Akwa Ibom: Two Kidnap Incidents Recorded Within 24 Hours In Oron

Gov. Godswill Akpabio
By SaharaReporters, New York

With Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State and numerous members of his cabinet as well as state legislators enjoying a weeklong jamboree in the United States of America, two kidnap incidents in the state within twenty-four hours have demonstrated an escalating crisis of insecurity.

Security sources told SaharaReporters that the two kidnap incidents took place yesterday in Oron, in the southern part of the state.
In one incident, the violent criminals abducted Mrs. Agnes Uwe at about 2 a.m. Tuesday from her residence at 23 Eyoakan Street.  

A relative of the kidnap victim told our correspondents that her kidnappers used sledgehammers and other tools to breach the wall and gain access into the building which is located close to the Oron area headquarters of the Nigerian police.  

Other residents in the area told SaharaReporters that the nearby police station failed to provide help despite several distress calls made to the police as the incident was taking place.
Our sources disclosed that the armed gunmen seized the Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to the family of the victim after firing several gunshots to scare away residents of the neighborhood. “They attempted to drive away with their victim only to discover that the SUV was out of fuel a few meters from the compound,” said a resident.
In anger, the kidnappers reportedly returned to the house perhaps to shoot the husband of their victim, but the man had escaped to safety. The kidnappers then took away their victim in a back-up car.

SaharaReporters learnt that the kidnappers have demanded a ransom of N15 million to free their hostage.
A security source stated that a second kidnap incident took place at about 10 p.m. the same day. This time, kidnappers seized Mary Abia, the proprietor of Bekons Hotel and a PDP women leader in the Urueoffong/Oruku community in Oron. Mrs. Abia was abducted from her residence at 13 Etienam Street in Oron, and taken to an undisclosed location.
A source close to the Abia family said that there had been no contact with the kidnappers. “We strongly suspect that the dastardly act was connected with power play within the ruling PDP for the control of the local government in Oron communities in Akwa Ibom,” said the source.
In recent weeks, Oron has been a flashpoint of kidnap cases. In June, assailants assassinated a local government council chairman just before council polls took place.

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performing with how much allocation, yes his constructing good roads, how about the QIT/ Ibeno road where the source of all the wealth of Akwa Ibom comes from that is almost cutting away, A good business man do business before plesure, Attah risk development and went for what will bring money for future of the state(Onshore Offshore Dichotomy)which he never stayed the enjoy, these one just eating away the money on road construction. How many scholarship has he awarded, how many jobs has he created, where are the industries, your e library is still not usable, where is the mellinium hospital, tropicana, flooding is becoming worst, visit a primary school of free education today before commenting.

Is this Utit former Ibiono

Is this Utit former Ibiono Ibom kingpin? Now you see life differently


Akpabio, please enjoy the money. As you always tell whoever cares to hear that, you're The Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, that you can, under a special arrangement see God, please FIRE ON YOU AND YOUR WIFE UNOMA, will as usual add 'GBAM!' for you.

I say, Akpabio rule the people.Your wife and children add - GBAM!
Akpabio steal the state dry - Five of ur Commissioners & SSG will add - GBAM!
Akpabio forever AKS governor. Slyvester Okonkwo adds -- GBAM!
Akpabio sh'd continue to kill. And Madam Umbrala adds. -- GBAM!
Akpabio should keep on kidnapping. And Ben Bruce adds- GBAM!
Akpabio's cult gangs to go on raping other people's wives,
Killing and ma. .........................And UNOMA his wife says,-- GBAM!

GBAM is a word introduced in the state by Akpabio's wife. Anytime the husband speaks, she will add GBAM to whatever the husband had said. We are in trouble in AKS. Theirs will be worst than that of the Iboris. God Is Alive!


Things happen. Any bad incident that happen in Akwa ibom state is blame on the Governor by his distractors, people that never meant well for the state. The Governor can't be everywhere and you are always going to have hoodlums in every state. You cannot totally eradicate crimes in any state; What you want to do is reduce them to the bare minimum and even that is a tall order in a country as poor as Nigeria, with criminals in every corner. I actually believe Akpabio is one of the few performing Governors in the federation and that is saying something considering how I feel about Nigerian politicians in general. Is he perfect? Absolutely not but I 'll say this though, he is performing better than most of these jokers called Governors. Infact I can see him as a good President if we can look beyond ethnicity in the country.


