Inspector General Of Police Gets 24 Hours To Produce Boko Haram Escapee

CP Zakari Biu and IG of Police, Hafiz Ringim
By Saharareporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan has given the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Hafiz Ringim, 24 hours to produce  Boko Haram suspect  Kabiru Sokoto who escaped from police detention on Monday.

 Earlier, the Commissioner of Police, Zakari Biu, the head of the Zonal Command -7 of the Nigeria Police Force handling Boko Haram investigation in the Crime Investigation Department was suspended by the IGP.  Police sources said they were shocked that Mr. Biu was brought into the unit in the first place, given his background.  Under Mr. Biu, many Boko Haram suspects have been released under questionable circumstances.

The suspect was allegedly responsible for the Christmas bombing of St Theresa's Catholic Church, in Madalla, Niger State, about which he made useful statements to the police concerning the masterminds of the sect.  

Apparently in a bid to prevent him from exposing the sponsors of terrorism, he was allowed to escape in questionable circumstances. 

Whereas he was arrested by two lorry loads of mobile policemen on Saturday, only three policemen were detailed to accompany him to his house yesterday for a belated search.  

It is an unusual practice that the suspect was accompanied only by a few police officers, which is at variance with police procedures that ensure that high value terror suspects are accompanied by well-armed mobile police officers with advance parties as well as surveillance teams in mufti.

Mr. Biu acted as an enforcer for former military dictator Sanni Abacha. In his heyday in the force in the 1990s, he was responsible for detonating bombs that were later ascribed to opposition figures in the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO).  

Mr. Biu was dismissed by President Olusegun Obasanjo, but he was later reintegrated into the force as an Assistant Commissioner of Police, and then promoted to Commissioner of Police under Mr. Jonathan.

A source told SaharaReporters that Mr. Biu was very bitter about the death of his son, Tahir Zakari Biu, an officer at the EFCC who was killed in the October 1, 2010 Independence Day bombing that claimed 27 lives in Abuja.  

The blast was allegedly carried out by the Niger Delta militant group, MEND.  

In a new petition yesterday to President Jonathan today, prominent Nigerian civil rights lawyer, Femi Falana called on Mr. Jonathan to remove IGP Ringim himself from office, or he will request the special prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute him for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity.”

Mr. Falana, commenting on the escape of the Boko Haram suspect from police custody, recalled Mr. Jonathan’s recent disclosure that the federal government has been infiltrated by the sect.  He noted that although the statement was borne out of frustration, the government should be blamed for rejecting the genuine calls for the removal of incompetent security chiefs.

“It was particularly embarrassing that Mr. Hafiz Ringim was retained as the Inspector-General of Police after hosting a co-founder of the dangerous  Boko Haram sect last year,” Mr. Falana said.  “When asked to justify the meeting which was held at the police headquarters, the police chief claimed that he handed over the prime suspect to an unnamed security agency! In an interview aired on AIT later the wanted suspect claimed that he alerted the IGP, in advance, of the bombing of the police headquarters.”






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if I quote you right "Zakari Biu was brought into scene to accomplished the mission of the Boko Haram" then who brought him and why did he brought him? are they not in the same vessel? What I want to add is that let us continue praying to God to expose so-called elected leaders and may He let them start riping what they had sowed and hereafter. This Milicratic leader they are only Human being by their shape but not in the human sense. May God Almighty guide and protect Nigerians Masses. This is another method of divide and rule tactics and they cannot divert our focus on fuel subsidy.

He is nt stupid but evil

Inspector Ringim is leader of boko-haram;he is satan



GEJ & HFRG IGP are all BOKO HARAM members and this is why GEJ can not dismiss the IGP and we know what they did when GEJ was the Gorvernor of Bayelsa state and HAFIZ was his CP in Bayelsa. Allah will surely disgrace enemies of our beloved country.

Zakari Biu and Boko Haram

Zakari Biu was brought into scene to accomplished the mission of the Boko Haram. Nigeria is the only country where sensitive positions were given to crooks despite their bad records. I wonder why Obasanjo sacked Biu and Good Luck will give himself to be used by the wicked politician to reinstated Biu despite his closeness with General Abacha. Late Bagauda Kaltho was in the costoday of Biu who could not explained in Oputa Panel.
Nigeria, let please invite American Counter Terrorist Unit to come and help us please.

Zakari Biu - The Apo 6 Murderer

“It was the same Biu who was standing trial for the Apo 6 killings. He was accused of ordering his boys to kill six Igbo traders for making passes at the same girl with him, even when he already had three wives at home.”

More on the Apo six

This is an example of how the Hausa-Fulani destroyed Nigeria’s institutions – Police, Army, Education, health, Industry etc.. He was sacked but Yar’Ardua brought him back and Ringim promoted him.

