Jonathan’s Aides Go After PDP Chief Over Impeachment Comment

Dr. Sam Jaja
By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters has been reliably informed that the closest aides to President Goodluck Jonathan have gone after Sam Jaja, the deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, over Mr. Jaja’s comments that the President has committed impeachable offences.

Last week, Mr. Jaja told journalists at the party’s national headquarters in Abuja that “Mr.  President is making errors that require impeachment.”

The PDP official had made the startling admission to reporters who asked what actions the party would take to resolve the face-off between President Jonathan and some members of the House of Representatives. The representatives have been threatening to impeach Mr. Jonathan over his poor implementation of the budget.

For two weeks, members of the House have been demanding that the president improve on his budget implementation record before the members resume from their break in September or face impeachment.
Mr. Jaja’s comment was seen as a bold, if shocking, moment of honesty and candor by a top politician from the president’s political zone. Several sources close to Mr. Jaja and within the Presidency told

SaharaReporters that Mr. Jaja has been bombarded with reproachful calls from the Presidency, especially from the office of Mike Oghiadomhe, the president’s chief of staff.

Our sources disclosed that Mr. Ogiadome told Mr. Jaja that the President was furious at his candid comments and demanded that he immediately retract the statement.

Inundated by rebukes from the president’s men, Mr. Jaja tried to deny the statement credited to him, said a source close to the PDP official. “But when Dr. Jaja listened to the audio tape of the press briefing and heard his own voice, he did not know what to say again,” said the source.
A source told SaharaReporters that the Presidency has also called for the audio and video tapes of the press briefing.

Meanwhile, in a style reminiscent of how former President Olusegun Obasanjo dealt with his enemies within and outside the party, Mr. Jonathan has reportedly ordered that Mr. Jaja be placed under security surveillance.

“What pained Mr. President is that he and Dr. Jaja are both from the south-south geo-political zone,” said a source close to Mr. Jonathan. “And the truth is that Dr. Jaja would not have been there today if not for the president’s support,” the source added.

The source revealed that, prior to Mr. Jaja’s forthright comment, the president was contemplating eventually sponsoring Mr. Jaja to take over from Bamanga Tukur, the PDP’s aged and feeble national chairman, whose running of the party has been widely criticized by members as unsatisfactory.

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if it was GMB

Kare jini biri jini on my mind. Hypocrites

Good Point

Infact you have impressed me by this comment.

deri u need help

@deri pls try n visit a psychatric I beg you. You need serious help, in this day an age were people are moving forward frm religion and tribalisim. You keep playing da bigot, I pray dat da good LORD open ur eyes one day. Mehn u r so dumb is dis how stupid south south pple are ooh I fgt a typical example is GEJ so stupid dat he can't be saved even from his own stupidity

We can do without drunken thieves

What a joke of a writeup. the yorubas can certainly do without these morally bankrupt people who are not fit to wipe the feet of the lowest yoruba but for nigeria had the gut to insult Yoruba collective. Go if you dare. fools

@wahala, I dont suport loosers

So u can impeach a man simply because he could not share his resources with you?. Did you consult with the ministers and they told you they were not able to implement over 40 percent of the budget-is Jonathan now the minister-Jaja is from Opobo. He does not see himself as a rivers man. Jaja cannot even speak Igbanni again. U keep on ranting about Zik. You think Jonathan is a fool. Yet he was able to win elections and be sworn as presiddent of the FRN. Zik in spite of all his education, he was not able to win elections in Nigeria. Yet u call jonathan a fool?

@wahala, I dont suport loosers

So u can impeach a man simply because he could not share his resources with you?. Did you consult with the ministers and they told you they were not able to implement over 40 percent of the budget-is Jonathan now the minister-Jaja is from Opobo. He does not see himself as a rivers man. Jaja cannot even speak Igbanni again. U keep on ranting about Zik. You think Jonathan a fool. But he was able to win elections and be sworn as presiddent of the FRN. Zik in spite of all his education, he was not able to win elections in Nigeria. Yet u call jonathan a fool?

