Suicide Bomber Kills Orderly To The Emir Of Fika In Potiskum

By SaharaReporters, New York

A suicide bomber attacked the Central Mosque in Potiskum during Friday prayers killing the orderly of the Emir of Fika, Dr.  Muhammadu Idrissa.

The  suicide bomber and the emir's police orderly died immediately. The bomber had targetted the Emir directly by the orderly reportedly blocked him from the reaching the Emir and died in the course of his doing so.

The attacks on traditional rulers in the north marks a shift in the strategy employed by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which had vowed to attack christians, government officials, security agents and traditional rulers it suspects of collaborating with the army and police in hunting down its members.

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@ bello. yoir words have just

@ bello. yoir words have just shosn how shallow the minds and thoughts of a tyoical man of youf creed is. I have never read for once of any of these names you mentioned reported for sending people enmasse to their intimely gave with a shout of halleluyah in their mouths. if u want to state thst not all moslems are fanatical,that will than the unwise words u just said.

check the last meetings of CAN youth

Christian youth of the north, in one of their recent meeting concluded that,they will start attacking muslims,mosques and northern emirs.How can we justify that they are not the ones doing this? WHY IS IT THAT THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT ALWAYS WANT TO FORCE US INTO BELIEVING THAT EVERY ATTACK IS CARRIED BY THE FACELESS,GHOSTLY BOKO HARAM TERRORIST


Olusegun Olaleye do you think every muslim is bad just because Boko haram claim to be muslims? If your answer is yes, then i ask. OPC, Obasanjo, Omisore, Bode judge, Tafa Balogun, etc are all Christians and Yorubas. Does that mean all christians or all the Yoruba are bad? No, you will now say. So why can`t you be fair in your judgement? Call those who are bad,bad & the good, good. That is fairness.


@Bello A K (not verified) on August 4, 2012 - 10:36.

You are not making any kind of sense! These people you have identified are NOT selectively killing people on our streets because they are Muslims. They have NOT got AK47 alongside their Bible as we constantly see the Islamic thugs doing on the internet. They have NOT bombed a Mosque full of women and children and declared that Jesus has given them a great victory. I am all for making comparisons. but you should endeavour to make meaningful and sensible ones.


For those of you "zombies" listening, . It only takes a very big fool to follow the instruction of a supposed "wise one" to take one's life in the name of some cause. Why cant those "wise ones" lead by example?????
So you know, there are no virgins for you in heaven, no gold chests/ mansions and no form of jollof for weasels like you; especially for those who think taking other people's life makes them a Martyr.
There should be some measure of common sense here; there is no good from bad especially when it involves taking some else's life. There is no where in the koran nor Bible where it is justified to take a life.
This goes beyond any religion and geopolitical context.If you inflict sorrow/ sadness unto others in anyway........IT SHALL NEVER BE WELL WITH YOU. YOU SHALL SUFFER EVEN AFTER YOU'RE DEAD.


Olusegun Olaleye do you think every muslim is bad just because Boko haram claim to be muslims? If your answer is yes, then i ask. OPC, Obasanjo, Omisore, Bode judge, Tafa Balogun, etc are all Christians and Yorubas. Does that mean all christians or all the Yoruba are bad? No, you will now say. So why can`t you be fair in your judgement? Call those who are bad,bad & the good, good. That is fairness.


PDP ND mr president

Pdp nd mr president knows more about bh dey ar just tryin to destroy islam of which GOD will never give den dat power. Imagin d way muslims ar diein bt no body will talk of dat. Any were deir is bomb today dey conclude dat it is muslims unknown to d puplic dat it is d member of d same church dat is doing dat.nigeria will soon go down if d truth is nt out.

Nice one!!!!

Please guys if there is any good xtian here and his not being too sentiment about his religion. what Mr Abubakar said is the wright answer for all of you.And if any of us is making sens here i think Muslims are more affected by this incident,(know how can you tell me that there's a mother in this world who doesn't want to see her children grow) PLEASE GUYS OPEN YOUR EYES THIS IS BIGGER THAN A RELIGIOUS FIGHT.

u are maskurading u are not a

u are maskurading u are not a muslim

khumalo u an ass, i doubt on

khumalo u an ass, i doubt on u having a legitimate papa if not i will conclude by saying that ur papa who met wit u mom on the street is dog & baboom. may u find hardship,disaster on all what life can provide u now & in future ameen.

Not at all

No amount of bombin wil stop muslims 4m goin 2 musque. We believ in death, we knws it goin 2 com sooner or leter so we dont giv a down lik jeg

Re: good job bokoharam, be more accurate next time

@khumalo you are complete, pig and a very useless human being. Allah will surely punish you idiot.

good job bokoharam, be more accurate next time

very good job, all the hausa/fulani dogs and baboon are begininig to soak in hot blood.

