Police Say Airforce Jet Accidentally Fires Missile At A Port Harcourt Building

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Rivers State police command said a loud blast heard in Port Harcourt earlier today was that of a missile accidentally fired from an airforce jet on routine maintenance at the Airforce mechanic hangar in Port Harcourt.

Commissioner of Police Mohammed Indabawa told Saharareporters that the missile hit an uncompleted building three kilometers from the scene of the accidental discharge. He said no death or injuries were reported.

Panicked residents had reported hearing a deafening explosion in Worji area of Port Harcourt around 7:30 AM.



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na wa for this new commisioner.

who is this new commisioner that since he came in,there has been accidental discharge of missile,fire outbreaks from tanker killing people n destroying homes...port harcourt was peacefull before now oh

I know what he aimed the rocket at

He was trying to get rid of an internet cafe full of 419 scammers sending out their idiotic criminal scams. He was sick of those criminal blacks giving him and all good blacks a bad name.

Laff Don Make me give Boko Haram wrong Bombing Coordinates

The comments are extremely funny just like in the 90's when an amateur golfer helped us render Niger republic ''airforceless''...WTF and WTH is an armed missile doing on an Aircraft undergoing maintenance ''Ka Chineke me ezi okwu'', this hausa fulani shaheeds should take this their takfir somewhere else ...Port Harcourt of all places...FYI we're still smarting from the Odi massacre...umu anu manu...

Air accident

Jude see how dull you are, who says the pilot is a Hausa man, Indabawa is just the commissioner of police in rivers, you can not read but you can insult, a typical southerner you are. Cameroun was ceded under Obasanjo a southerner, not Hausa, and when 60 % of our armed forces were already dominated by the south just like it is today when the so called accident occured. You will never get tired of blaming the North for your dumbness including Journathan you dull trophy. Boffoon.

Air accident

Countries world over locate military bases near economic nerve centers. Portharcort is sorrounded by NIgeria's major economic mainstay, the air base and naval bases are there to provide defenses and deterrence. It will be a defensive fallacy to locate our armed forces far from our oil installations and petrochemical industries. Tell me what the Airforce will defend in say sokoto or nsukka or jos for instance.

Intelligence Enquiry

..This is grave occurence and calls for utmost intelligence not some 'shoe shinning' speculations. Yes such accidents happens in teh US and other developed miliatry formations but then teh statistics tell a difft story.

Intelligence reaching MI-6 indicates this is some strategic neo-surveillance strike. The South is vulnerable and a missile strike with range checks is what just played out. Recall that a handful of weaponry has gone aloof in Libya, fill in the gaps. Unlikelyhood of some Boko Haram plot since the Nigerian military is highly infiltrated by saboteurs.

Again incompetence and a corrupt system are the bane in Nigeria, so again fill in the gaps.

Otherwise you can suffice this with saying some extra terrestials were checking something..



Inressponsible act

The pilot should be fired without consideration because that is how he will lunch his deadly missile one day on a commerical plane.The helicophter did not pose any treat to him and his is not in anywhere near to enemy combatting zone.Why most him be wearing then in the air because he is trained to handle any similar situation like this.Otherwise the authority should conduct another psychology test with him before allowing him to take the air again.

fake country


Is the pilot drunk?

Is the pilot drunk??? he needs psychatric attention, and must be suspended and investigated

Air Force in accidental discharge

What is d missile doing on an aircraft undergoing maintenance? The chief of air staff is culpable. He should go. People should start taking responsibility.

@chiwamkpam ayankwan

Some few days ago an american jef fighter crash landed in a residential area in WV. It resulted in the death of one man and the pilot. The americans did not blame it on Obama. Its only fools like you do. Aware you are tundemess hiding under a fake name to post yr comment. These was not an accidental discharge. The air force base in Portharcourt should be relocated. The pilot is a boko haram sympathizer. Rivers state has too many bases. It has almost 4 naval base. One airforce and two army. All because of the civil war. Its time some of these unviable bases are closed. The noise from the jet when its about to take off is enough to scare residents. And for them to ask that they be re-located to a far away territory if possible.

Airforce Jet Accidentally Fires Missile

Please investigate the pilot. He/she might be a BOKO HARAM.


Make sure your children go to the war you are advocating.If you go to your home town market and throw a stone you really dont know who it will fall on.

@Osika! You are a disgrace,

@Osika! You are a disgrace, is this mistake or incompetence & incapability mixed with corruption.You are the kind of corrupted youth aid and abetting the older people to loot not only the natural resources but also intellectual resources.
Mistake ke, to repair plan with payload, you must be mad, l bet the smallest country on africa is making just of us.Is is a mistake when u don't wear you anything on top and under your body and you head to the street, what will people call you, MAD MAN

3km radius from National Assembly

I sincerely suggests that forthwith, subsequent tests should be carried out in the neighbourhood of 3km radius from the 'National Assemblies' where our legislathieves parley. In that case, if there is any accidental discharge/firing, we Nigerians will have reason, much reason to thank God for answering our prayers.


