Nigerian Medical Association Denies Report That Doctors Lobbied for Reinstatement

President of the NMA, Dr. Osahon Enabulele
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has denied a report in Vanguard Newspaper that doctors in Lagos State who were fired by the government are lobbying to be reinstated.  

In a statement yesterday, the association described the story as “scurrilous, outright falsehood and a desperate attempt to blackmail the President and leadership of the Nigerian Medical Association, as well as distract the NMA leadership from her commitment to a just and quick resolution” of the conflict between its members and the Lagos state government.  It gave Vanguard one week to apologize and retract the story, or face legal proceedings.

In the story, which was published in yesterday’s edition of the newspaper, Vanguard said it was told by a source that the President of the NMA, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, was unhappy with the position of the Medical Guild on the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure, but was afraid that if he failed to dance to the tune of the doctors he might be impeached.

The NMA said that to think Dr. Enabulele who was overwhelmingly elected only 17days ago would be bothered about impeachment over his courageous and progressive handling of the Lagos quagmire  “is ridiculous and ludicrous,” pointing out that he has an unblemished track record as a progressive crusader for social justice.

“Nigerians and indeed the whole world are very much aware that for over a week the NMA President and the national leadership of the NMA have consistently made efforts to resolve the labour crisis in Lagos State, despite the hard line anti-labour posture of the Lagos State government,” the statement said.  

The doctors expressed regret that Vanguard correspondents Sola Ogundipe and Chioma Obinna “cheaply lent themselves to such a wicked act of blackmail and yellow journalism” without cross-checking with Dr. Enabulele, whose phone numbers they possess.

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sack of lagos doctors

I hv said it on several platform dat there are goodness in negotiation & re negotiation. I thnk d Lagos state govt shld call the doctors representatives for another round of negotiation. This would laid 2 rest allegation & countet allegation dat dis industial unrest has caused. All parties in dis matter shld sit back & agree on contentious issues. The end result shld be a collective agreement.

new doctors are dangerous

LASG ΐƨ lying dat hospitals r functional. Dr's employed r LOCUM dr's(casual workes.)If u had seen d letter given 2 them,u would av cried 4 them & curse LASG 2 no end.None but a slave could av accepted d terms,no one can get d best out of any dr working in such condition.lagosians should get ready 2b mismanaged by these unhappy dr's. D letter states they shouldn't hold themselves as employee of LASG,& they r only on assignment & not an appointment,they are self employed locum dr's (2))No contract exists btw d locum dr's & d state hence r not entitled 2 sick leave,no maternity leave, no annual leave.(3)They can b sacked anytime without prior notice or liability by d govt.(4)They can only work maximum of 12 hrs na week & u get paid N5,000 per every 4 hours(6)Their salary 'll b paid on 25th of d preceeding month i.e salary will b 3wks late.We lagosians need prayers bc obviously with dis terms,they will b killer dr's.God bless Lagos.

Me i dey laugh OBJ laugh o

Where is femi falana,oduamakin,tunde bokoram,& the "controversial i too know"..soyinka?ok sorry o.,they are occupying their beds.imagine if gej sacked only 50 doctors.all hell wud b let loosed.may these fakes continue to b blind.hypocrites

I wonder how some people post

I wonder how some people post just for posting sake, please try and ask questions before commenting on what you know not!
There is no where on the surface of the earth where house officers let alone residents pay school fees
no wonder we never moved forward, when people like you abound in the corridors of power, so clueless and retrogressive

Where did your forefathers come from Deri?

@Deri, If Tinubu is stateless what do we say about you and your father? At least we know that Tinubu governed Lagos state even though some rogues like you believe he hails from Osun. Whether Tinubu is from Lagos or Osun,he is from either of the states. But my question is where do you and your forefathers come from? Can you tell the Sahara reporters' readers?

Where did your fathers come from Deri?

@Deri, If Tinubu is stateless what do we say about you and your father? At least we know that Tinubu governed Lagos state even though some rogues like you believe he hails from Osun. Whether Tinubu is from Lagos or Osun,he is from either of the states. But my question is where do you and your forefathers come from? Can you tell the Sahara reporters' readers?

face the truth and leave tribe out of this

my friend leave tribe out of the problem at hand ,how can house officers be a teacher, very soon those resident doctors will be paying school fees not receive salarys as obtainable in other developed country. enof of this doctors greed,.

