The Unemployment Crises In Delta State By Eddy Aghanenu

By Eddy Aghanenu



Unemployment in Delta State is becoming abnormally high. This is in spite of the fact that Delta State is one of the richest states in the country in terms of the revenue it receives from the federation account. This has probably led to increase in crime.


Recently, during the workers’ day celebration, the state leadership of Nigerian Labour Congress accused the civil service of collecting six hundred thousand naira (N600, 000) from applicants before they can secure employment. The State Governor has vowed to investigate this and assured that anyone found guilty will be dealt with. We hope that this avowal will not be mellowed by party intrigues as it was with a similar promise made by the governor on DESOPADEC some years ago.


First, it is surprising that the governor heard of this rumour only during the May Day celebration. This is a rumour that has spread all over the state and appeared consistent with the opportunistic hustle for employment in Delta State where those who do not need the jobs are offered jobs in the first instance by allocation according to hierarchical political importance rumoured to begin with the governor’s interest. It was not hidden. In his attempt at defending his employment record, the governor said that the state wanted to employ only two hundred and fifty workers but had to raise it to one thousand. Only one thousand to be employed from a sea of hundreds of thousands of unemployed youths – any wonder why criminal activities have gone up in the state?


Where will the newly employed get such huge sum to pay for the alleged bribe demanded by the state or its agents? How many unemployed can afford to pay such stupendous sum? Does it not show that only the relations of those bleeding the state dry are the ones who would afford this? In a state where minimum wage is little above eighteen thousand Naira (N18, 000), how many years will it take these newly employed to recoup their investment? If such money has been borrowed, how many years will it take them to pay back? What moral lessons are we teaching these newly employed? Are we not telling them that corruption pays? Are we not telling them that once they are employed, they should look for all available means to recoup what they have invested? Are we not telling them that the process of getting money does not matter but that the end justifies the means? Is Delta State now Delta State Corruption Limited? Has the DTHA become so spineless or they secured their own quota in the allocation of the jobs that were eventually traded to the hapless applicants who have received their authoritative baptism of corruption?


Setting up an investigating team is not a wrong move but the governor should first and foremost accept full responsibility for this alleged offence by his subordinates. The buck stops at the governor’s table. If a very transparent process has been put in place, this embarrassment wouldn’t have occurred. That the governor can boldly say that he employed one thousand workers goes to show that the state has no plans of reducing unemployment menace in the state. When states like Osun and Oyo are employing twenty thousand workers each, Delta State is employing one thousand and in a controversial manner too. Government and government policies drive the economy. We agree that government cannot employ all but government policies can help in creating that employment. So far, we have not seen the policies that will create employment in Delta the state. All we see are inflated contracts and abandoned projects and drain pipes such as theN7.4billion meant to demolish hills at Asaba Airport. These will not create employment.


Let the government honestly and holistically reduce drastically the crime rate in the state. If this is done, investors will troop into the state to invest. Delta State is still a virgin land waiting to be explored and developed. Opportunities abound in the state. Once kidnappings, armed robberies and political crimes are reduced to the barest minimum by using a sociological approach that taked most of the criminally inclined off the street, then Delta State will be a haven for investors. These investments will create employment opportunities and jobs.


Energy must be provided to run homes and industries. Once energy is constant, cottage, small and medium industries will begin to grow and in the process reduce unemployment. Delta State has an advantage over many states in the country. It is blessed with gas. This can be utilized in generating power that can even be sold to other states. The gas being flared in Ebedei, Orogun and other numerous communities could be channeled into making Delta State the power state of the country. We are not referring to the haphazard and insincere job at Oghara power project. These power projects will be able to employ thousands of Deltan youths.


