Electricity Union Accuses Nnaji, Minister of Power Of Spending N400 Million On Journalists

Minister of Power, Bart Nnaji-REUTERS Photo
By SaharaReporters, New York

The National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE)  has called on Professor Barth Nnaji, the Power Minister, to resign immediately.

In a statement signed by Joe Ajaero, its General Secretary, the group cited Professor Nnaji’s “vituperation on the Workers, his fraudulent activities in the Power Sector and unnecessarily putting Nigerians under tension as characterized by his myriads of misinformation.”

They also demanded that he explain, before the end of Friday August 17, his role or activities in relation to several issues, including:  

  •  N395m collected from PHCN allegedly for the Media, for 3 months;
  •  N280m collected from PHCN allegedly for Nigeria Army;
  •   N200m collected from PHCN allegedly for Unknown Project in the Power Ministry;
  •     N86m collected from PHCN allegedly for a bullet -proof vehicle;
  •     N3m collected from PHCN and donated to Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT); and
  •     Employment of 20 people in Enugu Zone of PHCN who are his kith and kins as staff two years after the closing date of casual employment and close of PHCN biometrics exercise.

“He should also explain to Nigerians why we have been collecting Pension and Gratuity from 1972 till June 2012 based on 25 percent, and why his reform tends to short change the workers,” the statement said, adding that the development confirms the fears of workers in the power sector that Nnaji’s reform is aimed at strangulating workers.

 [Full text of the statement]:

It has become imperative at this juncture to call for the immediate Resignation of the Professor Barth Nnaji as Power Minister based on his recent vituperation on the Workers, his fraudulent activities in the Power Sector and unnecessarily putting Nigerians under tension as characterized by his myriads of misinformation.
We therefore demand for explanations before the end of Friday August 17, 2012 his role or activities in relation to the following;
1.         N395m collected from PHCN allegedly for the Media, for 3 months
2.         N280m collected from PHCN allegedly for Nigeria Army
3.         N200m collected from PHCN allegedly for Unknown Project in the Power Ministry
4.         N86m collected from PHCN allegedly for Bullet Proof Vehicle
5.         N3m collected from PHCN and donated to Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT)
6.         Employment of 20 people in Enugu Zone of PHCN who are his kith and kins as staff two years after the closing date of casual employment and close of PHCN biometrics exercise.
7.         Refusal to pay Regularized Casual Staff their salaries since February 2012
8.         Appointment of Geometric staff as Bulk Trader in the Sector thereby giving advantage of load allocation to his company.
9.          Dual Role as Chairman Geometrics Power Ltd, Chairman Aba Power Ltd and Minister of Power on pretence of blind thrust that is non existent in Nigeria.
10.      Explain to Nigerians why a man who ran Geometric to bankruptcy and is being rescued by Government owned AMCON should continue to run the affairs of the Power Sector.
Based on the foregoing, the Power Minister should explain why we should continue to have anything to do with him before the expiration of date. He should also explain to Nigerians why we have been collecting Pension and Gratuity from 1972 till June 2012 based on 25 percent, and why his reform tends to short change the workers. This confirms fears of workers in the Sector that Nnajis reform is aimed at strangulating workers.

General Secretary

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Those Electricity Union

Those Electricity Union should roast in hell fire, they are worse than armed robbers. With what I have seen so far in terms of steady power supply in my Area and many other parts of my State. May God destroy Anything that will take us back to the days of total darkness.

emissaries of Fraud

National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) are just bunch of idoits being used by generator merchants to distablize attempt at solving the problems of power generation in Nigeria. Nnaji, you're better off ignoring those fools. At least, on my last visit to Nigeria, I noticed a drastic improvement in power supply

JOE AJAERO NUEE General Secretary God punish you

National Union of Electricity Employees God will punish all of you. Where are you all these years that this country has been in continuous darkness. All the past ministers has done a marvellous job abi that is why you have not protested since. I wish I have the opportunity I will dismiss all of you with immediate effect. Can you be doing the same thing and get a different result, stupid idiots.

Governor Barth Nnaji 2015 and Privatisation of PHCN

Nigerians be careful on electricity reforms or privatization we are very poor and no advance country has its total power in the hand of individual and what kind of reforms that u are still going to use the entire staffs? why not u shld encourage indv to generate as even the power minister was given license in 2002 and uptill today he cannot generate a unit of electricity 10yrs ago and u think in the next election this man will not contest for governor like GOJE, AGAGU and IMOKE

delta fairy and deri product

delta fairy and deri product shut up and keep quite the Ibo do not bother about people like you , because you guys just do not know what is happening , people like you wake up late, eat ,fart and go back to sleep , so go back to sleep! Now as far as Nigeria is still their and something needs to be put right you must look for an IBO , you do not have much of a choice on that , any thing without the IBO as a stabilizing force or a rallying point it will not likely work , they are durable and very strong ,this is why the hausafulani hate them (although mutual)and prosecuted a babaric war with the help of the british russians and the rest of the country including the cowardly yorubas who would go along with anything to keep their heads intact.