Sanction Jaja

Of course in a civilised society when a party leader of Jaja's position makes the statement credited to him, then he cannot continuee to hold that office. There is what is known as collective responsibility. It is obvious from Jaja's utterances that he has new allignment to work against the president his party is leading. When a party leader goes to the press to cast aspersion rightly or wrongly on his party leadership then he has lost his privillege to be in the leadership of that party.
How can Jaja defend the obvious culpability and complicity of the chairman and his son involvement in the subsidy scam publicly in the first instance.It should be obvious even to SR that the PDP hierrarchy is not comfortable with exposure and prosection of corrupt and thieving members.Do we want change?


I was at the press breifing and have Dr. Jaja on tape. He never meant the President committed impeachable offense . It was simply a slip or better put an inadvertent omission of a single word in a sentence which a mischievous reporter who already had written the story before the question was asked interpreted to achieve the anti PDP inclination of his paper. How come that of about 40 reporters that covered the briefing only that of Punch newspaper presented the story that way. How
I wish those trying to crucify Jaja will better understand what transpired at the briefing or even play the entire tape and leave the gentleman to be.

You have MAD MEN in ASO ROCK

I sorry for this guy called Jonathan. You are acting like your 4 yrs will not come to an end? You only have less than 3 yrs left. you better buckle up and do the right thing for the people or get trampled upon when you exit power

Dr jaja

while it seems we dont like the truth simple jaja has said the truth, we know its bitter but i hail you jaja with people like you nigeria will move forward, mr GEJ should put nigeria first before thinking of south south or political party,jaja keep up and dont relent for fear only GOD that give and take.

who cares? pple from that

who cares? pple from that region never think straight..from the oga to this so-called jaja. rubbish people

@ Deri : Dumbo is a drunken lunatic, he has no "perception".

@ Deri: Dumbo is so stupid he needs psychiatric examination, according to a Ghanain professor. Only a deluded fool like you would defend the idiot. Everything the clown has done so far is "impeachable" in civilized society. He has not paid his taxes, he was tacitly behind the subsidy scam, he plotted the Independence Day bombing, he knows those behind the murderous Boko Haram, he was implicated in Malibu, he's wastful, clueless about implementing a simple Budget, the list is endless!

In rebuttal, can you mention Just ONE achievement of Dr. Dumbo in all his civil service career? I've told you, Zik's Ph.D thesis is there for all to read at the Univ. of Pensylvania, would you dare publish Dumbo's gibberish let's gauge his "perception level" that you're so sure is better than mine? A chump that can't read his own writing. Dumbo's aborigine education was "contaminated". Needless washing pigs...or snails in your case. Drunkards!

What are the impeachable offences

Just like Akintola was used by the north to humiliate Awolowo. Just like Adetokunbo Ademola was used by Ahmadu Bello to jail Awolowo. Just like the Oni of Ife went to "see clearly" why Abiola deserved denial of the presidency of Nigeria. If the Yorubas believed Awolowo was guilty then they can also believe Jonathan is guilty. But to most discerning minds, convicts like Gbaja(biamila) have no moral ground to talk about impeachment on professional issues of budget management which most of the commentators here are so ignorant about. Let Jaja tell us the impeachable offences. My annoyance with Jonathan is that instead of working to disintegrate this contraption called Nigeria, he is busy trying to right the wrongs which the Hausa/Fulanis and Yorubas foisted on Nigeria for almost 51 years.

Sam Jaja

Dr Sam Jaja could have possibly remarked that certain actions or in actions of a president can be impeachable. Sahara reporters and the Nigerian press must stop sensationalizing issues and should always prefare to present their write ups In a positive manner. The President's men should rather busy themselves with giving him right counsels and be bold enough to let him know that he is not infallible.
In a true Presidential democratic setting, the Party is Supreme.
Jaja's position will show that the Party has men of integrity and is therefore worthy to rule and govern. Period!!
Sam Jaja has done Mr President well. A position Mr president himself will agree with in his solemn times. Times devoid of hangers on and men who are determined to hold on to power at all cost.
Sam Jaja's remarks were generalized . It was not a call to impeach Mr President. It was telling it sat it is, and putting the Party in a good stead.
Nigeria will be better for his comments, I believe.

Stock of PDP leaders!!!

Stock of PDP Doomed Leaders.