In the short term, agriculture is another major sector that can reduce unemployment in the state. Agriculture is the greatest employer in the country. Unfortunately, the Delta State government has not done enough in this sector. The only thing it claims to have done is joint venture between the state and Obasanjo Farms for which a curious sum of over N2 billion was paid to Obasanjo Farms a few years ago. This cannot employ more than a hundred workers. Youths want investments that can yield dividends, more jobs and quickly too. They have not got the patience for long term investments hence most of them shun agriculture. Vegetables and tomatoes are quarterly farm products. Within months, anybody farming these will begin to make returns. Our soil is good enough for these products. Who says that Delta State cannot supply the South South need for vegetables, pepper and tomatoes. Our dependence on the north will be reduced. From Umunede to Ogwashi Uku to Jesse and all over the state; the land is there to grow these crops. The youths will gladly embrace this because of the quick dividends. It is only when they have started reaping the fruits that some of them may now venture into other areas of agriculture. All government need do is to provide improved seedlings, fertilizer education and an enabling policy and programme.


Tourism is another source of major employment in the state. Tourism can only thrive if there is peace and security, good roads and a well developed infrastructure and hospitality sector. Countries such as Kenya, Senegal and Uganda have tourism as their major source of revenue. Delta State can develop her tourism sector to be at par with Cross River. Again, sincerity of purpose is needed. The Udu tourism centre that is being planned is a welcome development but the true financiers have to be made known since it has since emerged that the foreign partners have not got the wherewithal to embark on such a gigantic project. 


The illogically of asphalting the divide of the Express Road from Effurun Round About along the DSC Expressway to Oleri and casing the edge of a road that was not constructed by the Delta State Government at a price that cannot be anything but provocative resonates of the kind of planlessness and waste that that the Asaba Airport symbolizes.


Let the Delta State government revive all ailing and dead industries in the state. These industries can yield revenue for the state and also create employment. Beta Glass Company is functioning and making profit while Delta Glass directly opposite it is dead. Why is there no partnership with serious private sector investors to restore Delta Glass Factory, the idle Gold mine that is wasting away, that uses the same principal raw material with Beta Glass Limited just opposite it? 


While government is embarking on its investigation of the said employment bribery scandal, it must be said that the Uduaghan administration has not scored a pass mark in employment creation in the state. It also shows the rot in the system in the state.


 In the words of M. Ahweyevu Mukoro Esq, Director General of Delta Rescue Mission (DRM), in a recent press conference, “the unemployment situation in Delta State is alarming and unacceptable. If not urgently tackled, we may have a crisis in our hands which may prove difficult to handle. Government should make judicious use of the people’s wealth to do the best for the majority of the people and not the few that have turned the state’s asset to their personal gold mine. A situation where the budget for Government House and Governor’s Office is more than that of four ministries in the last in the last four years can never create employment”


Eddy Aghanenu

Delta Rescue Mission

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As long as they like of Ibori

As long as they like of Ibori and his cousin Uduaghan are on the 'throne' nothing good will come out Delta state. Imagin that thief trying to bribe ex-EFCC chairman with a whopping $15m and the state claimed that not a kobo missed from the treasury, only God knows how much the rouge ex-governor had stolen.

God will deal with him in London preson. May his poor soul rot permanently in hell fire.

Deltan needs to unite and fight bad govt.

It is a huge failure for the EFCC and other economic crime agencies for failing to show their competence now that it is obvious that the present Uduaghan lead administration is concerntrating on looting the public funds. Which has lead toincrease in unemployment, increase in crime rate, zero increase in Economic and infrastructural development on the path of our twin brother state that they have left one criminal government to another which is even worse than the Ibori lead govt of 1999. Edo state which happen to be my state has suffered all of these for 10yrs of the PDP lead administration before the God sent CAN's ADAMS OSHIOMHOLE. I shouldn't write to lament of this current poor performance govt in Delta state but to suggest a solution.
My Solution is; Deltans needs to unite and say no to Godfatherism, Thuggery, Rigging, all forms of electorial malpractices. They should support transparency in govt.These ways we can achieve the best of governance in the state.God help us.


Thanks for this comprehenhensive write up.
It is sad to see things deteriorate the way they have in Delta state.
Evil they say triumph when good people refuse to take a stand.
Delta state is in sorry state and things will continue in this downward trend because a few people are short sighted with no vision.
The people have not been able to articulate a solution to their problems and are generally too aggresive to take an academic look at things before engaging in their so called 'action'
Well meaning people are driven away by their fights and kidnaping.
To Deltan's I say this.. stay away from everyday fights and you will see developments and employments.


