Leader Of Militants That Attacked Deeper Life Church in Kogi Reportedly Captured In Edo State

Gov. Idris Wada in bulletproof vest with victims of the attack at a clinic in Okene
By SaharaReporters, New York

The gang leader of the yet-to-be-identified extremist group that killed about 20 worshipers in a Deeper Life Bible church in Kogi State two days ago has beenreportedly  captured in Ibilo, Edo State, a police source has told SaharaReporters.

The man, Yekini Isah of Obehira in Kogi state,  according to the police, was captured at about 4 AM today by  well armed crack detectives backed by mobile police squad mobilized from the Kogi Police command that stormed a criminal hideout in Idare Hills area of Okene.

A police statement stated that the area is suspected to be a safe haven for  hoodlums wreaking havoc in the State.
On sighting the policemen, the hoodlums reportedly opened fire, prompting a gun duel.
 Mr. Isah fled the scene after sustaining head injuries, he was later trailed to a herbalist in Ibilo, Edo state where he was receiving treatment for his injuries and  arrested with two other suspects, including a female.

One AK 47 rifle with 30 rounds of live ammunition was also recovered from the the gang.

 In confirming the arrest, Kogi State police commissioner,  Alhaji Ibrahim Katisna said, “We trailed them and gave them a tough fight, and you know it was in the dark they were able to escape with him to one place in Edo State for medication where we finally got him. We got him alive.”

The police commissioner further clarified that the two soldiers killed yesterday were not killed in a mosque, but in a local government secretariat. Two soldiers and one woman who was passing by the LGA secretariat were shot dead yesterday in Okene by militants.

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boko haram menace in nigeria

boko haram began as a group of faceless relious fanatics who believed in a life of seclusion. but govt invoked their wrath when it tried to smoke them out of their private commune without provocation. their reprisal attacks have continued to today.now polical mischief makers have engaged them as mercenaries to score political vendetta against percieved opponents or enemies. that is what is happening in nigeria today. i am from okene in kogi state of central nigeria. i have blood relations who were brutally killed in the guise that they were boko haram members. but in truth they were christians.businessmen and politicians wanting to make money from government need not bother their heads thinking of investment. all they need do is allege that boko haram is in their backyard. IN A NUTSHELL, BOKO HARAM IS BIG BUSINESS IN NIGERIA TODAY. but the innocent people are dying in their droves.jude salau +2348184393779, +2348080229900

Thadeus am sure you read or

Thadeus am sure you read or hear news from behind, otherwise where in the whole news did you read about traditional rulers mentioned. They said traditional healers where the criminal head ran for treatment. They attacked a church not a mosque. Christians are not known to attack themselves, only muslims do. They go to markets and kill both muslims and non muslims alike. You indeed asked so many questions, but they are foolish questions. Please read stories properly before responding. It is not by force to contribute to issues.

how long are we going to be

how long are we going to be living in pretence deceiving ourselves in this country!!!i believe they all know what they are doing,what is the bullet proof vest for, even the microphone coz he is surpose to be talking to the admitted victim n not to the public...if a well security protected Gov safety is not guarantee how abt the people he is governin...na only God go protected the common man ooo,,,make God fight for His children and fetch out the truth very soon.Amen

governor wearing a vest

What exactly is wrong with a governor wearing a bullet proof vest when no one knows who bhms are. Who run away from a fight lives to fight another day.Would you believe that bhm fighters in okene will fly to ibillo after killing people in okene. Let us all pray hard for GOD,s timely intervention in nigeria and bkm attacks

the many faces of BH or criminals

Taddeus ignoramus, you nievity actually shows you dont travel a lot within that axis of Edo including Ibillo, Igarra & Auchi there exist a some what large Muslim Population Goro brain..

Leader of militants

Taddeus ignoramus, you nievity actually shows you dont travel a lot within that axis of Edo including Ibillo, Igarra & Auchi there exist a some what large Muslim Population Goro brain...

The Many Faces of BH or Criminals

I commend the efforts of the police. But there is nothing like Boko haram in the Okene attack. They are just terrorists, christian extremists, militants or at best sponsored political thugs tryn to create confusion in the area. I mean it cant be Boko haram. Otherwise how do you explain a woman in the gang? How can you exapalin traditional rulers (in Kogi and Edo states), who are mostly non-muslims getting involved to what many think is something that Muslim are doing? Why are they not parading them? Telling us all their names and where they come from? So many questions...Pls open your eyes.

The Action Governor

You bet the governor was part of the crack mobile police team that went after the terrorists, so he had to be fully kitted for the ensuing gun duel. He most likely drove straight from the chase to condone with the victims in the hospital. Perhaps he left his AK in his car and probably forgot to take off the bullet proof vest before going into the hospital ward. All hail Idris Wada, Nigeria's number one action governor.


IN THE LAST DAY, PERILOUS TIME SHALL COME, SAYS THE WORD OF GOD,THE HOLY BIBLE. I PRAY GOD WILL HAVE MERCY UPON THE THIS PEOPLE(religious extremist) Who said they are enjoy killing who allah said they should killed just as they enjoy killing chicken. Can any one fight for true God? Is God feeble and need someone to fight for Him? God will save them from their sin. If at all they reaped their evils doing on earth, they will be saved from hell on the last day. God didn't want anyone should perish.