PHCN is so corrupt and inefficient

NEPA or PHCN; whichever one they prefer to answer is so corrupt and inefficient. While not holding brief for the minister, PHCN is a symbol of corruption in Nigeria. The body is full of touts that cut electric wire and extort money from Nigerians. You pay for meter and it takes months to years to get one (if you ever) while you are getting outrageous bills every month for total darkness. They run illegal accounts and demand/collect bribes with impunity. Their cup is full and they don't have the sympathy of Nigerians. It long over due for reforms and privatization. Visit any PHCN office in Nigeria.

We should also appreciate

We should also appreciate that this PHCN staff are also Nigeria as such should be treated with respect n anything that is accrue to them should be paid without further delay before commencing on the privatization process.we should not also forget in a hurry that no PHCN staff name was mentioned during the power probe.
For as much as I know the PHCN staff are not against privatization but are only demanding for their rite(pension,gratuity n severance package).we have also seen the suffering of so many of our aged fathers suffer stroke or die trying to fight for their unpaid terminal benefits.lets us consider our selves working under this PHCN n @ this point you are being denied ur entitlement.
we should also remember that the improvement in supply presently enjoyed is as a result of the present PHCN staff effort as nobody has taken over.
Mr Minister please settle the labour issues before embarking on any privatization program.Propaganda will do you no good but face your job.

Let your labour galaxy David

Let your labour galaxy David be in vain...amen

Funny hw we nigerians tink.

Funny hw we nigerians tink. Forgetting d fact dat wen nitel was sold to buy phone was over 50k(3310) and only sim card cost 33k. Bt i was d coming of oda ntwrks dat made the competition stiff for mtn n d had to being down rheir exhorbitant charges. Nw my question is dis, wat are d alternatives to phcn n hw soon will we get relief frim these alternatives. Lets remeber dat a poor man xan do witout phone or calls bt i doubt if it will b easy doing without light. I rest ma case

Ajaero with his Collaborators

Let Nnaji give out half of PHCN budget in a year to Journalists, Army, and whatever organization, its none of your business. Go and tell your God fathers and Generator merchants all over the world that the game is over.. We know how much the last administration of Baba and that of Yar dua spent on power without result. The money or tarrif you collected from the poor masses for services not rendered. Anyway if you dont want the wrought of God Almighty to come upon you and your co-travellers its high time you resign and stop making noise because no reasonable Nigerian will stand up and fight your cause. BARAO

Phcn vs Minister

No one can blame the minister for all he is doing he just looking for a cover up. Since the man has been speaking the union has been quiet the first blood was drawn by minister. For all that has been making there I appreciate it but let it be known that most of them has come to reap where they do not sow. Imoke came as technical chairman cart away your money and later become governor. Agagu came later he became the governor nepa cannot function phcn must not die. Nnaji has nothing to offer this nation. Please let all Nigerian agree that phcn should go yes. Settle all labour issues . But those that will buy it must not be faceless and they must meet the standard laid down by international electricity standard. The death of phcn will never be the end of its staff. But we all has a question to answer the incoming generation. OBJ said - i dey laugh oo, but we are watching.


We saw this coming. The Natural Cause and the Effects of Justice. NITEL first. POLICE ROAD BLOCK second. NEPA is third. GOD KNOWS the nest one. NNAJI is a normal Government man of PDP. With our usual anomalies, the allegations against Nnaji will be swept under the dirt laden carpet or rug.
NEPAworkers may be evil. But Nnaji must answer all these allegations. Someone said Corruption is our Commander in Chief not the shoeless Jona.

Cheap Blackmail

This shows that there are loads of people who do not want anything good for this country. Prof Nnaji has been mandated to reform the power sector, rather than supporting him, all the union has done is embark on cheap blackmail.

The power sector must be reformed take it or leave it.

breaking news

Ajaro is not a PHCN staff so what is his business. fed govt should arrest him for the strike and layoff the workers cos they are greedy. most of them will definitely be re-employed. just imagine they amount they are rejecting? millions.
i only wish goodluck will dedicate his life for this country and forget 2015. fast track privatisation and sack the workers. let the new once start from scratch with honour. nigerians must learn to suffer before enjoyment.Every body is taking this govt for granted. goodluck wake up//
my final advise is for phcn/union(ajaro) lead a peacefull demonstration and see what nigerians will do to you. NLC will fool themselves if they call for strike cos they dont have credibility. why didnt they strike ever since against phcn for poor performance. shame on all our leaders that are older than nigeria. we the youths are coming for them. please published the amount phcn staff want online and the amount govt is offering


We are solidly behind u AJEORO! The minister should explain this to Nigerians! Nigerians u should listen and judge him and the union!! Privitisation can take place smoothly if the minister dropped his personal interest and adjust to reality! DO U KNW THIS CANADIAN COMPANY THAT TOOK OVER TCN IS HIS? He is a CORE figure in the company! He works 4 his percentage in the deal of 3yrs!