In truth, it ought to be a shame on you to write these crab in defence of Delta State Govt. One thing for sure, u benefit from this Govt hence this defencive write-up. Uduaghan is the worst governor in the history of this country. While other states are working and commissioning projects, there's none to show in Delta State. Yet, this state receives allocation like every other state, even more compare to some states. One major employer of labour has decided toleave the state, yet a governor who claims to have the interest of of Deltans has played mute in this regard and u say u want to fight crime. Go back to the basics Mr. Governor. Its appalling that this governor fails to recall where he's coming, just like the man who once had no shoes.

Patani areaboys on east-west road

Who sent this tugs(patani area boys)on federal highway to extort money by any means on the hihgway.
1. Patani local govt. Caretaker Chairman
2. Gov. Uduaghan employment task force.
It is now very clear to all that the govt of delta state have initiated a task force on federal pot holes highway to collect money by any means from motorist apply the eastwest road while the nigerian police watched this daylight robbery at patani wityhout doing anything about this act of holiganism on our south south highway

What an awesome content is

What an awesome content is this and definitely it makes identify each and everyone who research this. Please keep providing so awesome and attractive suggestions.

Where There is Vision

We have decided not to talk about Delta state anymore as a result of the multiple crimes as well as insensitivity of the present governor. However, we are forced at this juncture to make some things clear. 1. The gov is vision-less and quite cruel. The man is lacks any idea of governance and engages in gross crime of sponsoring kidnapping and thuggery. He is quite impotent as a gov and does not know waht to do. One may ask, is he insane or senile? What is the right word to classify the character of this inhuman and very insensitive gov? Deltans need to turn to God for divine intervention. THE STATE MUST BE DELIVERED FROM THE HANDS OF WICKED MEN AND CULTISTS. THEY MUST NOT PREVAIL. ARISE DELTANS.

way forward

This is certainly a nice piece and gives the govt of Delta State food for thought...
There are many ways to look at this but one of the easiest ways is to tie employment creation and sustainability to budget this approach,a key criteria for budget allocation to the ministries is the ability of the projects they propose in each fiscal to create/maintain employment in the public(MDAs) or private sector(executing contractors/consultants/partners).
This way,the state can create meaningful,measurable and sustainable employment for the citizens of the state.
Further details can be obtained on demand from

Delta Unemployment

Mr Gov, The way at which d last Civil Service Commission interview was conducted was d worst interview I have ever seen. Its just a flip tru on credentials. Most of the shortlisted aplicant never score 60% in the aptitude test. #60,000 was paid by applicant at OZORO and Oleh for the fedral civil service commission form and processing. Unemployment situation in Delta state happen to be one of the worst. A stich in time save .... A word is enough for the ... I know u can do it. I pray the good Lord will grant u d ability and capacity 2 do His will. E Delta Wadooooo!!!!!

Delta Unemployment

Mr Gov, The way at which d last Civil Service Commission interview was conducted was d worst interview I have ever seen. Its just a flip tru on credentials. Most of the shortlisted aplicant never score 60% in the aptitude test. #60,000 was paid by applicant at OZORO and Oleh for the fedral civil service commission form and processing. Unemployment situation in Delta state happen to be one of the worst. A stich in time save .... A word is enough for the ... I know u can do it. I pray the good Lord will grant u d ability and capacity 2 do His will. E Delta Wadooooo!!!!!

What do you expect?

What do you expect? Delta is a failed state, Uduagha is the worst governor in the entire history of Nigeria. He is a curse & a night mare to Deltans.

uduaghan is a condemn man already

Most times when i come into asaba on a bus απϑ i hear my fellow passengers heading to d east praising d so called govnor becos of ‎​ sstreet light απϑ d over inflated airport, i always wanna shed tears, cos i A̶̲̥̅♏ a full born deltan, schooled in delta, graduated frm delsu απϑ for about 3yrs without a job. No light in our houses, no job, all Τ̲̅ђe jobs are being sold for a minimum of 500k without guarantee. D govnor keeps advertising απϑ publicizing on media abt Τ̲̅ђe white elephant projects, απϑ wen Ʋ come close, all Ʋ see Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ uncompleted απϑ abandoned projects. I A̶̲̥̅♏ fully ready for a revolution, wenever, where ever. I think its time †☺ fight for our future.

