Nigerian Soccer Legend, Rashid Yekini, Dies At 49

By SaharaReporters, New York

Two-time African footballer of the year, the legendary Rashidi Yekini whose illustrious career saw him rise to stardom in the 90’s died today, after succumbing to mental illness.

Family sources reported that Yekini had been ill for two years and was often walking barefeet on the streets of Ibadan at times  talking to himself. Fans reported that he suffered delusions.

Rashidi Yekini would be remembered for his first magnificent goal at the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the US that took Nigeria through to the next round.  He scored the first goal that saw Nigeria defeat Bulgaria  3-0 at the fiesta.

Born in Kaduna Yekini began his career in the Nigerian local league, and later moving to Cote D’Ivoire  to play for the Africa Sports National football team, thereafter he moved to the Portuguese first division between 1993-94. His superlative performances as a striker with the Nigerian Super Eagles team earned him the title of “Africa Footballer of the Year” in 1993.

In 1994 Yekini helped turn the fortune of the Super Eagles around at  the Africa Cup of Nations  where he topped the goal chart. He is on record as being the national main goal scorer for his 37 goals in 58 games.

However, Rashid Yekini, who had been divorced since 1994 lived a solitary life with a few tenants in his house in Ibadan, Oyo State where it is reported that he rarely received visitors.

Yekini was 49 years old. He is survived by two kids. He will be buried tomorrow according to Muslim rites in Irah, Kwara State.

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RIP Our Nigeria legend

Our dearly Legend RIP, i will never forget all you have contributed in Super Eagle

Bye Bye

May your gentle soul rest in peace

May his soul rest in peace

He was a darling footballer to all who knew him. How are the mighty fallen. May his good soul rest in perfect peace.

Rashid Yekini

I may have not met yekini in person, but his prolific play on the field is a thing of beauty to soccer enthusiast. May his soul test in peace

This is really sad. Rest in

This is really sad. Rest in peace!

Best regards,


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RIP dude, but someones death, our tomorrow

Yeah, as the old saying, "your death is our future." LOL

May his soul rest in

May his soul rest in peace.
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Oh this is really a sad news

Oh this is really a sad news may his soul rest in peace :(
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May his soul rest in peace

May his soul rest in peace

re - Rashidi Yekini

He brought joy to everyone but died SaD. It is a shame on Nigeria FA. RIP Rashidi YekinG.

We love Rasheed But Allah love Must

Rasheed Yekini was a greatest striker that made people enjoy football during his days and he was so dedicated during matches unlike our current footballers,we lost a player plus.

It won't suprise me when i

It won't suprise me when i heared the sudden death of the greatest and talented man who score the open goal for the nigerian for their first world cup in USA 1994 that's is why anytime i saw any nigerian in world games like football ,boxing, and some other athelets who whoo bear a lovelly igbo or a yoruba name and is caarying another nationalty i don't blame them, because the nigerian government are use to this kind of character which i called use and dump when i see them in all over the world i alway which them goodluck the nigerian sport agencies should be ashamed of theirself because to be it's barbaric how many oher country has ever live his country and started working for another country like that.

Shame of our leaders; yekini's death.

It quite unfortunate dt a succer hero die on curable illnes.after he fought nd won Africa best player scored 37 goals in 58 match for dis ungrateful country .he deserve respect more than governor nd senator.I believe Kanu would learn lesson from this nd all talented Nigerian. Fare well great striker.

Rip rasheed yekini

We luv u but jesus luv u dan way we can do!

Yekini's death is another

Yekini's death is another confirmation that authorities in the Nigeria governmen, do not care about anyone. Rasidi Yekini death is now counted in to thousands of innocent helpless Nigerians who death every day on the watch eye of Nigerian authorities. Yekini hear this: the Nigerian authorities forgot you, but history will remember you gobally for your amazing sport career. Shame on Nigerian FA. Rest in Pace Yekini!!

we have lost anotrher gem

Nigeria is not a country you can die for,once you die the remaining is story.Akinkunmi Taiwo as somebody have mention is real suffering in his house in Ibadan.oyo state and Nigeria government can not deny that they don't know that Rashidi Yekini has problem.what do we have min of sport for?non of the goverment official present when he was buried,am sure they don't even have any information about him.pls tell those people in helm of affairs in Nigeria to look at Akinkunmi Taiwo for once before the living legend die.

