Plateau Crisis: Implement Only Reports of FG Panels – Hausa/Fulani Community Appeals to Jonathan

By SaharaReporters, New York

Leaders of the Hausa/Fulani community in the troubled state of Plateau have called on President Goodluck Jonathan to implement only the reports of the various panels set up by the central government.
They particularly want the reports of the panels headed by both Gen. Emmanuel Abisoye and Chief Solomon Lar to be implemented, as they believe that the reports of other panels set up by the Plateau government have not only lost contemporary relevance but are sub-judice.

This is the kernel of the request made by Hausa/Fulani leaders when they visited President Jonathan at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Wednesday night.

The meeting, which took place at the First Lady's conference hall, started at about10pm and went on into the late hours of the night.  It came barely 72 hours after the president met with the Berom stock, the other major player in the crisis.

The Berom elders were led to the meeting with Jonathan on Monday by a former Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs and current Gbong Gwom Jos, Jacob Buba Gyang.

The representatives of the Hausa group, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki Nakande; a former Minister of State for Information and Communication and Rep of Fulani and Protem National Secretary, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria, Alhaji Sale Bayari spoke to State House Correspondents after their meeting with Jonathan.

Nakande said, "We are here on the invitation of Mr. President, the president has taken so many initiatives and again this is another initiative towards finding lasting solution to the protracted crisis in Plateau State but specifically within the Jos axis that is within Jos North, South local governments.”

He said the discussion concerned the way forward, and how best to tackle the crisis and enhance tolerance, accommodation and respect for one another so that the conflicts can come to an end.
“We also discussed mechanisms with which government will help to put in place so that each time there are conflicts, ways and means of resolving the conflicts amicably would have been used to resolve them,” he said.  

The objective of the discussion with the President was to enable the government put together all the information available to it and evaluate it, as well as hold further meetings with other communities involved in the conflict on the journey to finding a lasting solution to the problem.

"We discuss that and agreed to a larger extent, most of the commission of Inquiry especially those set up by Plateau government, we said all those commissions of Inquiry have lost contemporary relevance but we are confident that the one set up by Federal Government especially the General Abisoye report as well as the advisory committee on Jos crisis headed by Solomon Lar, we are comfortable with that but the rest are in fact subjudice and therefore cannot be implemented."

The Fulani representative appealed to the federal government to settle the issue of indigenes and settlers.

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I'm pity of you Berom

Time shall come that you regret wha you have done to Hausa Fulani. How many of your population there in Nigeria, you are among minority ethnic group in the country. Now the Gov't is yours, but no condition is permanent.

What the hell report!

Is there plateau indigence that can dare asking for Indigeneship even in a neighboring Bauchi State? what the hell are we talking about? Are Sayawa in Bauchi not indigence of Bauchi, that the Bauchi people denying them their right? so, the Hausa/Fulani
belief that fighting people over their land can give them want they want, right? Here are some few questions for them: can an Igboman, Yorubaman and other tribes who are settlers in in the Northern part of Nigeria dare claim any indigeneship
of the place they are settling just because they live there for long? If so why don't Igbo, Yorubas and other ethnicity who have settled in part of Kano, Bauchi, Sokoto, Katsina and other part of the North that pre-occupied by Hausa/Fulani agitate for indigeneship there? If a Hausa/Fulani Born a trouble maker he should just admit it.

I have lived in the North to

I have lived in the North to know some fundamental issues about the North.Let the Fulani man know that in as much as he treasures his cattle, others too treasure their farmland and will do anything to protect that.
My conclusion though is that 'Not all Hausa's/Fulani's are BAD and not ALL Igbo's/Yoruba's are GOOD.
Who is afraid to dialogue about living together in this country? I am not.

It is rare to have conflicts

It is rare to have conflicts between Fulani Herdsmen and Hausa farmers/communities in the North East,North West, and portion of North Central parts of the country.Most problems are in Middle Belt,and the Southern parts generally.
Check it out; Most Hausa/Fulani's that migrate to other parts of the Country are comfortable to practice their religion, tradition and customs. How many Southerners are comfortable in the North? They can't even claim to be settlers talk less of being indigenes, even when they can trace their history to the early 1900's. On my way from Ibadan back to Kaduna where i reside, i saw a sinage after Owo in Ondo State; "Barka Da Zuwa, Hausa Community Owo". Kindly inform me when you see a sinage(in Igbo or Yoruba)that welcomes you to their community in Sokoto, Katsina,etc

Re: ABDALLAH - Boko Haram

Abdallah is it in Liberia that your brothers came to shoot people at a funeral & 2 Lawmakers died? Or did you go to help them kill in Liberia too?

