ANPP, ACN, CPC, APGA Form New Party; We Will Dribble Them Like Messi, Says PDP’s Bamanga Tukur

By SaharaReporters, New York

Several Nigerian political parties, including the All Nigeria Peoples Party, Action Congress of Nigeria, Congress for Progressive Change, and the All Progressive Grand Alliance have merged to form one party. The new coalition party adopted the name of All Progressive Congress.

The coalition’s new name was unveiled to journalists at a press briefing organized by earlier today by the leadership of the four political parties in Abuja.
Tom Ikimi, the chairman of ACN’s merger committee, spoke on behalf of other members of the collaborative parties.

“At no time in our national life has radical change become more urgent,” said Mr. Ikimi, a controversial former Foreign Affairs Minister during the dreadful regime of deceased General Sani Abacha. He added: “And to meet the challenge, we, the following political parties, namely ACN, ANPP, APGA and CPC have resolved to merge forthwith and become All Progressive Congress and offer to our beleaguered people a recipe for peace and prosperity.

“We resolve to form a political party committed to the principles of internal democracy, focused on serious issues of concern to our people, determined to bring corruption and insecurity to an end, determined to grow our economy and create jobs in their millions through education, housing, agriculture, industrial growth etc, and stop the increasing mood of despair and hopelessness among our people.”

Mr. Ikimi further remarked: “The resolution of these issues, the restoration of hope, the enthronement of true democratic values for peace, democracy and justice are those concerns which propel us.

“We believe that by these measures only shall we restore our dignity and position of pre-eminence in the comity of nations. This is our pledge.”

The other parties were represented by Annie Okonkwo (APGA), Garba Sadi (CPC), and Ibrahim Shekarau (ANPP).

Responding to the merger, the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Bamanga Tukur, vowed that his party would dribble and dominate the new party with the wizardry of international football sensation, Lionel Messi. Mr. Tukur declared that the PDP remains the Messi of Nigerian politics.

“If you go for a contest, you have the striker – you know Lionel Messi?” said Mr. Tukur. He added: “PDP is Messi in that contest. We will dribble them like Messi. Tell them [the] chairman said PDP is the Messi (of Nigerian football).”


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Haba PDP If We cannot you

Haba PDP
If We cannot you (PDP) God can.

Footbal Metaphor in politics - Sounds familiar!

Nigeria had a very trying experience in the art of governance when football metaphor in the art of dribbling was the effective tool used in the running of the affairs of State. IBB dribbled on the political landscape as military president. Babangida manipulated every factor of life causing Nigeria adrift. He lied about "June 12" shattering our dream for TRUE DEMOCRACY. He raped the Nation of her $12B extra crude oil income. He institutionalized the art of corruption as a "respectable" tool of governance. He was the "MARADONA" of that DARK ERA from which Nigeria needs the emerging political grouping in order to see Light. Meantime, EFCC, please go get him - IBB!



'I implore Nigerians to closely watch 2013.'

On December 28, 2012, I FiReCloUd OfGoD said "Whatever you sowed in 2012, 2013 is the harvest time. Psalm 113 is for year 2013. Psalm 112 was for 2012 where God said those that are righteous will be blessed for many generations. It is harvest time in 2013. Whatever you sowed in 2012, 2013 is the harvest time.

'I implore Nigerians to closely watch 2013.'

"This is the year that the Power of God will be SUDDENLY visited on Nigeria. Take NOTE and ACKNOWLEDGE that YOU HEARD IT from FiReClOuD OfGoD in SR, FIRST . May Wada and all the others from Federal to State to Local Government going through health challenges recover enough to see the expression of his wrath on the wicked and his love for the trampled in Nigeria in 2013!
... 'For those that have ears let them hear!'


Tukur boasting on a keg of illegalities

People should not worry, religion will not have a place in the mega party.

However, this is the last PDP Government in the history of Nigeria. The PDP cup of dishonesty, election rigging, corruption and other illegalities in Nigeria has full up. It is overflowing and carrying the members and their politicians involved into the Atlantic Ocean.

Therefore, from 2015, there will be neither PDP available nor elections for them to rig and bring about wrong, weak, dishonest, rogue and hopeless people into the Federal and State Governments of Nigeria.

The 2015 general election will be contested at all levels by Progressive candidates of this new mega party whom nobody can rig election against. Tukur and his PDP rogues can no longer exude on the crest of illegalities to rob and misuse Nigeria.

