seems you don't really follow the news, what does he cost them to say the first lady is sick. don't you hear about presidents of other countries when they are sick? everyone knows about it, so wht the secrecy, she is human and can be under the weather any time. And if i must remind you, GEJ was part of the people that felt hurt when they were not old about Yardua's state of health. what went around has come around for him.

PS! foreign health treatment? will resign my job and go to the ministry sharply!

I agree with you on the wrongness


"Why Are We So Blessed" is a good narrative literature from African Writers Series.

First Lady is de facto Vice President.

Babangida started ths rubbish.

And it was potent but hidden facts that made Ebitu Ukwe resigned in the early days of our journey to perdition.

Sambo. You are now wearing Ijaw caps up and down to decieve Shoeless Jonathan.
History will judge Sambo as it is judging Agustus Ahkiomu.

Histrory will judge Sambo. As it is now judging Agustue Ahikhomu.

On Madame Patience Medical trip to Europe. (4)

On ants, Proverbs 30:25 says "Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer;"

In real life, see what they can do-
and compare that to Nigeria where we are struggling in futility in our own little worldspace in all aspects of life to even match up to what the ants do every day!

Can you imagine how much it costs to train a doctor? These countries get them for free with not a single investment in their basic training of Nigerian doctors? Now add the cost of Medical tourism and its depletion of our scant resources.

Do Nigerian leaders think and reason for the good of the common man? If any visionary leader institutes the right health policy now, we may just start to see the fruits of their labour 10 to 20 years from now. People like Patience would then have become inconsequential statistics. Until then, accept more Physician migration and health tourism leaving our shores.

On Madame Patience Medical trip to Europe. (3)

I totally agree that it is a sad that 52 years after our independence and over 5000 Nigerian doctors of all speciality gainfully employed in North America alone, our health care back home is in shambles. Nigerians practically run Middle East hospitals, our physicians have flocked to Europe and West Indies hospitals and are now overflowing to other African countries from South Africa!

It is a crying shame for our organizational abilities and a dearth or ability to effectively utilize our mental capacity to prioritize and manage our resources prudently.

My 12 year old boy tells me that ants have processing speed of 700 terraflops against human being of 1000 Terraflops.

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