In a normal country, Zakari Biu should have been sentenced to death (by hanging) 8 times.


Glory be to God Almighty for this wonderful time. I believe that the IG of police and his cohorts are trying to play hid and seek game with Nigeria so that they can be in power to cover all the culprit of Boko Haram. The stake holders master minded the confirmation of the IG for this purposed. I want Good Luck to invite the American,s Counter Terrorist Unit to come and assist in fishing out all this pple if not they will always come out with new plans. Also Good Luck should be prepared to "Kill". There is always a time for a leader to take a hard decision for National interest. It may not be good but it is necessary. That remind me of the removal of capital punishment from our constitution so that the wicked pple will go unpunished.The judgement day is here, Good Luck wake up and take charge.

he is a stupid Inspector

he is a stupid Inspector General, he and the man is they same group of people, and they have given him large huge of money that he thought even dough he was sent away from work the money will sustain him for life time, but dont just live him to go like that, take him in place of the boko man, to face the law

is Boko haram more powerful than Nig security system?

It's 2 bad that our govt shows weakness nd lack of courage about the boki haram issue,2 bad boko haram has now bcome a new threat 2 Nig nd our entire security system,the BH 2gether are not more than our entire army nd wot makes up Nig security system,God help amen plsss!

Jona castled

@ Igbo boy, nobody is praising the president. I am only showing admiration about how he had coped so far despite constraints. Now, it is like a game of chess. Jona is like a castled king but problem is his rooks (ringwim, sambo & co) are playing for the other team. He still has his knights (mossad) to run rings around him and protect him. His bishops (sss?) dont have long enough reach cos they are compromised or cos of the activities of the pawns (military, ministers etc) who have a mind of their own and are blockading usefull outlets. Do you honestly think the northerners never prepared for a jona presidency? Only God knows how many sleeper assassins are in that aso rock waiting to be activated. But all these pales to insignificance due to jona,s lack of a formidable queen. Just immagine jona had a turai yaadua (a very formidable and ruthless woman) lots of the problem would have been solved by now. Jona is slow, But He is also calculated. And time will tell.


How can you praise a president in mist of grave corruption of the century. Would you wait till pple are killed before declaring state of emergency? Would you wait to be killed before you know your government was infiltrated?you said he is calm,while alot of intrigues are going on in NNPC, 24million barrels unaccounted for.Have you ever asked yourself why USA is much more safer now than it was four years ago. Am sure if your mother or sister was killed on xmas day you wont be praising the president with his current secuitry measures.Once again,in case you dont know, Jonathan is not in control of the situation...His hands are tied. It is obvious is not happy with the situation , but he is confused!This is the point intelligence plays an important role....Let me ask you? Did he ever know the bomber was going to escape?What an intelligent President will do is to set a trap with the bomber probably planting a spy....Unfortunately he doesnt have a 'CLUE'..

The real jona

Pres jonathan is really a master of the power game. Anybody saying he got into office by luck is just being lazy. About ringwim, keep your enemies closer!. One more thing, yaardua reinstated biu, not jonathan! Jonathan has shown uncommon calm Even as his life is on the line. Believe that there is nobody who wants this boko stuff solved faster than jonathan as he is just one bullet away from the dust and a whole lot of bullets are in that aso rock. Our people say that until the rotten tooth is pulled, the teeth will have to chew with caution. I Fear jona. If not for anything, because he is gentle and gentle people are also very deadly when roused.

Hausa ,fulani

Blocked brain are saying u dnt to know ur history let me tell u about ur ethnical identity u are coming from homogeneous society of urs that have no experience only depend on foreign countries, is u.s ur fathers land. Again for your information hausa is different from fulani as yoroba can not go with igbo nor ijaw. All the solution u give shows ur nature and it is unfortunate u manifested in these part of the world (nigeria). Hope u will lean more about ur origin or the chromosome that form alliance kangaroo.

A Reward of Corruption For Jonathan

The law enforcement officers have now given Mr Dumbo President a reward of corruption. He can now see how bitter is the fruit of corruption. Those pple who allowed terrorist escaped from prison are the same pple that are going to kill Jonathan one day, now he should watch his back. You don't expect anything good from corrupt security when the Commander in Chief is also corrupt to the bone. Jonathan is playing with feelings of Nigerians. He should go and ask pple who were very close to Abacha how his life became miserable before he met his waterloo. The only way Jonathan can bring pple back on his side is by bringing those so called cabal and all the corrupt government officials including the likes of Bankole to book. And also to cut the cost of running the government and start meaningful infrastructural development in the country. If people can see sign of all these taking place, they will not only fight for him but will be ready to die for him, otherwise he would be on his own soon.

