Nigeria Gunmen Storm Oil Ship - Two Dead, Four Kidnapped-BBC

By BBC News

Gunmen in Nigeria have stormed a Dutch oil barge off the coast, killing two Nigerian navy sailors and kidnapping four foreigners, a naval officer says.

The navy has joined the search for the gunmen off the Niger Delta. Two navy sailors, among a group providing security, were wounded in the raid.

The foreigners are from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Iran.

Attacks in the Niger Delta have declined since a 2009 amnesty for militants ended years of conflict.

The ship that was attacked belongs to Sea Trucks Group.

The raid happened early in the morning, more than 30 nautical miles (56km) off the coast, the officer said.

The heavily polluted delta is Nigeria's main oil-producing region.

The incident will be of great concern to Nigeria's oil and gas industry at a time when the government has just announced that oil production has reached an all-time high of 2.7m barrels per day, the BBC's Will Ross in Lagos reports.

Critics say the peace deal which allowed the rise in output remains precarious.

The militants targeted foreign oil companies, drawing on local support in a region still blighted by poverty despite huge profits for the multinational energy corporations.

Local people wanted to see more of that wealth used to improve their housing and services.

Despite the amnesty, kidnappings of Nigerians in the Niger Delta have been happening at an alarming rate, our correspondent says.

Piracy is increasing in parts of West Africa, he reports. The International Maritime Bureau says it has recorded 17 pirate attacks in Nigerian waters this year - a significant increase on 2011.

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Very sad

This types of news are very common. How people can do it.Cohiba Genios Maduro 5

Funny demands of the Ogonis

I wonder why some people or tribes forget history so fast.The Ogonis should remember that they've not issued public apology to the Igbos for the roles they and their leaders played during the Biafran civil war,they should stop behaving like Yorubas who see nothing wrong in betraying Igbos and paticipated actively in the killing of over two thand of my tribe. We're still waiting for the day the mad man will dance with cloth in the market place we will assist him very fast in removing his cloth.So to my Ogony brothers, what goes around comes around. Wishing u the best in your idiotic demand.If I may borrow Chief Ojo Maduekwe's highly revered word.


....Seems no end in sight?



Please let there be a peaceful resolution of this issue. The Niger-Delta is highly under-developed and Govt should do something urgently. Dialogue is the ANSWER.

Sunday Njokede is not Igbo!!!

Why does Deri keep assuming that Sunday Njokede is Igbo?? Pls for heaven's sake the name "Njokede" does not have any meaning or connotation in any of the Igbo dialects, including Ikwerre! That name, if real, sounds more of middle belt region, and as such 'Sunday Njokede' cannot be Igbo!! So, Deri shd have his facts at hand b4 ascribing ethnicity to people wrongly!!!

Oil Haram Militant

Oil Haram don come bak again because there Brother called Himself President can't continue with amnesty Umar(RIP) left to the Moronic GEJ.
SHAME on Niger Delta

Deri's beer palour comment

DERI has actually lost his sense of morality and descency in beer parlour. He always sound too alcoholic. According to Deri's theory of struggle for resource control, "killing and kdnapping in the name of struggle for resource control is justifiable while other killing and kidnapping most especially the ones in the north are not." 'our oil', our resources' and 'our son' the metality of an average ss person, is the same metality Goodluck Jonathan is using as a key policy in his administration. So long as GEJ continues with this beer parlour metality he will never achieve anything. Deri's comments in these forum have proved that an average ss person lacks moral discipline to hold any sensitive position in this country. Where is topolo and his securities? I weep for my country!

Tier nija apart

Ya A llah help this guys in dividing nija apart so that we northerners shall practice our religious way of life. Amen

When the youths who are

When the youths who are suppose to be the liberators and agents of change can not reason right,then the future of this nation is at stake,the criminal activities in the south south should be discouraged,two wrongs can never make a right,it is a stigma on the image of this country


President Jonathan should be lobbying for 50% Derivation, which l think would better the life of his people far more than the seven years single tenure he is currently pursuing!


Mr sunday,it seems u are just braging on
the inability of the untrained Nigerian
Poice force to fish u out since you plotted
the killing of bayo.hmmmmmmmm

Niger Delta struggle for who

It's only the fools(s) that always blame their woe on foreigners when the main culprints are right under their nose. The multi-nationals came to Nigeria to do business and all the necessary dues were paid to the government. Occasionaly they build infrastructures. Yet still individuals still want them to do what the government is suppose to do. The Niger delta struggle or whatever it's called is really criminal act. How is the Niger delta now after the so call struggle. And what are their leaders doing. The so call militant leaders have amassed wealth while most of the niger deltans live in abject poverty. Most of them live a luxurious life, have houses in Abuja and businesses. So many niger deltans were killed in almost all the riverine areas, houses were burnt. Niger delta struggle my ass. There's no problem, time shall tell. Government should be blamed. Well although, i have forgotten, it was the politicians that armed the militant.

Clueless and confused Niger delta

The pollution in Niger-delta was architected by themselves,due to illegal bunkering and pipeline vandalism without knowing that there would be keep shot and stop blaming the multinationals.

victory is yours!

Though not from the SS, I support your struggle. Step up the fight to free your area. Your resources should be used to serve you first and not esp. some malos who have never been to mangrove but own oil wells. Boko is fighting to "free the north". Gallant SONS of the SS liberate your communities and I sincerely hope the SW,SE will finally stand up and do the same. DIVISION is the answer! The malos can keep Nigeria and all that is associated with it. Waiting for the 72 yrs old gap teeth idiot to put on his uniform.