Dead on Arrival

I was struggling to see new faces sadly the same failures. The same mistake we made fighting against military in a haste without adequate preparation we are about to make again. How can Tom Ikimi, Yerima sani,Tinubu etc be the ones that will change Nigeria? What made Buhari to leave ANPP and what have changed now that informed him to merge again? Why are we pretending as if we don't know these thieves?Do they need to come together before they can defeat PDP? They can only win the states they are controlling now nothing more.Tinubu lost Ondo state to mimiko with all Lagos purse.They will do all their best to campaign against PDP without telling us what they will do.After their primaries or imposition we will know how serious they are.

What a stupid and irrelevant

What a stupid and irrelevant comparison.

Yesterday Was Clapping, Today is Dribbling

We need to get a head-shrinker to check out the lump of fufu lodged inside the cranium of the PDP's chairman.

The other day he was telling us to clap for OBJ and GEJ for all the good things they have done to Nigeria.

Today he has turned to Messi.

Only God knows whats next he is going to vomit.

PDP admits playing "MESSY"!

Nigeria has been dribbled by the same team of party men without scoring a SINGLE GOAL for progress and prosperity in the Nation State since 1960.They've always been playing "Off-side" and out of respect for the rules of the game. It is an established fact that fans and spectators are not getting value for money - taxpayers' money. The "political arena" will re-open during first-half of 2015. There will be penalties against those who have been fouling in the "political dribbling" in this and in previous encounters. Fans "need" value for money and will give overwhelming support for PROGRESS and PROSPERITY to usher in a NEW DAY by dumping the "messy dribblers"!

Till then

Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait and see their manifesto for the country, how they would choose who or where the Presidential candidate would come from. So it would not be a case of From Frying pan to Fire. Nigerians please shine your eyes before you cast your vote 2015 be it for PDP or APC. Long live Nigeria

Really Messy! That's what PDP is.

PDP is Messi, that they mess the whole country up...and its also in a mess! Really Messy.


What it will take to rescue Nigeria from her comfortable niche in the dust bin of poverty,employment,looting,political,embarrassment,instability and insecurity is good governance that will cast aside politicians and technocrats like Gbenga Ashiru,Martin umoibhi and Felix Oboro and others whose hands are full of blood of innocent children.
The error GEJ has made is not to weed out them out of his government.With ikimi in the new mega political party his administrative and ethnic cleansing policy must be checked to forestall his past deeds as minister of foreign affairs.

A Moslem Islamist Party

Problem is that the constituents of this "mega party" are islamists, or at best sympathetic to islamic cause and Nigeria is NOT and will NEVER be islamic country. The leaders of these parties, you name them, Buhari, Tinubu, El-Rufai, Fashiola, Ibrahim Shekarau, Garba Sadi, Aregbesola are all islamists or Moslems. We know how islamization of the north started--Zamfara's Yerima starting sharia with its own Hisbah police and Former Borno's Governor Mr. Sheriff starting the Boko Haram in Borno, joined by Senator Ndume who implicated Vice president Mohamed Sambo. So, we are aware of all that and the South especially, SS and SE can never be brought under islamic doctrine. Period.

Greed and selfishness will scuttle the success

In this merger, you will see that lack of democratic ideals will stunt the emergence of a formidable opposition party. There are those within the amalgamation who still want to retain control; there are those who still think that either they are the presidential candidate annointed or nothing.How about those who still want to use autocratic methods to run a democratic structure. Chances are that by the time they put their act together, they would be looking at 2019 election.
Does this emerging group really have a common ideology or is it just to wrestle power from PDP?

Bamanger Tukur and Oboro wearing pampers!

Pity Alhaji Bamangar Tukur from my political constituency who wants PDP to dribble like Messi the ace footballer.Has he dribbled out his son, Mahmud Tukur to honesty and integrity?OR has he dribbled out from government,Chief Felix Oboro a cocaine baron who is also reckless in spending public fund entrusted in his care in the Nigerian Embassy in Venezuela and the corrupt Gbenga Ashiru who has no mercy to the way and manner he gets funds to prepare for 2015 governorship election and martin Umoibhi the instigator of bad image for Nigeria abroad and others who milk the economy dry? Bamangar Tukur should stop talking like Felix Oboro who wears pampers without knowing that an elderly person must not wear pampers.
Tukur should embrace wisdom and advise the government on good governance to move the country forward.