Mr President must know now

Mr President must know now that our police men are more interested in being private guard to company expatriates in port Harcourt rivers state than providing security for Nigerians, Of late the millitary men are now in the team.Nigerian Navy are not left out of the team The Navy guards Plantgera company. This an insult on us as a Nation.Which country in the world will allow its police and millitary men to be hired out as guards by the high command for a fee. Mr President fire this IGP

Boko Haram are not a Muslim

Are you saying that Muslims are Boko Haram? Please be mindful of what you say

escaped Boko Haram re arested

B*R*E*A*K*I*N*G News!
Escaped Christmas day Bomber Re-arrested.
Mallam Kabiru Sokoto, the Boko Haram Christmas Bombing bomber who was arrested last weekend and escaped in custody of Police commissioner, Zakari Biu, has been re-arrested near the Nigeria/Chad border in Borno state.

President Jonathan Goodluck's order to the Inspector general of police, Mr. Hafiz Ringim to produce the bomber, Mallam Kabiru Sokoto within 24 hours must have done this 'magic'. Kudos GEJ! Son of GOD


Each time a Boko Haram terrorist is arrested, the Hausa-Fulani politicians, Islamic religious leaders and highly placed Security officials order his release. This time, they claim that the release is an escape.

It is simple.

1. Hausa-Fulani police officers or security operatives should henceforth not be allowed to keep any arrested BH terrorist.

2. Since the Hausa-Fulani police officers or security operatives cannot be trusted, they should not be allowed to know the whereabouts of arrested suspects


3. Immediately any BH terrorist is arrested he should be flown to the south or abroad – US or Israel.


4. Hausa-Fulani police officers or security operatives should not be involved in the interrogation but foreign experts should be.


5. As soon as there is sufficient evidence against any Hausa-Fulani leadership, he should be rearrested


6. All persons found guilty (irrespective of status) should face the full force of the law. Their assets should be sold for compensation to the victims.

BOKO HARAM will not last six months if this is strickly followed

christmas day bomb suspect escape

Why is it that people are only calling for the dismissal of the IGP, that says much about Jonathan. Does he not know his IGP is supposed to have picked up in handcuffs longest time ago. Because he might not be as corruption free as those he appointed to help him run the country, therefore he will not be able to execute his duties as the president in all openness.


God has answer the prayers of His about concerning the killing of innocent Nigerians. Ringim, Biu, the Governor of Borno have been revealed as members and sponsors of boko haram. One of them paid visit to him in his residence where they planned the bombing of the police hqters in attempt to divert attention. He and all his collaborators must be arrested, tried and jailed. They cannot escape the judgment of God as the blood of those they killed is crying for vengence.

A Nation without a Leader .

A Nation without a Leader . Government didn't have enough security escort for a major terror suspect , but plenty to harass and intimidate innocent citizens , enough to follow yeye governors and their wives and concubines . Security of the masses ?, who really cares !.

Joking Clown

Ringim is staying so long for what na? Biu again in this same Country? Why would GEJ want Sokoto, whose picture & finger prints are not known, and he doesn't want the one who recorded a VIDEO daring the National Security Agencies, all together? What a weakling? What a Clown? What a Joker? Somebody slap me, I'm strange, right?

The suspected bomber has been

The suspected bomber has been rearrested at the border!!!!


well said MR. PAM GWAZO, but point of correction. FASHOLA is a muslim



24hrs my foot!!

Does he have to give him 24 hours? If it was the killer of GEJ's son or child will this level of incompetence be allowed. How come the Borno state governor is not questioned. There's more to this that meets the eyes. Instead of soldiers taking over this investigation they're busy harassing armless civilians in Lagos. Talk about misplaced priorities. For the leader of BH in Niger, why can't the fool be deported back to Nigeria.
Johnny Boy this Ogogoro wey u dey drink don too much!!!


Mend is a product of GEJ and Sambo is part of the Boko haram Clique, when the elephants fights, the grass will suffer. You can make noise for all you like both MEND and BH are in Nigeria to stay. Only feel sorry for the innocent victims.

bomb maker

it is very obvious dat CP Zakari Biu is a bomb maker,4rm Abachas time,d escape of d madalla bomb blast.what else does d govt need 2 prosecute dis terrorist?

This "escapee" story sounds

This "escapee" story sounds contrived. It seems Jonathan, the likes of Azazi, his Chief security Adviser and the cabal to which they belong are desperate to divert the attention of the nation from their woeful failures. They have orchestrated this "escape" in a stupid bid to divide and conquer by pointing accusing fingers at northerners in government as those responsible for sustaining the Boko Haram insurgency. So, the "escape" and subsequent focus on Biu and IGP Ringim cleverly and wickedly are intended to corroborate Jonathan's stupid and divisive outburst in a church two weeks ago that Muslims/Northerners in his government cannot be trusted because they have links with Boko Haram

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