Let the Nepa workers go,since their strike power has improved.If there is any fraudulent deed(s)against the minister ,let them petition the EFCC or close their mouths.To be sure,Nigerians are fed up with them.
Tony Okere

When will all these end

Yesterday minister calls union Outlaws and thugs, today Union calls Minister Thief and Rogue, tommorow who knows what will happen... my sincere advise is that war doesnt solve conflict but dialogue. If the Minister is Sincere let him pay them what they want then there will be no excuse from the so called Unions again and the privatization process will be smoooth. THE ONLY THING NIGERIA NEEDS FROM ALL THESE IS CONSTANT ELECTRICITY! no one is interested in al this war of word. so Mr Minister and Mr Union... Settle Amicably

The Ajaero of a thing an PHCN

You all should go away.

All the monthly bills that Nigerians have been paying for darkness which

Ajaero and his union have been sharing is enough pension and gratuity for

these criminals called PHCN.

How can a bunch of criminals like these that would bring bills to

Nigerians for darkness and even come and disconnect and pack ones

cable for failing to pay for darkness be so bold and shameless to use this

medium to be warning and given ultimatum to someone that is working?

Hon. Nnaji please keep on with the good work and let there be light.

Ajaero is an evil agent

Ajaero and his agbero union are working with Generator importers to sabotage power sector reforms.

All the allegations against the minister does not change the fact that these fat cats must be sacked for us to have stable supply. They are evil and enemies of nigeria. Sahara reporters must focus on the positives of the reform and not allow itself to retard the progress already recorded under Nnaji. We are a nation bedevilled by the pull him down syndrome , which is why we have made little progress. Some of us who have priviledged information will not be fooled by this smear campaigners.

Seduction of Money and Ministerial Performance

There is a fundamental unwillingness and inability to confront corruption in the land. As long as the corruption monster remains unchecked, Nigeria will never develop and her peoples will continue to suffer as they have been since the so-called Independence. It is interesting to note that no new government, civilan or military, has been better than the one it succeeded. While I remain hopeful that positive change will come, I must admit that I am today not as hopeful as I was in the past. Hope is quickly fading from the faces of Nigerians and a country without hope has no future. As for Nnaji, I can only say, es tu, Brutus. The house has fallen.


the phcn unioun will go the way of nitel,they incompetent and lazy,I for one,will be happy to see them fired and unemployed,because they had their chance to make a difference in our lives and blew it.I am rooting for once in my life for this man,Nnaji to succeed and make power failure a thing of the past GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND all those who will make it better,bye to incompetent union

@queen delta,your comments

@queen delta,your comments shows that you are an embecile.look at you thieves condemning the ibos working with jonathan.you must be the greatest insult to your mother.am sure she must be regretting having you.i wont join you to abuse the niger delta because you dont have a home.for @ajaero,phcn must be privatises whether you like it or not.there is no going back.you thieves have chopped enough.how long will you be a unionist if you are not stealing there.you all must go.thieves forever.

Good case, bad people

PHCN is like Nigerian Airways. Their members suffered but Nigerians couldn't care less because Nigeria Airways was very odious. Who is going to fight for PHCN no matter how good their case? to Most of us they should just lay them off without benefit. During the Airways saga, we remember over boarding of aircrafts, we remember bribes exchanging hands, seat hoarding etc, so when govt criminally sold them off for mere 5Million Naira no one gave a hoot, if they like they could sell them for free. PHCN is now about to suffer same fate with government doing very shameful things in the ongoing privatisation but who cares who is eating jollof rice beside the toilet?


In countries like China these bunch of idiots should be in prison by now. They are the people holding the country from advancing in the power sector just like the politicians these civil servants are corrupt to the core. Now they have seen a minister that want to have his name writted in gold in the annals of Nigerian history and they are fighting him .
The Presidency should intervene and sack all these guys without delay and prosecute them for helping to keep Nigeria in the dark for decades. This Joe Ajero i am sure is on the payroll of generator dealers and diesel importers. He is dancing this dance of death to justify the monies they paid him.


So because of radical changes in the power sector that will definitely blow away most of those that collects salary for doing nothing,you now want the minister removed? No way!

The comments here show how

The comments here show how stupid we have become in this contraption called Nigeria. How on earth these renegades have not complained all these years they sentenced Nigerians to perpetual darkness. That means all the other ministers did the right thing. If they did, why were we in constant darkness? Same fate with Ms Oteh. She came to correct the nonsense in SEC, they ganged up to frustrate every reform that will transform the institution. Yeye union. If you wish to know how Nigerians feel about you and your useless union, conduct an opinion poll.

Ignorant Uzordimms

@uzordimms If you know how NITEL revenue amounting to more than one trillion naira was diverted under cover of deregulation you will sympathise with Nepa workers NITEL issue is currently before efcc IPCC sfu of the police where corruption is slowing down investigation It is corrupt journalists that are making fight against corruption in Nigeria impossible

A demented fool always. Can

A demented fool always. Can you beastly esan mind what you say. What concerns you with the niger delta sef? You are neither near the niger or the delta.

I hope the Federal Government

I hope the Federal Government will be sincere enough to look into the issues raised in the press release.

you are one of them

I am sure you are one of those thieves at PHCN. Your end is near...

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