OrOn Nation should not be drawn into antagonism against a givernment that is seeking its interest. The enemies of Akpabio know very well that it is time for Oron people tO come together and defeat the maginalisation of its people by the wicked bureacracy of the "majority".
As an Oronian, I know that these deeds are from another faction of the PDP who want to paint Akpabio black.

They have been failing. Now they are falling!
Just know this: "the rejoicing of the wicked is short".


D police shld search around d village,and so also ask question regarding 2 the kidnaps,buh can some tell me y d police can nt respond to dia cal ehh,I ve bn a victim to dat,we cald on d police buh no reply from any ov dem,all d kip saying is"calm dwn"am writing from warri delta state...

state of nigeria

Kidnappers & thieves bringing confusion everywhere, thieves here boko haram there, plane crash if you fly, if you dont fly the plane will come to your house, travel by road and armed robbers will be waiting, then we have Fulani herdsmen, but the fake pastors will tell you all is well as long as you give more, this is what is called confusion break bone

Let Akpabio Enyoy & Steal our money

Akpabio has told the world that he knew what is called poverty and really lived with it. So the man has seen money now as Executive governor ( curtesy; OBJ & MADAM UMBRALA aka SPERM SECT. ) why won't he spent it? Two months ago he enslaved the people again by borrowing the sum of FIFTY BILLION NAIRA despite the fact that the state collects the highest allocation every month from the Federation Account.

We should not forget that he was a 419 KINGPIN in Lagos in the eighties/nineties! And that a leopard will NEVER change its colours.

Akwa Ibom State collects the highest revenue but the people are in abject poverty while shameless so called Nigerian big men fall over themselves to come here and collect blood money from this lunatic called Godswill Akpabio.

He is a very proud owner of TWO PRIVATE JETS bought in the name of JIDE AGBOOLA and managed by the same man. When the real AKPABIO and his wife UNOMA will be up standing ; IBORI ans his wife NKOYO will be ' SAINTS'!


Every Akwa Ibomite is surprised that President Jonathan has not asked Godswill Akpabio to spare the people of the state. The President knows what havoc that this Akpabio is causing to the good people of the state. Most people from the state have stopped to visit their state since the devil by name Akpabio was imposed on the people in 2007 and 2011 by the Otta Gorrilla ( Obasanjo ) and (SPERM SECT.) Madam Umbrala respectively.

Akwa Ibom people will NEVER know and have peace until Mr. TOMA MINTI the State Director of SSS is posted out of AKWA IBOM STATE. Mr. Minti and Akpabio are together in the art of tormenting Akwa ibom people. And the blood of the people will be on heads of AKPABIO & TOMA MINTIand their family members.

The Book Of Life ( Bible )has made us to know that the sins of the fathers will be visited on the children. Can somebody add, AMEN!

God save us

God save us

foolish people with comments

foolish comments from all of you.


For all those commenting on this forum, I wonder when you guys will learn to be sincere with your reasoning. How come that every evil act perpetuated by crooks who feel aggrieved over Akpabio success will come here to vomit all their shit. As an Ibibio Man , am not sentimental and I will not.So far, the only development recorded in this state is during this same Akpabio tenure.Let us not forget that so many other governors have been in that seat and virtually nothing was done to the good people of Akwa Ibom State. " Idung nnyin ima mfon mkpo, esiono iso ekpon idiok esit" The governor has never bought a knife talkless of gun for anybody to use and forment this troubles. The state SSS are on this unfortunate act and those found culpable will be brought to book.


Is now i know that u are total deaf and dumb, opposition party claimed he was the one who burn the office and vehicle, u are here blabbing with words without value.
Akpabio that change the fortune of Akwa ibom is now a cult becos u can not penetrate his government and still the common wealth of the people.
Ibibio never send you this but becos of ur low self esteem, inferiority and myopic mentality, pushed u to speak rubbish.

i challenge u to prove what u just said now and we will take it up.


