Keeping It Real With Adeola - Eps. 100 (RIP Nelson Mandela)

This week, Adeola celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela on her 100th episode.
See what happens as Dr. Damages interrupts her presentation.

Adeola also reveals the winners of the Keeping It Real Challenge.

To watch all the videos submitted for the contest, click here:

The videos will also be made available on SaharaTV's YouTube page at the beginning of the week.

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When I watched your episode 100, I confirmed what I had always thought, that you are about the most gifted entertainer and communicator of all time. I am so afraid that one Sunday morning, I'll just go to and find that you have no new episode.

keep it really cool

Congratulation on your 100th episode. That 'omo alata' in keeping it real is the real Nigerian. Na we we.

Congrat my Girl

Your are doing well, we are all praying for you and we genuinely love you...good luck

Congratulations on your 100th Episode

Congratulations Adeola on your 100th episode of Keeping It Real. I am a fan of yours and I always look forward to your weekly tonic treat. You are very good at what you do. The energy, drama and humor that go with every story makes the 20 or so minutes spent watching the show worthwhile. I have introduced your show to a number of people who have equally done same. My suggestions on areas of improvement for the forthcoming 100 or more shows are as follows:
1. When you criticize our Leaders, proffer solutions such as best practices from other Countries
2. Few grammatical errors during presentation. Try and practice more before going live and ask your team to help point out errors.
3. Continue keeping it real and you certainly are going places.

I wish you many more successful outing.

Episode 100

Adeola Congratulations to 100 Episode of your keeping it real.
I personally enjoy it and l wish you another 100 Episode, never mind about those that doesnt like what you are doing.
Adeola African are oppressed by their leaders and the Elite and if you stop making it real there will be no change.
All the Best

Congratulations to Adeola on hitting 100th episode

Adeola congratulations on your 100th episode. I wish to see more of your episodes. Keep them coming. Keep it real!! Rudolf thanks for interviewing Adeola. It was real! Nice!!!Adeola I will be waiting for your album.

It has been very real!

Congratulations! This is what success looks like. Hard work and simple truths. Keep it real.

The Adeola's interview

First and foremost, what were u guys drinking on that 100th episode cos Adeola was sounding more tipsy than usual!
I want to congratulate her for the height attained and pray that she achieves more. The Ibadan girl thing typifying bush girl attitude was funny and slightly sensitive however, in the spirit of the show we the Ibadan bois say carry go.
I have an amebo to do, the iyaloja of em...em no more abibatu's em...kole.......don't show that one.

Lanre from lagos.

Rudolf I dont know that you

Rudolf I dont know that you are a look alike of President Jonathan.IT IS CORRECT!!!!! IT IS CORRECT!!! IT IS CORRECT!!!

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