Election into the Local Government.

The crime rate in Delta State is high due to the fact that their is no democratic elected Officers to run the affairs in the verious local government councils in the state. Election of officers to manage the Local governments will drastically reduce the high rate of crime this is because a good number of people will be empowered and be busy. First you have the 25 chairman, you will have 25 vice chairman, you will have 25 SLG, you will have at lest 5 supervisors in each of the 25 local government council, you will have at lest over 70 aids attached to the officers above for each of the 25 local government councils. Also you will have at lest 13 councillors for each of the 25 local government with at lest 2 assistants each, then you have some that will be involve in contract and other indirect job for the verious LGA. If you add up this, you find out that a good number will be employ and be very busy. With this crime rate will surely be reduce and that is how to achieve peace and unity.

Dis Unemployment Issue in Delta

Ur article couldn't hv come at a more better time
Uduaghan has deliberately dared delta youth
Like your's sincerely wit his anti-employment
Posturing, hence I suggest a more radical and
Aggressive approach frm one and all unemployed
Delta youths. Let's make dis state unlootable
Since there was no governace in d first place.
If d reactions of d army of unemployed youths
Could bring down govts in Tunisia, libya, egypt,
Greece, france; why can't we bring down dis
Anti employment govt?

Occupy NNPC Towers on 16th June 2012

NNPC has no respect for Nigerians! They have been deceiving and fooling us in terms of recruitment, in 2008 they invited candidates in 1000's for aptitude test and those successful for an interview accordingly. The same exercise was repeated in 2011 but they could not recruit a single person in both cases, just because we are common Nigerians with NO relative as E.D or MD of the org!!! Fellow Nigerians let's stand up and fight them,just because u are son of nobody doesn't mean u can't be somebody. People affected can be your friends,relatives or loved ones! Nigeria is one,not only for them and enough is enough. Pls for once let's fight and win,therefore forward this msg to as many as possible until it reaches them!!!!!!We OCCUPY NNPC towers on 16th June 2012-youth from all the Geopolitical Zones will be there,you shall be informed about the arrangements shortly. -Freedom Fighters

bad belle u are the greatest buffoon of the millenium

U are part of the idiots supporting the nefarious activities of the IBORI descendent\relations and Uduaghan's stealing. Don't worry since u have a thief ur role model cum supporter u'll go down with him. Bastard

To that Anonymous Idiot speaking in Defence of Corrupt Uduaghan!

U re hiding under an anonymous name, most certainly U re an Idiot probably a family or friend to that Unicorn headed monster in DTGH Asaba! Its a well known fact that 99 percent of that rogue's achievements re only on paper, pictures n posters but none on ground. What Leisure Park or OBJ farms? Where re they n of what relevance re they to d economic growth of Delta State? Bad belle ke? U re a bastard n shall share in d nemesis of this corrupt Govt!

Bad Belle

Mr.Eddy A should have just made suggestions on job creation instaed of condeming the efforts of the Delta State Gov. Unemployment is a global problem. Even Obama's main problem now is unemployment. The Govts of France, Greece etc are all falling because of unemployment. There is unemployment in Rivers, Akwa-Ibom. Bayelsa, Lagos & every state in Nigeria. .r.A exposed his bad belle by even listing some of the things being done by the Delta State Govt which has attracted Private investors such as Obasanjo Farms Ltd & the Leisure Park. These should be commended not condemned by weaving a tissue of lies around them. As for the airport, we all now know that the State Govt is not spending 7.4b on the cutting of a hill. Let DRM stop all these lies.

Eddy pls more on it!

Nice One Eddy of DRM! Can't say much, U already said it all!

Unemployment in Delta state.

Does it means no one wants to make good name in the state? Is natural resources a curse? Oh! Deltans iam weeping for you.