Curfew Lifted In Kaduna

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Kaduna State Government today lifted the curfew imposed in the state capital and elsewhere soon after a spate of deadly religious violence on June 17, 2012.

In a statement released by Reuben Buhari, a media aide to Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa of Kaduna State, the government cited an “improved security situation witnessed in Kaduna State” as the reason for removing the curfew.

Mr. Buhari disclosed that the decision was reached at today’s meeting of the state’s Security Council. According to him, the council held an “extensive deliberation [and] decided to completely remove the curfew hours currently in place with effect from today.”

However, the statement ordered operators of commuter motorcycles in the state to continue to “adhere strictly to the restriction on their movement which starts by 9 p.m. and ends by 6 a.m.”

The governor’s statement implored state residents “to remain law abiding and cooperate fully with security agencies.”

The curfew was imposed after suspected Islamic militants bombed several churches in Kaduna and Zaria, triggering off reprisal attacks in which hundreds of people died or were displaced.

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The people that bomb churches are not Islamic militants. Islamic militants struggle in the path of Islam to establish Sharia which every true muslim believes in. In doing so, you don't target the innocent or their places of worship. Therefore it is misleading to refer to those killing and maiming as 'Islamic militants', when they should be appropriately described as murderers.

kaduna curfew

thank god and god bless kd naija gabadaya.

Dead people

Dis sec and their leaders are heartless,where is dis nation going to through civil war or what..check here for''IS THEIR ANY HOPE FOR NIGERIA" at

The land of evilman ....

Criminal conspiracy against GEJ govt by these preposterous vagrants called Hausa/fulani's who want power by all means, it can't work by violent or killing the innocent citizenry for your woes. And kindly hold your northern leaders or dysfunctional elites responsible for your melee... Nigeria enterprise is a creation of Man, undecided 1914-Amalgamation is a proclamation of fraud and a curse; not a Blessing to these Nation.... Option 4now is SNC or Never.

Islam is for peace

No Muslim was caught on any attack why and how could he broadcast such *Islamic militants*????????

Only GOG can help 9ja

Only GOG can help 9ja


That's good development. But what about the disgrace imposed on motorcyclists?
It's a pity the way and unfortunate the way the security operatives are treating the motorcyclists. Go to Yakubu Gowon way near CBN, Ung. Sarki, Barnawa and all check points turned toll plazas and see disgrace. No mercy to old men, the sick and even pregnant women once it is on a motorcycle.
Can govt. do something pls?

thank GOD

We thank God 4 d peace experience so far in kaduna.

Good Yakowa, But.......

I congratulate the people and govt. of Kaduna for the return of peace and hoped that they'll continue to leave in peace with the understanding that the fund to be used for developing the state is used to maintain the security operatives mounting blocks and roaming the streets. They strip them of development, molest them and extort money from them at their blocks turned toll gates.
Why can't we shine our eyes pls!

Edwin Clark challenges IBB to take a stand on Boko Haram

Chief Clark posed the challenge in Abuja on Wednesday following a statement released by General Babangida on Monday, the 6th of August, describing him as "senile and senseless" in his reaction to Mr Clark's clamour that Babaginda should come out and condemn Boko Haram.

Should IBB take a stand on Boko Haram?

Vote Yes or No now at

Yakowa Don't Lift the Curfew

Boko haram Islamic terrorist will soon strike in Kaduna, mark my word.

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