Edwin Clark challenges IBB to take a stand on Boko Haram

Chief Clark posed the challenge in Abuja on Wednesday following a statement released by General Babangida on Monday, the 6th of August, describing him as "senile and senseless" in his reaction to Mr Clark's clamour that Babaginda should come out and condemn Boko Haram.

Should IBB take a stand on Boko Haram?

Vote Yes or No now at http://www.stateofNigeria.com


Godswill Akpabio armed all his cult boys with guns and military uniforms to kill, maim and rape the opposition before and during the last governorship election. He burnt JONATHAN'S CAMPAIGN OFFICE AND GOVERNMENT VEHICLES. All two sites were protected by men of the security services. They had AMOURD PERSONEL CARRIERS stationed at both places.

Mr. President knew the fact and still, he ordered SHOOT-AT-SITE ORDER. Brought about SEVEN THOUSAND SOLDIERS to rig election for Godswill Akpabio. They used FEDERAL & STATE MIGHT to torment the people.

They forgot to disarm their thugs/cult boys. Of course all of Akpabio's political appointee are all cultists. They are using the guns now to kidnapp, rob and kill the people.

His Commissioner for Works has a killer squad by name ' PEACE HOUSE' their work is to kill anybody that Akpabio or his wife UNOMA think should not live.


Na waa o

They are back again to

They are back again to frustrate d good government of akpabio. They will not succeed.

What a shame!!!

Akpabio your boys have started to show working again. What did Mary Abia say to infuriate you this time?? Tell them to release the poor woman to her husband she has already learnt her lesson. We all know that Mrs. Agnes Uwe's Kidnap was a case of mistaken identity so I hope your boys will behave themselves and let the innocent woman go since it was really Abia who questioned you over her share of the allocation.

A ''sleeping'' Oron nation is

A ''sleeping'' Oron nation is awake with political volcanicity. bad leadership have turned my dormant community into a kidnappers' flashpoint. God have mercy on us.

Bastards Corrupt Club

Godswill Ino Akpabio, will soon start to pay for his many crimes. All his properties in England and America will be seized. His three private jets will be auctioned off, and he will be given a 12 by 12 bedsit next to Ibori. This is the end of the wicked.

Godswill Akpabio, Akpabioism and the politics of kidnapping .

Ever since Godswill Akpabio and cult boys were sworn into Govt House Uyo. Mr Ebot Akpabio and his gang have intimidated everyone to get their ways in everything. Consequently Akwa Ibom Treasury has been raided continuously by an unaccountable bunch of crooks lead by Mr. Ebot Digital 419 The-Young shall Grow night bus traveling overnight billionaire. Nobody so far has been able to escape his ruin of terror this includes the murdered Church worshipers in uyo, Vice President GEJ, hundreds of Innocent souls via rape, torture, as well as the occasional pre-(S)election ritual sacrifices. But still we can't blame Bro.Goddy since Akwa Ibomites have decided to remain his sacrificial lamb. Justice Kafarati, we hope you can still read your own judgement on the matter Frank Okon has brought before you.

Shameless/heartless Leaders

This Akpabio and his boys are really destroying the image of that state,Akwa Ibom was until the present government the most peaceful in Niger Delta region,Please let GEJ do something about this Akpabio.

It is obvious, that he does

It is obvious, that he does not have a clue.


The Governor is simply experimenting with the boys ahead of his 2015 Vice Presidency ambition,nothing spoil all na PDP!GBAM!!


Poor Akwa Ibom People,READ THE LINK BELOW: http://naijaleaks.org/?p=1470


From the insception of Akpabio's Administration,the story is the same http://naijaleaks.org/?p=754


I hope Justice Kafarati reads this,the judgement in your hands is the Libration,destiny and safety of Akwa Ibom People,save the 4m Akwa Ibomites from the hands our modern day Gadhaffi for posterity.


The terror in Aks is no longer news,it's a mere reflection of the bad leadership of Gov Akpabio,who patronizes and arm cultist to kill and maim opposition in the state,I weep for my dear Akwa Ibom.

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