Legend Rashid Yekini

Rashid Yekini should have been given respect as a national hero, he shouldn't have been allowed to spent two years in the sick conditions. This is goverment responsibility to give him appropriate care to former national player. We should not limitize a player to hero when he is playing. What he did during his presence to the national team that shouldn't be forgotton if he retires. Yekini we indebted to you. To the world you may be gone but the world football fance you are still alive in the heart of the fance



Can you watch your language

Can you watch your language by saying stupid country.


Everyone Of Us Identifies His Enemies But No One Can Identify His Own True Friends Untill He Comes Into Life's Problems.

Bwana ametoa, Bwana ametwaa.

Only in Nigeria is Mental Illness a Death sentence :- Part 2

If someone had called the Health authorities and told them of his state then maybe they would have taken him (even if forcibly) to a hospital and give him the anti-depressants and treatment he needs to get better and Rashidi will still be with us today.

But for where ? when the Minister for Health in charge of the health of 160 Million people is busy stealing from the health budget just like the rest of the LOOTOcrats that have held us by the jugular for too long.

Rest in Peace Rashidi and I hope you now have the peace of mind that Nigeria could not give you.

Only in Nigeria is Mental Illness a Death sentence

How come Mental illness (something as common in ALL countries of the World) was allowed to claim Yekini's life. What a sad state of affairs Nigeria has degenerated to.

Frank Bruno the British former Heavy weight boxing champion has suffered severally from mental illness but the British National Health Service comes to his aid each time and nurses himback to health FOR FREE.
Bruno recently (April 2012) suffered a mini episode of Mental health issues and had the presence of mind to check himself into rehab. He has already been discharged.

ENOUGH OF THE STIGMATISATION of victims of a debilitating BUT TREATABLE ILLNESS. Our whole society is guilty of stigmatising people with mental illness as mad when in actual fact there is nothing like madness. The correct classification for the condition is Mental Illness. Rashidi's death is a shame to our Country Nigeria and especially for those close to him in the hour of his need who should have known better than to leave him to his fate.

Nigeria defeated Bulgaria

Nigeria defeated Bulgaria both in USA and France.

RIP R. Yekini

Where were his former professional colleagues while he was facing health challenges. You guys should learn to take care of your own in time of distress enough of this sad end to our National heroes .You should get use to the fact that we do not have a caring govt in place. It is every one to himself and God for us all. Adieu king Yekini.

A Remarkable Hero Is Gone; My Mento Were Are YOU!

My heart is full of pain and agony for the demise of an epitome of greatness.Naija's hero and my mento.God giveth and He taketh.I believe you are in His bossom.Rest in the LORD till we meet to path no more.Farewell to you World's Greatest!

What a country

I am very sad indeed to hear th news of Yekini' passing.
With so much given to his country and the stupid country not been there when he needed help. What a country! Yekini should have been helped. Mental illness is curable,. If this man was an American , he will still be alive and well today.

Farewell 2 mother earth

My eyes re wet with tears n sorrow: 4 death is a bad harvester. I received d news of d demice of our patroitic servant(Rashidi) with gr8t shock. May his soul rest in peace Amen!

shame on GOv ajimobi and bad pple of oyo state

b4 him a legend died disgracefully in his state. comm of sports shd be fired, let it serve as a lesson to other states. little tins matters. govt shd be his strent in his weakness when d enemies attack. imagine d death of a patrotic citizen of nigeria. babalawo attack?

shame on GOv ajimobi and bad pple of oyo state

b4 him a legend died disgracefully in his state. comm of sports shd be fired, let it serve as a lesson to other states. little tins matters. govt shd be his strent in his weakness when d enemies attack. imagine d death of a patrotic citizen of nigeria. babalawo attack?


Who are we to challenge the will of the almighty he give and take but this take is a blow to Africa rest in peace