MEND Rejects National Dialogue Invitation, Passes Vote of No Confidence

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has rejected contact by the National Dialogue Advisory Committee soliciting its understanding and support for the proposed National Conference.

In a statement today, the group passed a vote of no-confidence on the National Dialogue idea, and identified the committee’s contact man as Tony Uranta, who it said described rejection from a South-South body like MEND as an embarrassment to the presidency.

“Ironically, this solicitation is coming from the same man who has been campaigning repeatedly that MEND seized to exist after the Niger Delta Amnesty fraud,” the statement said. 

It noted that its skepticism and suspicion of the so-called National Dialogue may also have to do with the antecedents and lack of integrity of Mr Tony Uranta himself.

“Some hours after we took responsibility for our symbolic October 01, 2010 twin car bomb blasts in Abuja, Mr Tony Uranta sent a text message to Mr Henry Okah, asking him to reach out to me (Jomo Gbomo) to retract our earlier claim of responsibility “as the government of Goodluck Jonathan wants to put the blame on some Northern elements” (specifically, former head of state and 2011 presidential aspirant, General Ibrahim Babangida and Mallam Nasir el Rufai, were the targets for the blame).”

According to the statement, it was in anticipation that MEND was contacted by Mr Henry Okah, that President Goodluck Jonathan confidently came on national television that night to absolve MEND from the attack.

It would be recalled that immediately after the blasts, as MEND claimed responsibility for them, Mr. Jonathan declared, instead, that it was the work of terrorists, and not MEND, which he said was not a terrorist group.

“It is erroneous to think that my people who have been agitating for good living will deliberately blow up the opportunity they have now,” he said.

In its statement today, MEND also recalled that Mr. Uranta was also involved in collecting $50.000 bribe on behalf of the Save Nigeria Group which led to an embarrassing scandal at the time.


“The same people who managed to hoodwink an entire nation into believing that over 30,000 men and women in the Niger Delta, now requiring an annual training/rehabilitation budget of over 30Billion Naira, took up arms. How can the government correlate its display of less than three thousand weapons (most of which were donated by the military for the disarmament show), with more than thirty thousand (30) so-called repentant militants. Were the rest fighting with sticks?”


It noted that millions of hard working Nigerians remain unemployed, the country’s education system is going down the drain with strikes, and the country is getting increasingly full of educated derelicts while the government shares out billions of Naira monthly on miscreants, criminals and con men who claim to have been freedom fighters.


“This scam was designed by people in government such as Timi Alaibe who created ghost fighters with the connivance of those at the highest level,” it said.


The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) hereby passes a vote of no-confidence.



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Wise up please!

Do u mean Obasanjo is your prospective President of the Odua Republic? hahaha

MEND enough of this

why is MEND refusing to dialogue, is it not through dialogue that aims are achieved, let them state what the really want and stop disturbing the federal government.
We already have more than enough, for them to start again.
abeg make them go sidon for dorti.

MEND and Vote of confidence

It's unpotunate our people ar bias according religious n regional sentiment,what brought north here pls! Is it not true abuot what MEND State?

@ Wole Adeboye: Are you kidding?

@ Wole Adeboye:
Shebi your name na "Oluwole" ...are your partially related to the crooked Pastor with that "Adeboye" you're flaunting? You wrote:
"We have Obasanjo with billions of dollars stollen from Niger Delta, so we can build our Yoruba nation without Nigeria."

Only an "Oluwole" would rely on stolen wealth to build his empire... while praying to an "Adebayo" for his god's guidance. Aro! But goes with your gene I guess. Sage Awolowo himself did time at Calabar Federal Prisons for what you're hailing and hoping on Obasanjo for today. Idiot. Good thing is you're in the minority, your true kin abhor Obasanjo...
Only urchins turn out for Owambe with stolen wealth. Believe me, if Nigeria splits today, every region would steal itself dry. I wouldn't be too sure on evil OBJ's bunkered wealth if I were you, he doesn't love anybody! Na waa for you ooh!

This is the begining!

This is very revealing, we are getting to know who the real BH are.


@ALLAN STRAIGHT FROM CANADA, you stay in far away Canada to prescribe honest solutions of Fiscal federalism or Confederation for Nigeria. But the rest of Nigeria, mostly from the former Eastern and Midwest regions have for decades been canvassing for those solutions. But mostly far North of Nigeria has consistently refused those solutions. For the far north, the rest of Nigeria is its vassal state arising from the victory it was assisted by multiple assistants to get in Nigeria's civil war. Please come home and preach Fiscal Federalism or Confederation to the far north. Its people shall instantly label you a wicked secessionist who wants to have only your group gulp crude oil money.


