Gunmen Kill Evangelist In Maiduguri-The Nation

By Joseph Abiodun

Gunmen suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect on Monday evening killed an evangelist with a Pentecostal church in Maiduguri, Ali Samari.

Evangelist Samari, 57, was with the Good News Church (GNC) Maiduguri and was reportedly killed at his Mafoni residence at exactly 6.30pm.

An eyewitness said the evangelist, who equally repairs wrist watches at the Post Office Area of the town was trailed to his house by two gunmen, after closing from work.

The witness also said the evangelist had sometimes this year received a stern warning from men suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect, asking him to vacate his residence.

He said though the evangelist discussed the threat to few people that were close to him, but he however dismissed it, saying “it is the Almighty God that protects. I leave everything in the hands of God.”

Confirming the incident, the Borno State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Gideon Jibrin, said the reports of the killing in Mafoni ward was received on Tuesday morning.

He said Mafoni is one of the black spots identified by the joint task force and police.

“It is a place where some members of the Boko Haram sect use as a hideout and from where they launch attacks on other parts of Maiduguri metropolis, “Jubrin stated.

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Because the powers that be don't care a damn, Nigeria is acquiring their own gold medals with alarming alacrity in churning out saints out of poor, armless and innocent nigerians while those that wildly misrule us are busy in their criminal mismanagement of our collective resources.

see what "leaving everything

see what "leaving everything to God" can cause, well my country people shine ya eyes o! God will protect you only when you protect yourself, any which way. finish!

Boko haram is a monster

Boko haram is a monster created in some government houses by some political leaders and now that boko haram is out of control can no longer be tamed. There is nothing religious about boko haram as it is a political creation. Now disgruntled politians are now using boko haram for their selfish ends. I do not see what Mr Jonathan can do now without the full co operation of these state governors. Boko haram can now be compared to the criminal elements of the so called rogue militants in the Niger Delta. It is a shame that some people put their selfish interest before Nigeria. It is only incisive and focused military and police action that tame this ugly cancar wo rm of iniquity boko haram. Any person who pussy foots with the likes of boko haram does that at his or her perril


None in his/her sane mind will choose a president from Northern Nigeria. Nigeria will split soon. Northerners can't intimidate and force the rest of Nigeria to let them lead . You won't get the power to the North by these,rather its shifting more father away from you forever.

killing of evangelist in maiduguri

One positive angle to this new wave of polgrom by the sect ,is that our country is contributing candidates for heaven ,in the class of Steven,Peter etc.God bless anyone who is instrumetal to his neighbour being automatic saint.

The killing of an Evangelist

Nawaooh, an Evangelist is killed and no comments from all usual commentators, I wonder ooh.



Drakness Is Rising

Two police men were killed n d driver escaped with gunshot wounds. Where is d world going.
Ppl were killed watching a movie titled "Darkness Is Rising". Was it a coincidence? Could it be that d children of darkness r working hand in hand? The truth is forbiden: d rule is see white n call it black if not u ll ve problem with them.

Fasting and Killing...What a

Fasting and Killing...What a Religion!


Do know the place as a black spot and still left it so.our problem is dat the
Security is not competent and that explains the failures and lapses. Until they take
Up their responsibility as should this counry might just sweep away.

Sorry to his Loved ones

An unfortunate incident to an innocent man. My condolence to his loved ones. This is the level of lawlessness in Northern Nigeria


Why all these? Why cant these mohammedans learn to live in peace with others? Almighty God please show us your face. Amen

Death Of A Saint

What a glorious way to die as an
Evangelist, a Martyr death. The death of
Saints of God are seed sown. It will surely
gaminate and produce seeds in 100fold.
That means great revival will happen in dat area
And many Boko boys will give their Lifes for
Jesus Christ. And preach d Gosple in Jesus


Where is the section in nigerian constitution that says all nigerians have right to own land in any part of d country? Do nigerians still belief that gov'nt will protect them?
I feel communities shld b set in such away that intruders will be checked n they shld do all neccessary to protect their lives n properties. No so call security personnel from enemy camp shld b posted to them. We ve seen security men sent for peace keeping in community coming back as commanders with insurgence.