If you still doubt we are Africa's largest Party ever check this out!!!,,

Sam Jaja & 2012 Budget

The truth is like a kalabash. it will always rise above the water, no matter how one pushes it. What is at stake here is what concerns you and I in the budget. We must insist on budget implementation. It is not a South-South affair, it's about Nigeria.

Mr Jaja

Mr Jaja for your information, you dont criticise a government you are serving openly. You eighter advice the President one on one or you resign your position in the party. Place yourself in the Presidents shoes you will know that it is the height of betrayal as you must not support the outsiders against the family rather you correct the family member from within.


He is going the AZAZI way...Period..That's PDP Way.
Even if its true,of which we know,dont critize or you will be an OUTCAST.
Anyway,the house of looters have no moral standing to initiate an impeachment process,they will ultimately fail,they are birds of the same feather.People,you shouldn't be fooled,they are just trying to get back the little support they had before back,after numerous and never-ending scandals.

VIDEO: Minister Sacked After Her Private Video Appears on..VIEW

VIDEO: Minister Sacked After Her Private Video Appears on… VIEW IT at

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home fight

In everyday living the best person to tell a man he didn't dress well or is not always well dressed should be the wife. Therefor if south-south highly paced in the society decides to criticize Jonathans admin or style of admin, he should admit it with joy, and not confront them, possibly behave as if he didn't hear but seat back to effect changes and improve. You removed Azazi and put in his place Dasuki has he made any miracle on this Boko Haram issue.Allow your brothers to criticize openly and try to see to their where they are pointing at. If you allow a situation where other regions will be teiiling you that your brothers are ruining your admin, it means you will fall into their trap, and that will bring your total collapse


you know jaja is opposition to mr. president, Governor Amechi, brought him him to fight Johnathan in PDP, it's not surprise to hear this from jaja, we know them all, Amechi never one want Johnathan to be president, God will take control

A new olympic game ...

I think there should be a game called 'CORRUPTION' at the olympics.  This would have given Naija an opportunity to win a GOLD medal. Afterall, we have loads of politicians to represent us at the game !!! (LOL)

@wahala a spoiler-nothing wld satisfy u dan d death of Jona

@Wahala nothing would satisfy you more than the death of Jona on the throne. That is your pedigree-may be its in your family history-to wish death to people whose level of perception is higher than yours. What do think Jaja said that is the truth? Can a member of the democratic party in the USA, mess up they way he did with all his boko haramic education from bakare? I want the House to tell us the type of impeachable offence that GEJ commited-which would warrant his beeing replaced by Buhari. That the oil revenue from the SS, did not go round the unviable states created by IBB and Abacha? Tell us-that the money from the sale of sweet crude oil from the niger delta, was not enough to settle the antelopes and the blood sucking baboons in the House ACN and CPC-perhaps to pay off Farouk and Boniface again-u are talking about money from the SS, not sokoto or Chad my friend. Go ahead and impeach hin. talk na do! animals

Sam jaja

The PDP is a party with no conscience. Infested with corrupt men,who are more concerned with the bulkiness of their pockets than the welfare of ithe citizens.

Free nigeria poverty

Well,we are planning to go to d street on monday to demand 4 our votes back from jonathan...we will start carrying placards as from Monday...that we want jonathan to be impeached...IIMPEACH JONATHAN..IMPEACH JONATHAN..IMPEACH JONATHAN.

Dr. Jaja

Slowly but surely Things must change in this country under Jonathan's transformation agenda: for the first time blue-blooded offsprings and those close to power are being tried under the fuel subsidy probe....whether the trials omelette or not some effect has been registered. No President on earth can not be impeached as there will always be a fault in him/her as long as he/she is not God! Sam Jaja has spoken the candid truth. The next level of expectation is not to "kill him" for this truth but for the biggest party in West Africa and indeed Africa to handle this as a "family affair"! Shikena!

No Power can Stop the Hand of God in Nigeria

No matter how powerful wicked leaders think they are, they cannot stop God's judgement over their wickednes. God has used children of wicked kings to judge them, so the truth told by Jaja cannot be wiped out. Failure to declare asset and damning anyone that says otherwise ia against the constitution, complete failure to provide security and uplift the welfare of the people as wee as failure to implement budget are impeachable offences. Corruption with impunity must drown this wicked government.Sure the Hand of God is upon this nation, and the vimpires cannt destroy this nation. God bless

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