This looks purely like a release from an elite Boko Haram sympathizer group in the far north. Many of north's elite have over the years misinformed and educated gullible and vulnerable Nigerians that corruption in high places is Nigeria's major problem. They hide the fact that over thieving creation of numerous undeserving states and local government areas in the far north, with consequent over representation of far north in the polity makes many other groups to hate Nigeria. They hide the fact that over-concentration of power on the hands of a central govt which the north believed it would always control is what encourages excess corruption in the polity. The time has come for north to begin to understand that war booties do not last forever.

No wonder Prof. Nwabueze opted out...

...afterall, who wants to sit with the devil and breathe the same air? Inviting terrorists to participate in a matter with serious national ramifications is sign Dumbo is mentally retarded. If the SS must be heard, does it have to come from MEND, a bunch of senseless killers? Contacting them and getting spat in face is shameful proof the Discussion Committee is a waste of time.

Jasper Adaka Boro killed 3ml. Ibo babies and sold your souls to Aboki to "protect" your oil from the domineering Ibos... Abegi, Stop whining! Kenthief Saro-Wiwa killed 5 Chiefs, burnt and ate their bodies that's why even a fellow psychopath and sadist Abacha could not stomach such barbarism... he promptly hanged Ken out to the vultures. Remember, your uncle Jaja Jona honoured the Judge and Prosecutor who saw to it that S-Wiwa was legitimately punished for his hideous crime against humanity. Killing has always been in your psyche down yunder... so, stop spreading falsehood, biko!

@ 9jaDeltan I doubt if you are truly a Nger-Deltan!!

@9jDeltan what does this so-called MEND stands for? For your info do you know that GEJ is privileged to secrets from organisations like MI5 and CIA regarding vital security issues concerning Nigeria? Do you expect him to publicly start opening up on secrets?

Why did u think Gordon Brown the former PM of the UK did not attend Nigeria's 50th anniversary? He was duly informed about what the new financiers of this MEND are planning!!

Henry Okay was very foolish because he only implicated himself by trying to exonerate his new paymasters! Which reasonable member or ex-member of a gang would publicly say who or who did not commit a crime and claim ownership of the crime? Is that not foolishness of the highest order?
We know General Boyloaf, we know Tom Ateke, we know Tompolo, we know Asari Dokubo who is now this so called Jomo Gbomo? This MEND is a decoy (if you understand English enough) by evil politicians like Atiku, IBB and Co! More will be revealed as 2015 gets nearer!

I am Yoruba. We don’t care

I am Yoruba. We don’t care breakup of Nigeria. We have Obasanjo with billions of dollars stollen from Niger Delta, so we can build our Yoruba nation without Nigeria.

Who is afraid to live alone? Not Yoruba. In fact, Nigeria and Nigerians have been holding Yoruba from developing full potentials. After Nigeria is dead, Odua Republic will rise to put naysayers to shame.

Dokubo, I beg make you follow go the conference.

I agree, Dokubo Asari should and MUST attend this conference. It is time some people shit in their pants when they get up to argue that the resources from Niger Delta should continue to remain in the hands of IBB and other northern and yoruba thieves and parasites.

Another important topic?: it is time the governors of Biafra (SE and SS) release more funds for more ammunition. Biafra needs at least 500k pieces of 500 pound bunker-busting bombs to ensure we end the impending civil war within the first 72 hours. The North and the Southwest will each get an even distribution of 250k pieces of earth destroyers, then we shall see if any living organism will survive in the lands of the parasites. Biafra will and must do what Isreal has done to the terrorist islamic republics in the middle east. The time to prepare is now! ALL HAIL BIAFRA!!!


Nigerians by nature are very tribalistic and ethnocentric holding on to their primordial domain and failing to integrate properly. What we need is to practice true FEDERALISM or CONFEDERACY where the State and Local Governments will have more powers and the Federal Government will have less powers. Resources of Petroleum Oil, Palm Oil, Cocoa, Ground Nuts, Rubber, Coal, Gold, Timber, Gold, Tin etc should be controlled by the States where it is found (with the State paying 50% tax to the Federal Government). The States should have more powers and be very attractive while Federal Government should only exist as a passive symbol of national unity. That done nobody will want to go to Senate, NASS or Presidency as no money to embezzle. Afterall in the 1960's Ahmadu Bello opted to head Northern Region and sent his boy Balewa to be Prime Minister as he believed more in Northern Region than Nigeria.

