Another Dana Aircraft Had Hydraulic Problem-PM News, Lagos

By PMnews, Lagos

A Coroners’ Court in Lagos sitting in Ikeja, on Tuesday heard that another aircraft in Dana Airline’s fleet had hydraulic pressure problem apart from the ill-fated plane that crashed on June 3.

The General Manager, Air Worthiness, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Mr. Kayode Ajiboye made this known at the inquest into the air disaster that claimed over 150 people aboard the Dana plane.

Ajiboye, in his testimony at the inquest, said that contrary to insinuations, it was not the ill-fated aircraft with registration no. 5N-RAM that had earlier developed hydraulic pressure problem while airborne.

He explained that the aircraft in question with number 5N-SRI, on May 10 was on a return trip from Uyo when it made an emergency landing on arrival in Lagos.

He said that some of the passengers in the plane later called the Consumer Protection Department of the NCAA to complain about the state of the aircraft, including failed air conditioning.

Ajiboye said that the plane had since been taken for repairs at MyTechnic Company Limited, Turkey, an aircraft maintenance and servicing company of the airline.

He told the Coroner, Magistrate Komolafe Oyetade, that the ill-fated plane was serviced and that a flight check was carried out on it on June 2.

The NCAA official said that the plane did not show any sign of problem during the flight-check, adding that this was why it was scheduled for flights for the following day.

He said the plane had made three takeoffs and two landings on the faithful day, adding that it was on the return trip to make the third landing that it crashed at Iju-Ishaga, Lagos.

The inquest continues on 8 August.

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If 5N-RAM crashed and 5N-SRI aircraft had hydraulic problem, then may we ask how many planes were in Dana's fleet? This would show how omnious things had become, before we dispatched stars like LEVI AJUNUMA, ANYENES and others, to their untimely grave. We care less about standard and expose others to disaster, because those in authority are too inept and corrupt. May God have mercy on Nigeria. It is clear negligence more than any other factor killed the DANA victims.

checked in deed

checked and a flight scheduled was conducted. How could Dana fly the same plane 6times in a day. Body no be wood but iron. 20years technology being used in Nija. Service my foot.

Let the whole truth be

Let the whole truth be told.

God have mercy

For God's sake, when are we going to wake up in this country? If you are to make a trip, why choose Dana? The NCAA have not even given a confirmatory reports on the rest of their airplanes and the airline has commenced operations since the last crash.

Nigerians had better wake up and get wiser! Your leaders don't love you. Okay, if they do, why have they not being able to fix ordinary electricity (which would have been a major source of self-employment), good transportation (which would have given you and me options to move around) and infrastructure (all you'll ever need).

It's only God that can plead our course!

For what?

We need to be objective if we hope to unravel the mystery behind the Dana crash. Antagonizing the Indian s or sacking the NCAA management will at this stage be counter productive

Another lie

NCAA and Dana Air should be careful about the lie they tell otherwise another disaster will come their way but this on their whole family and not passenger or the public living peacefully in their houses. They should also know that the soul of the dead now knows the truth of what kill them on earth

this contey is in borndage

this rubish dana again pls company should be closed an take out of this contrey

this rubish dana again pls

this rubish dana again pls company should be closed an take out of this contrey


to hail with that dana. if u value ur life, dnt use dana.

NCAA Management needs to Sacked

It is utter ridiculous that up till now the Director General of NCAA has not being sacked!!


Na witch dey worry them.

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