Where is SNG & occupy Naija 4 Buhari

Where are the tundemess, pius and okeys. They have have all gone underground to avoid coming into contact with stateless Tinubu . They would rather it was Jonathan. No comment from Bakare and SNG. No noise from occupy 9ja.Is ACN which cannot handle the issue of doctors the party that should aspire to control our thoughts in Abuja? A party with no clear ideological base or concept? That is why ACN is derailing with no sense of direction. Even AD has a road map. Not this cut and nail parties whose only manifesto lies in how to obtain license to import fuel, evict doctors from their abode and construct tollgates to enable them know when Buhari will be coming to town with boko haram.

Fashola the great SAN fool

Nowhere in the world would a lawyer with no no clue about health care fire hard working doctors, maybe only in Lagos state, WHY? because majority of the doctors are not muslim and are not from the Lagos state. So they most bear a second class statues. Eko ti ba je. To make Nigeria work we need Nigerians not so stupid yoruba or igbo or hausa or fulani fool


Suffering from PREMATURE EJACULATION??? Then you have got to visit

2015: North banks on S’West to stop Jonathan

The North-West and North-East zones of the Peoples Democratic Party are banking on the South-West geopolitical zone to help them ...

Read at

Lagos Doctors

My contribution is this,the Doctors are wrong in declaring war against the good people of Lagos state. Rome wasn't built in a day let the baby Doctors continue one day they will become expert.


Iam shocked that Lai Mohammed has not spoken about the Lagos ACN Doctors strike. The PDP in Lagos in their lame dock approach to issues have remained quite maybe busy chasing their spoil from Abuja. Is a shame that a party that calls its self progressive could handle issues ridiculously like this to the extent of casualising medical practice. Sending their fathers abroad while leaving majority to die. Save Nigeriaa Group has maintained a grave yard silence so also NLC and others.

Re: Doctors Reinstatement

IMO, they have themselves to blame. Given that the strike itself is illegal and infantile at best. The ill-fated strike and subsequent events were improperly planned and hastily executed.

What was their hurry? Why couldn't they have waited until the NMA elections were concluded before starting the strike? The newly elected NMA President could have put more weight behind it. Right now, the guy is chasing events instead of leading them. He is in a very bad position. No leader will want to be in such.

Secondly, the arrogance with which the doctors spoke and the disdain with which they treated the public made their position untenable. They would have had the sympathies of the public if they had been a little bit more sensitive. Even their other colleagues in the health services have been enstranged. Those who should have supported them are now aligned with the government. Its unfortunate.

Re: Doctors Reinstatement

This is becoming ludicrous! The LASG Health Service Commission offices are inundated with letters of appeal from over 200 doctors who have asked to be re-instated to their posts because they were not part of the strike in the first place. Many of them claim to have to write exams during the period of the strike, though without official leave to do so.

While it was convenient for them to have gone to write the said exams, it is a perfect alibi for them. Anyone who could prove that they had indeed written exams during the period will be reinstated. The NMA's angst is understandable, reinstating those doctors will considerably weaken its ranks and its now flagging resolve.



Nigerian Medical Association Denies Report That Doctors Lobbied

Each of the sacked Lagos State Doctors have a family to feed, rent and children’s school to pay, aged parents and in-laws to take care of, etc. Sitting down at home and doing nothing, no money in the pocket, and more importantly, hearing that the patients they abandoned are dying one-by-one can be very agonizing. We shouldn’t blame anyone of them if they want to return to work; instead we should encourage them to negotiate a win-win solution with their employer. Lagos State Doctors have been fighting their government since the creation of Lagos State. Go and ask retired Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson. Enough is enough.

Bloody Gore Mongers!

The Doctors aren't better than politicians! Damned their Hippocratic oath n swore allegiance to macabre Mohamedian principles of Abortionism, surgical execution n amputations for want of a few Naira more!

We know them, Cheque book journalist

We know them, Cheque book journalist. Why wont Boko Haram bomb them? they are used to story for cash system

Where are the new doctors

Where are the new doctors that General Fashola claimed to have employed?

Lagos don spoil finish !!!

I pity those who voted for General Fashola, my conscience is clear !!!

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