I said: "If you don't trust the messenger..."

See your nyash... see who done it? That day your moron absolved MEND of the hideous act (even before Police commenced investigation) was when I first called him "Dumbo-Dumbo" after a cartoon figure. He blew his cover with his first public comment. He's the terrorist killing Nigerians like flies disguised as Boko Haram. Remember Azazi's claims before he was murdered... guess who done it? Today, Timi Alaibe is the Bayelsa State Commissioner for Tourism, he's building a 15hectre Zoo he claims will double the state's IGR... guess what will happen to the money? Your people just can't be trusted... No-one believes Dr. Dumbo on SNC!!

No wonder Charles Okah is lavishing in Kuje Prison along with the PDP stalwart who challenged Dumbo's eligibility for a 3rd. Swearing-in to the Supreme Court. Okah's MEND would be the last address to call if I were Tony Uranta, you can't keep them in jail and expect favours from them while Asari cashes-in on their struggle with a loud mouth.

MEND or Sharia Reporters Fabrication

Another attempt my Omoyele Sowore to rubbish President Jonathan's efforts.

MEND did not write this nonsense. Wait a minute, is Sharia Reporters still working for that convict named Henry Okah?

inferiorized brains of d ijaws 4 sale 2 d tripod-animals

The ijaw nation has no time for all these rubbish by MEND-i Challenge dem to show us one head of state who was able to expand our educational system beyond the level Awo left it in the South West with revenue from cocoa- Even in Lagos state where the Yorubas benefited from Awos free education policies-parents are withdrawing their wards from schools now--cause they cannot afford the exorbitant school fees being charged them by tinubu-ati Fashola. 4 a group to claim that Jonathan presidency has destroyed our education shows how uncaring and shallow minded some can be-is this the first time ASSU is going on strike in 9ja?were they not downing tools b4 GEJ became president? Again who are the owners of the private universities in 9ja--are they ijaws--the struggle in the SS is beyond GEJ..ati the socalled uranta-yr statement is a clear indication that u have been bought over- by d tripod-d punishment 4 that is death-by hanging in d creeks-period-

I dey laugh ooo!

I know someone on this column must still attribute this position of MEND to the northerners. We in the north have nothing to say other than to thank God, the Almighty for exposing the real terrorists in Nigeria. It now remains the real sponsors of the so-called BH to be revealed by the special Grace of God. I dey laugh ooo!!!

there are spoilers in every struggle-MEND is not different

Boro did not start his struggle by bombing the capital of 9ja in Lagos-what has the October first bombing of Abuja got to do with the struggle to emancipate the people of the SS? If that is not the highest level of madness, then tell me what it is--the saddest aspect of the useless statement issued by MEND is that their acts are not different from the way the average ijaw man or governor often behaves-These are the same traits that made late chief dappa biriye betray the british to dennis osadebe-if and only if biriye had used his native wisdom, the SS would never have joined the rest of Nigeria to plead 2 be offered freedom on a platter of gold-53 yrs after, are we not still searching for our roots in 9ja with our oil revneu? Aka Bashorun called for a SNC in the 80s when jonathan was still in school-MEND has no CLEAR vision for the SS-at best a clone replica of d defunct ABN-animals


One could read that unlike many others from the southsouth, including the president, this MEND group wants outright secession from Nigeria. Else, how could it reject a national confab that could have given it the opportunity to discuss what it wants with others and most probably get concessions? For now, the federal govt needs to put more intelligence over this faction of MEND.

Wake up from your slumber TJohnson, jefia and Mr Anonymous

@TJohnson,jefia and Mr Anonymous, you guys should wake up from your slumber before its too late. I bet you didnt even read and understand the full statement before jumping into your baseless conclusions. GEJ told us that day he know who the perpetrators are and that it wasnt MEND. Till date, he is yet to tell us who they are. The problem with us Nigerians is that we can be so gullible most of the time and also like to suffer and smile while our leaders continue to take us for a ride. Shame on you three for your myopic sense of analysis.

MEND and no confidence vote.

No, it is MEND. A parasitic hausa man cannot write this english.

MEND and Vote of no confidence

Forget about plane crashes. Let the Niger Deltans secede or better still, let us part ways. 100% resource control will only result in chaos: soon it will be state versus state, LG versus LG, Community vs Community and clan vs clan. In 3-4 yrs they will decimate each other. We then move in and repopulate the land. Two advantages:free oil wells and ample grazing land for our cattle.