Yes i agree with the dribbling theory of PDP as put forward by its National Chairman- Alhaji Bamanga Tukur because dribblig associated with multiple fouls is in the character of PDP; and habit they say "die hard"!

Bamanga Tukur, Watch Out!!!

Bamanga Tukur, pls mind your words. There is no dribbling in any free & fair elections. If your dribbling is about rigging yourself to power again as you've been doing, this time will be different. It will be rig and roast!!!

Bamanga Tukur, it is better you tell Nigerians how your son stole Billions of Naira of fuel subsidy. A son cannot be different from the father. It is what your son learnt from you that he's doing. He learned the art of stealing from you and now he has put it into practice.

If you dribble in the coming elections; you will all dribble yourselves to gallow where none of you will come out alive. PDP is the greatest calamity that has befallen Nigeria.

PDP pls and pls we as

PDP pls and pls we as nigerian we want another striker that can make us proud,since 14yrs ago we dont have hope in u,pls we are tired of PDP.



Hear him:

“If you go for a contest, you have the striker – you know Lionel Messi?” said Mr. Tukur. He added: “PDP is Messi in that contest. We will dribble them like Messi. Tell them [the] chairman said PDP is the Messi (of Nigerian football)."

Nigerians are stronger than PDP and its political failures.

We shall resist you and drubbing more vehemently than you can imagine.

We need good governance and better country for the next generations yet unborn.

party merger

You can imagine a whole chairman of pdp saying he wants to dribble like messi. I want to concur with him that pdp is MESSY. But in the meantime they should look for another stadium in form of country to play their stupid game. Sick party, shameless people.

like messi

They don de get problems sef b4 it was made public abt their purported u hear d comment 4rm APGA,dose r bundle of another rogue dt cld,t find dia ground @ aso palace,now they wan get dia by al means b4 retirin 2 grave,but my God must forbid them.we must be liberated,bt am much convinced its nt frm d liks of buhari atiku,tinubu dem,noooo .

See the mumu people wey dey

See the mumu people wey dey lead Naija, una fit believe say somebody wey resemble Tom Ikimi wey support military to spoil June 12, 1993 election and kill Abiola fit dey open hin mouth for Naija People?

Nigeria need network change.

Nigeria need network change.

That Ikimi Guy

Let them just try and put that Ikimi guy somewhere at the back and find some credible individual to show to the public.

I cant just stand that guy who was somewhere in Auckland representing Nigeria and didnt even know Saro-Wiwa has been hanged.


14 years of deceit is enough. Since you cannot fight corruption, Please park your and go. Nigerians have suffered for fourteen years under PDP administration. This merger is a welcome development and by the grace of GOD it will work. Nigerians should not mind the dribblers and deceivers called pdp.

striker indeed.

Dont forget that every star has it time to shine where are the likes of Ronaldo,Pele,Maradona they all fade out in the lime ligth,definetely PDP(Messi) the striker i believe time will come where there will be no MESSI.

Bamanga Tukur: Death to all you looters !

Mr. Foolish man Bamangar Tukur,

Messi achieves, what has PDP achieve ?
Messi put smiles on the faces of Barca fans while PDP is all about misery and looting.
Messi works hard to achieve great results while PDP works to loot.
Tou can dribble ACN, CPC, APGA but u wont dribble Nigerian voters this time around !

Bamangar Tukur, you and other looters shal meet you waterloo in 2015; DEATH TO LOOTERS !!

Messi achieves, what has PDP achieve ?

Mr. Foolish man Bamangar Tukur,

Messi achieves, what has PDP achieve ?
Messi put smiles on the faces of Barca fans while PDP is all about misery and looting.
Messi works hard to achieve great results while PDP works to loot.
Tou can dribble ACN, CPC, APGA but u wont dribble Nigerian voters this time around !

Bamangar Tukur, you and other looters shal meet you waterloo in 2015; DEATH TO LOOTERS !!


Change for the sake of it is not what we need. We gambled with Jonathan and the result is with us now. Taking another gamble with people of questionable character is not an option. The likes of Ikimi are 'professional politician' who survive on our collective wealth. They have been out of the centre for some time now and are 'broke' so they will do anything to fill the depleted and empty pockets. A leopard can't change it's skin. Ikimi and co had never stood for laudable principles before. Until we see their candidates we keep our fingers cross.

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