I revoked 8 plots of land and allocated them to my family as FCT

Breaking News:

I revoked 8 plots of land and allocated them to my family as FCT Minister - El-Rufai

In a rare show of honesty, former minister of the FCT, Malam Nasir Erufai, now a chieftain of the Congress for Progressive Change, has admitted revoking plots from others and allocating same to his family...

see the the tweet now at:

jang and his team

Hitler tried ethnic clinsing but failed and i beliefe jang and his people ar mere ants in de large occean. U cnnt do it! Stop using propaganda. Those pix ar nt Nigerian , dey come frm liberia n Seraleon and ar used here to incide hatred. Fear God!


Is this a movie or real, even during the world war 1 & 2 did anybody see this type of gorry site? Something shld be done about this squarely. People ought to be arrested tried for murder jailed or executed. The simple reason for repeated acts is because perpetrators go scot free. The whole of Europe, America and Asia, full scale investigation must be carried out in almost all cases in less than 24hrs the culprits are arrested, charged to court immediately. In Nigeria everbody will come out to lousily say "we condemn" that's all, next a panel of inquiry is set up endlessly without implementing the recommendations. This is not a serious country and can never be with the kind of leadership we are seeing today


one nation,unite will stand..boko haram sect go to hell..more news and gist here at

Major Gideon Okar - Why we struck 2

Nigerians can be forgiven for failure to understand the necessity of excising those states in 1990. But now, how many millions of lives, how much destruction of property, infrastructure and places of worship will it take to convince skeptics that excision is the only way to stop it.

We, that laid down our lives to save you:

Major Gideon Orkar, Captain N.H. Empere, Captain P.A.Dakolo, Capt AA Nonju, Lt. AE Akogun, Lt. CN Odey, Lt. Cyril Ozualor, Lt. NEO Deji, 2/Lt AB Umukoro, 2/Lt EJ Ejesuku, SSgt Julius Itua, Sgt Martins Ademokhai, Sgt. Pius Ilegar and over a hundred others

Major Gideon Okar - Why we struck 1

“Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south. They have almost succeeded in subjugating the Middle Belt and making them voiceless and now extending same to the south.” 1990

How many more lives have been lost to the Hausa-Fulani butchery since our execution in 1990? Obviously they run into their tens of thousands. We knew this would happen and that was what we wanted to prevent. Because of the possibility of failure we wanted to leave the message which some termed unacceptable and others, premature.

You the foreigner who came to

You the foreigner who came to Nigeria from cameroun. That was why u were sublet and handed over to cameroun. Why do people hate FULANI despite what u gain from them.

I am sorry for your inhuman

I am sorry for your inhuman attitude of unneccessary critism. You the DEVIL himself. You are an ignorant senseless animal. Remember you will one day die. You don't have an atom of faith at all.

Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen up.The only thing to be implemented for peaceful coexistence is for the Hausa-Foolanis to get the hell out of Plateau State.

Feeble fulani Fools

Imagine the foolanis asking to abrogate indigen-settler dichotomy? Imagine someone, foolanis from the Tchad republic who SETTLED in Nigeria having the effrontry to demand an LGA in indegineous Plateauland? It is akin to having foolanis demand indigineous status in, say, Port harcourt River State, or the Yorubas or Igbos in Kano state insisting that they are Kano indigens. These bastards better move back to their Tchad republic from whence they came. Long live Governor Jang and all the good indegineous peoples of Plateau and Benue states.