What then does MEND want? - 1

MEND should clearly state what they want, then. It seems a lot easier to stand on the outside and criticize. Its even easier to disparage the personal character of those tasked with setting up the conference. But what MEND has not done in all of this is to state their position. Should we remain together? Should we split? Should we support Boko Haram's call for their own Arewa Islamic Republic? The Yorubas also want their own country and Femi Fani-Kayode has clearly stated this. Should the Yoruba's quest for their own country be supported? Should we stop the former Southeastern part of Nigeria (Biafra) from extricating itself from the fraud called Nigeria? What type of government structure should we operate, should we decide to stay together? Should any Nigerian own oil wells, when there is no electricity, water, hospitals, housing, etc, for all citizens of Nigeria?

What then does MEND want? - 2

Should governors have immunity and security votes? Should our states be run in secrecy without any form of transparency, as is the case presently? Should someone like Governor Akpabio of Akwa Ibom use his state's monies to buy Jeeps for his numerous girlfriends whenever they get married? Should the non-implementation of the cleanup of Ogoniland continue unchallenged? Should the President of Nigeria (present and future) be allowed to use One Billion of our money to feed himself and family alone? Should the National Assembly continue to set their own salaries and pay themselves whatever they want – the reason why someone like David Mark would drive a Bently and live in opulence using monies from Niger Delta, while Niger Deltans, the owners of the oil wallop in abject poverty?

What then does MEND want? - 3

Should IBB and Northerners be allowed to own over 80% of our oil wells, especially when there's no electricity, pipe-borne water, and other basic amenities in the country? Should there be a ban on possession of oil wells by a few Nigerians, at least until there's electricity in the country? Should the governor of the central bank be allowed to donate the nation's monies to his state, under whatever guise? Should the governor of Lagos or other states be allowed to deport poor Nigerians at night to bridges in other states – deprived citizens which they've stolen from? Participating in the Conference provides an opportunity to asks these questions and to propose changes to the fundamental structure of this country, assuming we decide to continue as one country. If we do not participate, we cannot be part of the solution or be in a position to add to the process.

What then does MEND want? - 4

Personally and as a Niger Deltan, I think that the outcome of the Conference will not be implemented, because the current beneficiaries of the fraud called Nigeria (including governors and law makers from even the Niger Delta) will do everything humanly possible to thwart any restructuring of the country. I will be naïve to think that our National Assembly, the North and the Southwest (those who claim ownership of Nigeria), governors, office holders, and everyone who currently or has benefited from corruption to allow the “rug to be pulled from under their feet.” However, my pessimism regarding the potential usurpation or circumvention of the outcome of the Conference, does not tantamount to supporting a boycott of the Conference.

What then does MEND want? - 5

I think actively participating in the Conference will justify the actions that any region of this country decides to take should the recommendations of the Conference be ignored or blocked from being implemented. Any region that participates in the Conference will justify secession, Biafra for instance, from Nigeria. So MEND, instead of throwing your hands up or remaining on the side lines complaining, you guys should participate in the Conference otherwise, dead woods from the region will end up representing Niger Delta's interests, where they'll easily be threatened or bought over by those who claim Nigeria belongs to them only (Northerners and the Yorubas) at the Conference. MEND should participate fully in this Conference!

does MEND really exist?

Does MEND really exist, or its just a one-man show with alot of noise on the internet? Jomo Gbomo can get Asari Dokubo to accompany him to the Conference, if he's afraid of the Boko Haram members from the NE and NW

Oh yes you are right because

Oh yes you are right because they have suffered a lot. They should secede and be incharge of their future. Let them go with their oil. They have been cheated for too long. Our unity is fake, one Nigeria is fake. Division is our best bet. No more monkey dey work and baboon dey wark.

Biafra we stand. Divided we fall

MEND and the entire former southeastern nigeri unequivocally support the restoration of Biafra. The Northerners are afraid of standing on their own 2 feet, without stealing from the Niger Delta. The Yorubas are scared of self survival, without the resources and monies from Niger Delta. The Southeast should not be scared of self-survival or are we? This conference is an opportunity to proffer solutions meant to fix Nigeria, should we say we want to remain as one. It also provides an opportunity to divide the country. But staying away from this conference is to expose how afraid we are of a future that is already uncertain, and that is unacceptable.

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