End Time Sign.

Boko haram can only distroy their northern states.... remember that God is slow to anger and when He start oh no. HELL is already your poision bcos you will not have the time to repent.

Igala mumu nd GEJ is a Boko Haram

Igala mumu, imagine governor putin on bullet proof vest nd tomentin d patients wit mic n d hospital, is a pity dt we allowed a villager to b rulin d state. And as for GEJ, u re d sponsors of boko haram since u said u av dem in d govtmnt nd u can nt fetch dem out dt means wt Abdullahi said b4 it ws repeated by Gen. M.Buhari ws true dt we av 3 boko haram n d con3, first, ws d real BKH of w/c der leader ws killed by name muhammed yusuf nd dey came for retaliatn, second, ws dt we av Armed robbers as BKH nd finally, FG is d biggest boko haram nd d truth av jst reveal itself. U re lackin of cohension nd u av already belittle urself b4 d nation nd those ignorance citizens dt votes u in wil b a cause on ur head nd nw u re givin southernans an "Autonomy" nemeses shall cut off wit u one day.

Useless fool, what about the

Useless fool, what about the Christians that burnt, killd and slaughtered hundreds of muslim wrshippers in jos and burnt almost 300 cars belonging to muslims and nothing has been done about it? Talking about Sambo Dasuki, was is not a xtian(Andrew Azazi) that was ousted by the president and replaced by Sambo Dasuki? What is wrong wit u people? Why do you so much hate muslims?


Jesus said Christians would be hated "for His name's sake" (Matthew 24:9)
The Christian Gospel would be preached as a warning to all nations (Matthew 24:14)
Humanity would become materialistic (2 Timothy 3:4)
There would be an increase of religious cults/false teachers (Matthew 24:11 & 24)
The institution of marriage would be forsaken by many (1 Timothy 4:3)
Homosexuality would be increasingly evident at the end of the age (2 Timothy 3:3)
Earthquakes would be in diverse places (Matthew 24:7)
Stress would be part of living (2 Timothy 3:1)
Many wars would erupt (Matthew 24:6)


Nigeria! Nigeria!! Becouse a yoroba man is arested in edo "he's nt d responsible 4 d attack" n u r crying 4 peace shame on u clouns

I don't want to say u're

I don't want to say u're crazy. How far is Ibilo(Edo-state) to Okene(Kogi-state)?

Safer than

Hey Gov your bullet proof vest will save you as long as they don't aim your head. What about if another bomb is about to be detonated will it protect you????


i support GEJ putting a ransom on d capture of leaders of boko haram bcos without it no number of the arrest of their foot soldiers can end this war. Let the police publicise their email regularly for pple to feed them with info.

We Need Prayers & Action

Can't Jonathan employ the services of the US and Israel security outfit to smoke BOKO BOKO sect out of their holes?Where is Osama Bin Laden today?Give US three months, BOKO BOKO will crumble.If he does that backed with prayers of all Christians, it will work.

If Gov. Wada being the Chief

If Gov. Wada being the Chief Security Officer of the state have to wear a bullet-proof vest before he could visit the injured at the hospital then what will happen to the security of a common man that cannot afford the bullet-proof vest? Wonders shall never end in 9ja.

Officially declare war!

What is GEJ waiting for before declaring war on Boko Haram? Let him put on his commander in chief uniform and address the nation, then officially declare war on Boko Haram. He should put a prize tag of 100m on the head of Abubakar Shekau the leader of Boko Haram. If this is done, the group will crumble in two months time.


Shhhhhhhh!!! Dem been talk b4 the election say Idris Wada dey kolomental sha. Imagine bullet proof vest in the hospital and irritating sick people with loud microphone on their sick bed. Mentalo walahi!!!

this d calibre of govs we av

this d calibre of govs we av n dis country,insensitive and dull,it hurts so much dat its only d poor dat feels d heat,boko haram shuld be directed at d helms of govt then u wl c fast response,dat arrest is a blatant lie.pronto.


God save this nations from all dis evil people...more news and gist here at www.gistyinka.com

Show maturity &

Show maturity & enlightenment.

No way am I beleiving this

No way am I beleiving this story , I knw our security forces to be clueless they cldnt av caught the real dudes , maybe dey went after some armed robbers dat dey av knwn dere hideout for a while ..but definitely nt terrorists ..wetin d guy wan find go edo state ? ....lailai

mercy of God

God's mercy is wat we need in this country and the move of God.God while re u SLOW IN ANGER!U re abounding in mercy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edwin Clark challenges IBB to take a stand on Boko Haram

Chief Clark posed the challenge in Abuja on Wednesday following a statement released by General Babangida on Monday, the 6th of August, describing him as "senile and senseless" in his reaction to Mr Clark's clamour that Babaginda should come out and condemn Boko Haram.

Should IBB take a stand on Boko Haram?

Vote Yes or No now at http://www.stateofNigeria.com


who are the sponsors of boko haram? are they untouchable? evil shall not go unpunished

Copy cat,what do you know

Copy cat,what do you know about recycling of Criminals?U talk trash like d useless n idiotic Action Congress of Nigeria spin-doctors.

Let us wait

I receiced the news of leader gang with mixed feelings. Let us wait for the SSS to come out with their own finds, who knows they might parade a different"leader gang" next week, funny country. God help us.