Ghana’s Loss; Shame On God Of Soccer

The god of soccer refused to bless Africa as Ghanaian Asamoah Gyan missed the last minute penalty kick that could have put the West African nation in a world cup history. The Uruguay defender, Luis Suarez had held Dominic Adiyiah's header on the line in the final seconds which could have given the Black Stars the 2-1 win to book a place in the Africa's first ever world cup semi-final.
Asamoah last minute miss no doubt will be recorded as the greatest miss of all time, and may probably hunt the young Asamoah till his last day on earth.

If Asamoah had scored the last minute penalty kick, Ghana would have recorded another history as the first African nation to qualify for the world cup semi-final.

But in anyway Ghana has become the third African nation to ever reach the quarter final of the world cup. Cameroon did it in 1990 in Italy when they were beaten by England. And Senegal did it in 2002 pulling a huge upset by defeating world and European champions France in the opening game.
Also it could be recorded that Ghana was the first African nation to win the under-20 world cup.

Africans all over the world including Nelson Mandela appeared to be behind Ghana and had hopefully put their hearts on the former Gold Coast nation who was the first to gain independence among peers from the brutish British.

Although defeated, Ghana was not in any way disgraced as the West African nation could have won the game if not for that another hand of god by Luis Suarez who got a straight red card for his cheat – at the last kick.
Ghana is the only African nation among six that have participated in this year's world cup to progress to the quarter final. Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia were all eliminated at the group stage.
Obviously the so-called god of soccer has led Africa down - again – just like in every aspect of the latter's endeavour. Otherwise, the bright young Black Stars would have won that match. What a shame…what a shame on the god of soccer who unfairly given it to Uruguay.

Oh yes, the match will be remembered for Asamoah’s miss. Though sad and angry, Africans couldn’t help but console the sobbing Asamoah who had helped beat America with his skillful determination staggering goal.
Uruguay’s victory can be described as ironic. The game was eventually decided by penalty kicks which could have ousted the South American nation which won on 5-3 on the aggregate.

Uruguay like Ghana was hoping to make history before the titillating quarter final. But unlike Ghana, Uruguay is the first nation to ever win the world cup in 1930 as host beating Argentina 4-2; and won it again in 1950 by upsetting Brazil, the host nation 2-1 .

Ghana’s lost to Uruguay in that quarter final was simply another conspiracy theory against Africa by the god of soccer. Period!

Hakeem Babalola<>
Budapest, Hungary

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I am not worried that Asamoah

I am not worried that Asamoah Gyan has been missed the last minute penalty as anyone could be failed to score a goal from penalty.May be Messi is the best player right now and he has also missed penalty in champions league.So keep supporting Gyan and enjoy football.


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Thank you for this interesting article!I like sports a lot especially soccer and Ghana is one of my favorite teams.I am sad that they lost this game with Uruguay but things like that happen very often.I also like Barcelona football team and I am very curious which would be their results at this year championship.I've already bought some fc Barcelona tickets as I want to see this game on live.

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Is it me of they are clearly

Is it me of they are clearly overreacting? It's not a tragedy, things happen, a team wins and loses; it's called competition. Anyway I'm not very interested in soccer so I don't care what they do. Why don't they play something more exciting, like hockey? Imagine that, a hockey pool in Ghana, and an epic game, Ghana versus Nigeria.


Thank you Guy for your pyraers, support and the good news you are sharing with us. We are praying for you and the church back home. Please tell Daryl and Aimee we know the situation and are praying. Tell Chris we are praying for him too. we pray that God will add 100 more friends like you to the Gospel For Africa Family this coming year.

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If all africans of Africa turn to Jesus more and then they will win. Be right with Jesus. Win some, lose some. Keep on winning on Jesus! Find the right coach and do a lot of trainings and lot of workout the tricks like Pele. Worship Jesus alone! John 14.6 (NKJV) Amen :)

Nawao! This Ken head correct so? Abeg, mke una hepme ask am weda na Algeria go d WC or Tunisia as him write. Na gode.[b][/b]

E be like say this 'Prince Ken' dey smoke something wey deh very good and so deh worry am. Haba, still doesn't get the point. We pray that we acquire knowledge so that we can use the knowledge intelligently. Seems some of us try to acquire this knowledge but only get it half way and that makes for myopic way of seeing the World and unnecessary zealousness in portraying their beliefs to the World.
I beg find chair, make we celebrate this Germany defeat of Argentina. The 'God of Soccer' (pun intended) must have been watching this game since he finally brought the silly Maradona back to Earth.

[b]@patriot olu[/b] you damn right I don't see why SR is being too jumpy. Jona needs time. Nine freakin months is hardly enough to think of much more fix the crappy mess left behind by all the bastards that misruled the country.

@Carl Kash, I dont think you read the letter b4 commenting. Goodluck is a blessing to Nigeria, just watch and see. Many Nigerians are Happy with the ban, and it will actually help our country. but the Ultimate is for Nigeria to engage SATGURU MAHARAJ JI as the Spiritual consultant to the team. SR, stop using words like SATANIC for Goodluck, I dont know why you guys are to critical with him, he is new and needs time to fix things. you guys are not been sincere. Goodluck can not do must of the things you guys want now, he needs time to gain grounds, dont worry, he will make us proud.

people should not fight for God, God is competent to fight for himself. It is high time we stop this holier than though attitude.

The GOD of Soccer is in Nigeria, the same God of Soccer is the God of Love, Life, Wisdom, and everything. Ghana would have won if they had obeyed the advise of SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, not to employ a foriegn coach, and they would have simply contacted Maharaj Ji for divine blessing. Football today is Spiritual, the first Country to contact SATGURU MAHARAJ JI, will win the World Cup. Nigerians must wake up.

@all xcept Prince Ken: You should be thankful to God that Prince Ken is a 'Xtian'. His Muslim counterpart with even better education would have pronounced FATWA on Hakeem. It was good you pointed the 'ignorance of his education' out to him. Thanks all and case closed.

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