Central Government Report My Poop

These Hausa Fulanis issue ultimatum to government, threatened to be worse than Boko Haram, acknowledged to fraternize with Boko haram, proud to import fighters from Niger, Chad, and Mali, kill at will and go free. Today,they even choose which of the reports to implement. Hahaha,"central government report" my poop; the report that was dominated,doctored, and decoyed for the benefit of this selfish,devilish war mongers called Hausa Fulanis.I believe any one reading my contributn knows someone who was cheated by this group of blood spillers. I would not be surprise if the government implement exactly what they want to the detriment of law abiding citizens in the name of peace. Nigeria,I held thee.


As in all cases and things, the hausa/fulani get to cherry pick. They decide on what is good for everybody.......every other opinion is shit. Why do they want those particular reports implemented and not others? Why not harmonize the reports for instance? If the ones made by the state government panels have defects, what guaranty is there that the FG panels' reports do not have errors as well?

There cannot be peace in Nigeria for as long as might is right! For as long as killing, maiming and destruction of lives and property of those who differ from us, imposition of state religion which runs contrary to equity, fairness and justice remain.



meeting president is a wellcome to peace in plateau

Am very happy for the invitation of both side by mr president I think this will bring the lasting peace in jos crisis,but for the governor of the state can not bring any peace to that state and mr president should have remove the gov jona jong and declear state of emergency since like former president olusegun aremu obasanjo did to gov joshua Dariye then we saw peace after that now war war war allover plateau state.

only fulanis in 9ja-not hausa/fulani-scrap fulani LGC in Jos

These fake fulani and their tuaregs brothers from Mali, chad and niger republic should spare us this silly idea of mixing fulanis with hausa. Most Fulanis dont even understand huasa language. Hausas dont speak fulani either! Hausa tribe hails from niger republic and not nigeria!So dont mix fulanis with some foreign tribes because their normadic life style allows them to have homes in every country in the west african sub-region-I am yet to see an hausa man vie for the same seat with a fulani-the two dont and will never agree-if Pls show us the LGAs under the control of the hausas in nigeria! we have the sultan of sokoto for the fulanis-where is the sultan of hausas--what we have in nigeria is sarakin hausa-wa-like Eze ndigbo ibadan. fulanis us these labels to deceive nigerians-there is nothing like yoruba/fulani/tiv?ibo.


Ps see evil of HausaFulanis in this pictures on Am not from Plateau bt I have children & know how innocent children are. These Hausa Fulanis are not human beings to KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN this way. They come to your place, make soil hard with their cow trampling, if you resist it becomes crisis then they go & tell Fed Govt to implement report which they want. They want indigenes to negotiate their land with them & Nothing short. How can you negotiate your land with settlers to graze then you starve?!! INJUSTICE. Solution for GEJ = Do JUSTICE. Let these murderers go back to where they came from. YOU CAN NEVER SATISFY THEM.
They are overunning Nigeria fast. In ABUJA along major roads like along Mpape, By Asokoro Junction, Guzape, Garki Area 1 to FRSC Junction to Mabushi by VIO to Utako, to games Village you cannot walk on the side of road comfortably because of cow shit!!!! They roam freely. Harbouring these people spells doom.


When will the Hausa/Fulani learn to live and let live. They are the only group in Nigeria bent on domination of others and forcing others to do things their own way including their anachronistic cultural and religious practices.


When will the Hausa/Fulani learn to live and let live. They are the only group in Nigeria bent on domination of others and forcing others to do things their own way including their anachronistic cultural and religious practices.

cry babe fulanis

If the guests had behaved like guests do and should there would have been no wahala in the first place. Now the settlers have over stayed their welcome. Kick them out!


No judicial panel report on Plateau has lost
Relevance. The Justice Fiberisima Aribiton
1994 report defined an indigene and a settler
And stated who the owners of Jos North
LGA are. The Justice Nikki Toby and Justice
Bola Ajibola reports adopted Aribiton's
Definitions. Gen Abisoye personally never
Came to Jos and the Courts nullified his
Panel. S Lar erorneously recommended the
Balkanization of Jos North LGA to give
Hausa/Fulani settlers an LGA - an insult
To the owners of the land. Gbong Gwom
Buba rightly told Pres Jonathan to set up
A panel to review all these reports and be
Make appropriate recommendations for Fed
Govt implementation. Nakande Dasuki is a Kano
Indigene and Dr tilde is a Bauchi indigene.

God have mercy

this housa/fulani people are just lunatics of the highest order.

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