This is not surprising at all. Nigeria has demonstrated over and over that it is allergic to good performance and incapable of meeting the basic expectations of human existence. Can't we see that mediocrity and gross incompetence is the rule of the day? Look at your President - no sane society would allow someone as dumb as Jonathan to be president, but we curse ourselves by allowing the most dumb idiots and mediocres, who are only skilled at stealing, to rule us. The consequences of that is on display now, and we should all expect this sort of accidents to occur. Nigeria is a disgrace, and until we fight off or stop people like Jonathan and other incompetent thieves from being in charge of strategic sectors of this country, we will continue to garbage out the mediocrity, non-performance, low standards, official thievery, and disgraceful outcomes that we garbage in through these morons. This show of incompetence by the Nigeria Airforce is an utter disgrace.


The point is that an investigation into the incident may not be honest enough to prevent another occurance.
A live nuclear missile was once mistakenly loaded on a bomber which was on an internal flight in the USA,the only difference is that the Americans will make sure it does not happen again.


I swear! I can't stop laughing! Thanks.

Useless Awusa Bufoons Messing with High Tech

Those quota system awusa and fulani twats are messing about with missles in populated areas.

Nigeria has no airforce, sea force or land force. All of them are a bunch of murderers. When the cowards were faced with Cameroun, they quickly ceeded BaKKASSI. They are only good at fighting unarmewde civilians.

The only "war" they ever fought was the gang up against Biafra (1967-70). Even then, they failed to win despite the support of UK, USSR, Arab league etc. They resorted to starving civilians and shoooting at red Cross relief planes.

Someone tell the useless awusa man Mr Indabawa to go and sit down. A little child armed with a laptop can hack into the computerized control system of that aircraft and immobilize it mid air.
He should take that crap to Kano and leave PH in peace.

Airforce strike on an uncompleted building

From soldier to airforce, oneday it is gonna be navy. May God help nigerians. Mr President is in trouble.

Getting Ready!!!

This is just preparation for the coming civil war with the south.How best to prep than to bomb the living daylight out of the wayward south? Get ready as there is no going back now.Who was the pilot anyway? Who was the weapons officer on the jet?Hah!!!

meke u nna take time

if na play make u na stop am u guy almost kill my sister say na air force mistekwho no the trut 4 nija.


The commanding officer at this facilty should be court-martialed for GROSS NEGLIGENCE and RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT.
Rule number one states that before a plane is brought in for any kind of maintenance, it must be stripped bare of its entire weaponry. Working on a Jetfighter laden with explosives is sucidal. No doubt, the CO here is an oxymoron.
Recently, a police CO watched as one of his men walked up to a bag of boko haram explosives, started searching it with his bare hands and in the process got blown to smithereens.
Nigeria is a country chuck full of idiots.

Wonders shall never end

Instead of firing at Boko haram in the north, the soldiers are busy firing at uncompleted buildings in the south. What are these jets doing in the south? Aren't they supposed to be in use against these Boko Haram hoodlums in the North?

Prohibited Haramist (PH)

usually is happening only if u dont know so stop making noise

Ewoh !

Accidentally fired missile ? Opari ! Abi na banga ? Oh God, in your able hands I place my life. In a sane society, this alone is enough to sack the defence minister. What sort of country is this ? And those stupid top brass will always be quick to beat their chest that they are professionals capable of matching their contemporaries wit for wit. Ordinary health and safety procedure is not in place


That is the reward of of quota system. The techincian may be an hausa or fulani who does not know how to read.

Nuclear Missile Accidental Discharge.

The senseless extrajudicial killings & maiming of innocent civil Nigerians use to be by the hot leds of the of the Nigerian Police AK47's, killings claimed to be accidental discharge.

Now the paradigm has shifted to a higher level of accidental missile discharged by the Nigeria Air Force.

I fear and I wonder what will happen when we the IAEA eventually allows us to develop our nuclear program....? Nija I DEY HAIL O!


We like it or not law of kama will catch up with us for every evil we do to this country nigeria. Pls lets start now to ask questions not just that there was an accident, many more questions should follow to avoid reoccurance. Pls lets protect nigeria our only country and home.

it happens all around the world

At times i wonder d nature of people inhabiting nigeria.i cant beleive some people could be as naive as not knowin a country with over 160 million and 52 years of age would not own jet fighter(s).it is a global phenomenon,it is accidental,our security operatives are performing to some certain level.i am sure it wasnt iintetional as some think.i think its high time we'd exercise discipline on media.pls my fellow nigerians,put on your thinking cap,do not talk off-point.Love you all