The north eastern part is gradually turning to Afghanistan for the christian faithul. The indegenes should have mercy on their fellow human beings or face immediate judgement with God. O Lord, save us from this mess.

So Sad

So sad. Since they know Boko Haram's hide out why not send the security forces to clean up that area? Why is the govt playing politics with the security of it's citizens? Let them keep watching, very soon if they do nothing about it, they will be consumed also.

Black Spot!

Black spot indeed! Evil people

Rest in Peace

May the good Lord receive the soul of this his steward in perfect peace. sorrow may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning

for the family, be consoled though he departed physically but is resting in the bossom of the Lord

2015 can't come soon enough

I wonder if our pastors will still have the guts to campaign for jona in 2015.

They told us a vote for jona was a vote for jesus. How wrong they were. Only pastor tunde bakare got it right. And we cursed him then for telling us the truth.

Now we are paying for our insolence with our precious lives. Never vote for mediocrity. Never vote for corruption. Never vote for a man without shoes! This fool has failed!


Most of the people on this site couldn't wait for Azazi to be fired.Some say fire him and hire a Northerner that understand Northern problems, and someone the soldiers will respect. Well, Jonanthan fired azazi and hired Dasuki as the new NSA. Problem solved and everybody rejoiced. A Messiah was found, one ready to ride on the back of a donkey thru palm leaves littered path, straight into Aso villa and delivered us from the satanic Boko harm, right? WRONG!I will say it again, political consideration shouldn't be the determinacy for NSA position. Real vision and competency should be the hallmark that guide the selection. No ethnicity consideration, period! And for a new NSA to succeed the whole security apparatus has to be overhauled to get rid of the massive rot within it. You can put a lipsick all you want on a pig, its still a pig.

May his soul rest in the

May his soul rest in the Lord in whom he put all his trust and fate. Others should heed such satanic warnings in the future. The security agencies know their hideout and yet do nothing.

Heaven is weeping.......

May the soul of the evangelist find peace with the Lord. Why these killings? And in spite of these killings, what is the President's attitude towards it? Afterall,he is in command of defence. Those that are involved in this act 0f wickedness have forgotten that we have no other Nigeria. How can we expect investors in an unsafe environment? Hence, unemployment galore.

I can Bet anyone that at the

I can Bet anyone that at the end of BH there are going to be more Christians than Muslims whether they like it or not. BH days are numbered says the lord.

I knew there must be a reason

I knew there must be a reason why I haven’t been to the northern muslim states. No matter how things have changed all over the world, they still remain the same teachers of hate murderous people. The truth is that so many innocent peoples life have been wasted in your states. Thus, no, it is now tough for all to just get along.

Unbelievable ! It means the

Unbelievable ! It means the police knew where these killers are and
Can not flush them out?

where is bakare the fake preacher

where is bakare the fake preacher. down down jonathan and up up boko haram--up up buhari down down jonathan. that is the man of God

i dey laff...o

evangelist miss road...



Soth south make una secede from 9ja-na una oil dey go fools

are these killings because nigerians do not want jonathan to be president or what-where is that bakare the man of God--what we are saying is that those of us from the south south do not want to reside under buhari and bakare--they want boko haram--so why dont we split quietly--bakare over to you--did we see boko haram during the rule of OBJ-when will SS ever wake up from their slumber? can 9jas in their heart of heart say the killings are because of jonathan--jonathan foolishly appionted dasuki-NSA-Sanusi CBN-Tambuwal-Speaker-Tukur--PDP--Buhari president-all fulanis-dasuki has already spent over 100b since he was appionted to appease and enrich some few fulanis in boko haram--jonathan shine your eyes-sack dasuki now

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