Anarchy Is Here

The terrorism has really escalated. Well there must be a God sent Ruler who will soon clean up Nigeria.
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This suicide mission is getting more and more worrisome. May God help Nigeria.
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You can't stop it now. Let it burn baby burn!

If you tired first and did not succeed, keep on trying, trying, trying and trying you will succeed. I guarrantee you that.

Why have a system that doesn't work? Let it burn baby burn and everybody will starts from ground zero. Fresh start. No obas, emirs, kings/queens, obis, set alamajeris freeeeeeeeeeee. The big man up in the sky will love that, I guarantee you that again.


Any mallams competing for Naija in the olympics field events - 100m, 200m etc? Don't they have anything meaningful to contribute, apart from reading, reciting the koran and killing innocent people?

Olusegun Olaleye

The mission will soon get clearer to nigerians

We that grew up in the north knew that it is the southern nigeria that is saving the powers that be in the north. If there is no southern nigeria, Bokoharams should have by now taken over the govt in the north. The idea is same kind of change in the arab world but the challenge is the northern xtian and southern nigeria. They want to islamize northern nigeria and bring in what they assumed as justice in their own way. The attack on xtians is to create the kind of fear that would make the xtians migrate to the south. After which they will roast the powers that be in the north. The complexity in the different tribes in nigeria is their challenge. They see the powers that be in the north as corrupt and infidel..not good practising muslims.

PDP-Power to the Looters!

Suicide Bomber kills Orderly to the Emir ....

The Hausa/Fulani oliagarchy in the north should stop blaming anybody for problems which they collectively created in their region and Nigeria in general. As from the time the oligarchy introduced the political Sharia in the north that region which has been most peaceful in Nigeria before, is now most voilent. Children of the poor they refused access to western education are the one using the political Sharia now to haunt the north.

You not be ashamed that you are a muslim

I dont think u should be ashamed, it is not in d quran that innocent pple shld b killed they only acting on d orders of some political leaders who are craving for power by all means, they are just using islam to carry out their evil deeds. And whem dat day comes they wil be thrown into hell fire.

@Peter Paul: Typical!

@Peter Paul,
Typical of the pooly educated; every dissent is from a northerner.
Kindly contribute whatever 'SEEMS' to you or dispute points raised.
Obviously you are not a Nigerian (no proud Nija person use two foreign names).
You were dead wrong abt my origin, so you must be wrong about your percieved educational status.
My guy, pls educate your self before making comments.

Closer and Closer Home!

Closer and closer home! If the North and its leaders had studied the history of terrorism, they would have realized that a trorrist has no friend. It's like ridding on the back of a tiger. When it is time for lunch and it cannot find a prey it devours its ridder. The Big deal is not ridding on the back of a tiger, it is getting off alive. Go ask the Americans who created and trained Osama Bin Laden to help them fight the Soviets in Afghanistan during the Cold War; or go ask the U.S who armed Saddam Hussein to help him fight Iran durign the Iran-Iraq War; or even still go ask the Borno State Governor who created BH as a political instrument. It is the same pattern. When BH attacked the Christmas day worshippers in a Church, the traditional ruler refused to visit the victims because they were infidels and deserved what they got. Now, closer and closer home.

narrow miss!

Damn! Why not the oga raghead?

Haba Malam Sanni

Haba Malam Sanni!
How can yo say that you are ashamed to be a Muslim?
This statement is Haram and you need to say Astagfirullah!
What I want you to understand and other people more especially non Muslim to know is that, ISLAM means peace and a religion of peace. And its very important to know that Islam and Muslim are two distict different word.
It is not everything that some muslims are doing that you can say its a teaching of Islam. Therefore is you said that you are condenming Islam because of the practices of some bad Muslims you are really making a grate mistake.
However, its is not Islam alone, if you can take other religion like Christianity, there are a lot of things that christians are doing which is contrary to teaching of the Bible, but we can not abuse christianity because of christian acts. Islam encourage peace and does not allow muslim to abuse others religion.

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Northern Leaders Blast Edwin Clark


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The north is still in denial,they are now tired of accusing southern christians of being the bombers or accusing the western world or the Jonathan administration of being behind the bombings and BH.Unless the northerners look inwards and accept responsibility,the menace will not stop and total self destruction seems to be the end-game.
Those who lead the charge for the introduction of Sharia in the total secular state cannot finish what they started,they are now in hiding as people die.The northern political elite wanted dominance and freedom to do whatever they wanted not considering the fragile unity,well the chickens must return to roost.

@TATA (not verified) on August 3, 2012 - 15:20

The poor bastard would just have to make do with a fat/ugly lady who has just been with a camel. At least she would be wearing armed robbers mask or a bhuka. In the maintime, we are doing the virgins because they love us.

bh issue is a national

bh issue is a national tragedy beyond the control of those that invented it.


..and your point is...???

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