Leaders in any part of the world are to be blamed for the wrong doings of their followers. Therefore whether in the north, south, east or west leaders there cannot escape such blame. The only thing is there are hardly real leaders in public offices in Nigeria, and therefore there cannot be followers. The only leaders are perhaps the godfathers/mothers who lead in hijacking govt office and looting the treasury; and their followers are their godsons/daughters! The dominant PDP keeps shouting 'POWER' as slogan describing it's ability and goal. But, please where is PDP in the power game currently dominated by BOKO HARAM and MEND?

Let Peace Reign

This is to all those who had their comments published before mine, I think we don't have to fight each other or place blame on anybody or any ethnic group, all we should be taking about is how to make peace reign and how to pray to make this country move forward, our fighting and abusive words does not change matters but our little prayers can. So let's learn to embrace peace at all timex, those who were kidnapped and dead had families like us, we are suppose to sympatised with them and pray for those who are still in the kidnsppers costody to be released safely to reunite with their families. God bless Nigeria. I blog at Naijalatestnews

What made the sunday njokede

What made the sunday njokede and Ibo that should be vilified? Deri and his like, you can kidnap all you can lay hands on in the nigerian coast, kill those you can't and destroy your ecosystem through oil stealing. At the end of the day, you will be wondering how you chased rats when your house was on fire. The same thing the north is experiencing presently. When they encouraged religious riots targeted at south easterners, they never bargained they would be having their hearts in their mouth in their mosques as is happening now. Aturu!

These are hoodlums and they

These are hoodlums and they don't represent SOUTH-SOUTH,period!If anybody think these group of kidnappers are fighting for resource control, the joke is on you. I AM NOT FOOLED.I hope they immediately release their victims and then take this charade somewhere else. As for Boko-haram comparison I won't even bother to comment on it.



@Sunday Njokede

You hav spoken well sunday, I wonder why pple on this forum are attackin u, if truly southerners and CAN blame northern elites on Bokoharam insurgency same should be aaapplied to them, pls guys try to reason well and stop being bias and sentimental, it jst shows ur southern stupidity as usual"

they are not militant, they are freedom fighters

Let them kill all of them, since GEJ has forgotten us. We thought he will help us declare our republic.sunday u ar an internet mouse, mtcheeeew!!!

And Tompolo's 'Armada' was supposed to be guarding Naija waters!

Where's the illiterate Tompolo? Didn't they tell us we're 'safe' under his watchful eyes when they awarded him maritime contract worth billions? Or, is this yet another Ibo gang kidnapping off our coasts? Where's that tramp Folake Lebi (aka @ Delta Queen) to analyse this in is/her warped paranoid ways that always end with 'passing the blame' to Ibos? @ Deri the Drunk nko? Oloshi. Tinubu/Buhari are in your backyard ooh, na 'Alayes' from Eko City that carried out this job abi? Ogogoro drunkards are out fishing for schop monnie. Aborigines are hopeless clowns with insatiable appetite for raw juice...'monkey blood' or 'push me, I push you' they call it. Sounds familiar, these are certainly @ Deri's cousines aiming to 'soak-up' or die trying. Thugs! Stupid creek criminals without future. Clowns! Animals complaining even with too much of our collective c'wealth. Greedy thieves! Nothing good will Ever come out of Aborigine enclaves, they belong to Papau New Guinea!


Very interesting comments.

Very interesting comments. Fish sells for N3000 or more, Farouk, Tambuwal and Dangote regional parasites but GEJ is not a National parasite, lol. God help us and the masses who will continue to suffer in the hands of the I Too Know in Nigeria.

GEJ may be the biggest of thieves and parasites in Nigeria for all we know. Fish will sell N219,000 by the time you guys get your state and the killings, kidnap, rape and all the curses that accompany crude oil in Africa will continue to reign because you and your so called South South leaders have no conscience or value for life.

A quote

Somebody wrote this " U travel by road, A tanker will catch air, plane crashes..u sit in ur house,the plane will come and meet u, u go to church boko haram will attack u,u go by sea,militants will attack,u finally run to ur village,u r kidnapped..! No safe place in Nigeria.What. A life? Nigeria is in HEL ".

Sunday Njokede and Transgender Delta Queen are Imposters

Because some one uses a fake handle that sounded like a southern name on a world wide web does not automatically make them people of that region. These two fraud share the same political paymasters from the northern extraction. IF not for inferiority complex both fraud would have identified themselves with their place of origin. I salute Nagoodi Saad A.K.A Ibrahim Saad,for boldly defending his religion and kinsmen.


JTF this is the time to show any nonsense, useless murderer,that they will never succeed.Be it NIGER DELTER TERRORIST or BOKO HARAMS TERRORIST. Becouse,they are all killers

@ Deri

Deri, Sunday Njokede is from the Ibo portion of SS/ND,two of you reason like a goat. Get it into your tunnel brain he is from SS/ND.

useless Southerners

useless Christians this is how your useless life will always be... robbery, greed and more! That is south and Christianity in its real form. fools its the Muslim north that is keeping you safe from yourselves without which you would have killed yourselves to extinction! Idiots!

Good news

My family are traditional fishermen and our waters have no fish anymore bcos of oil pollution. We can no longer eat perewinkles and fresh fish because of cancer which my village people die from unreported every now and then. The expatriates and their Nigerian collaborators and security men after poluting the waters, buy imported fish from Norway at sea, with the oil money drilled from our soil. One fish is sold at N3,000 - N4,500 depending on size. My people can not afford it and we cannot farm the lands either. Even the birds of the air die off after taking a peck at some poisoned bananas, such is the fate other nearly extinct animals. What do we do? Kidnap and Kill all the killables as we declare a new republic. Free! free! free at last. Long live the new Peoples replublic of Ogoni.

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